Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Savior of our Youth - Education

I have often found it interesting that, as a country, we prize education more highly than almost any pursuit.  If only we could properly educate the masses, we will have peace on earth.  Through education (some might call it indoctrination) people will learn to be "tolerant" and "non-judgemental".  Education will save our planet and provide every person with a job.  Education is our Messiah, our Savior.

Look where education has gotten us.  We are a nation without a moral compass.  You cannot educate a person without giving them moral truth.  One does not exist without the other.  Our education system has attempted to do just that.  It has put education in a vacuum outside the confines of morality.  We have highly "educated" people running our country into the ground.

Our education system has failed.  It was destined to fail.  It was built on a faulty foundation.  The more "modern" our education systems becomes, the less effective it is.  Rather than teaching academics and expecting excellence, our schools have become the breeding place for social experiments.  Moral relativity, an inflated sense of self-esteem and a population incapable of self-government is what our schools are currently producing.  Our experiment has failed.  Or, perhaps, it has been very successful.  Only in a nation that is populated with rudderless individuals, can a government become the Savior.  Only when our schools churn out students with no discipline, no self-control and no personal responsibility can the government enslave a nation.  I'm not a conspiracy theory nut - all of this is being done right in the open, right under our noses, and we are allowing it.

Some are beginning to see that education, by itself, is not the answer.  I read an article by a physician who commented on the recent N.Y. requirement that all middle school aged children be graphically schooled in sex education.  She noted that they already seemed very well schooled to her.   They knew what to do and how to do it.  She also questioned the wisdom of telling kids to "just say no" to drugs and "no" to smoking, but when it came to sex, we educate them about doing it "safely".  Can you imagine a class teaching a kids how to shoot up safely?  Or how to drive when you are drunk and not get in a wreck?  Of course not.  That would be ludicrous.  How much more ridiculous is it to expect a kid, in the middle of a moment of passion, to stop, take a minute to think clearly, make sure someone puts "something" on and then hazards to question their partner on their sexually transmitted disease status?  How much better if your kid has the moral compass not to get into that situation in the first place.  "But if the schools don't teach them, who will" you ask?  You, of course!  You will teach your own child that sex is a wonderful thing, to be enjoyed and anticipated, within the confines of marriage.  You will, gasp, be your own child's teacher.  And then you will make sure that they aren't put into a situation where the temptation will be too  much for them to bear.  Your daughters boyfriend could actually come over to your house for dinner with the family!  You could invite your son's girlfriend to spend an evening at the movies, with your whole family.  You could make popcorn balls together, go skating, take a hike, let the young lovers get to know each other without hopping into bed.  You could model a healthy relationship and have a blast at the same time.

Education by itself leads to corruption.  Only when education is paired with moral direction can we hope dig ourselves out of the mess we are in.


  1. Might I remind everyone again of the state of Morality Default this country is currently living in as a whole national society?

    We are a nation fixated on false ideals of what is real beauty, and on sculpting our body's, not our abilities. Plastic surgery abounds on teens now. This was unheard of just 10 years ago! now, if you don't like your chin or your nose, parents cave in to the indoctrination and gladly bring their kids in for a nip and tuck.

    Enola, it is not just the educational programming.
    The educational system has however become the acceptable and legal social indoctrination camps. In our state, they are now pressing taxpayers to approve mandatory Pre-school, so they can mold and imprint young minds into that immoral social indoctrination at 3y/o age.

    The other culprits of childhood voluntary immorality education lies in our selection of television broadcasts, movie choices, music lyrics, video gaming, cellphones, computers with unsolicited and free use web access, toy and gaming lines, and the real beast is Madison Avenues' marketing and designing lines of revealing brand name clothing which are pushing sexy ware for kids and promoting promiscuity at way too early ages, lines of light makeup and high heels even for wee little girls, promoting gender confusion in cuts and hairstyles, tatooing, body piercing, media influences, magazine racks of front page couples infidelities and third divorces staring children right in the face at their basket cart eye level in the grocery stores and at walmart.

    I could go on, but you amply see how embedded immorality is now commonplace in America.
    The corrupt and early age promiscuity is already deeply engrained into our societal indoctrinations, is readily accepted, and even sought after and paid for by the masses.

    Everywhere you turn, bad, incorrect vocabulary, slang, curse words, and raw sexual content language is used and has become commonplace and accepted amongst teens.
    Adolescents and Teens are running around exposing their colored underwear with their pants hanging past their genitals. This is what some parents have allowed their own blood prodigy to leave the home dressed in! Some allow it, because they rationalize it's just a fad of the times. It's not! It is an emulation and adoration of gang identity behavior. Some parents allow this immorality because they are afraid of their own children. But, for most, unfortunately, their parents have no moral values either.
    This is all also contributing to why we have the childhood promiscuity and teen pregnancy rates we have today.

    Parents wake up! It is your duty and responsibility to not only educate your own children, but to instruct them that these false
    beliefs and social standards are not acceptable in your homes. Teach your children well.


  2. You would not believe the garbage they "teach" in California schools. It's absolutely disgusting! Homeschooling is the only answer. And those who must use public schools should pay close attention to what the school boards and the teachers' unions are up to - it isn't good. Get involved or your public-educated child will turn into an alien species (figuratively speaking, of course).

    NoCal Gal

  3. I totally get where you're coming from Enola. I'm 23 and I look around at my age-group and I'm shocked at a few things. The lack of a work ethic is pretty jaw dropping. I understand being young, exploring the world, and coming to conclusions of right and wrong based on those deep-instilled values that the 'village' you were raised in taught you. But that can be done with responsibility and a sense of community.

    But I think a big part of the problem is this: The masses CHOOSE to be led down these roads. The right way to do things isn't the easy way, but the easy way works... right? People are willing to accept the short-term fixes in life, rather than work hard. There is no weighing of possible outcomes to see if it's the right decision.

    I've recently started a new job, and my age comes up as a point of curiosity now and again. They think I'm 29. How sad is it that people think I'm older because of how I carry myself professionally? What it comes down to in the end is the choice we make to take the easy road and be led along, or to take lead of our lives, educate ourselves and those around us, and become the people we are meant to be.

  4. I guess Im just old and cranky. I remember getting my truck stuck in sand out in the desert (West Texas) and walking five miles to a junkyard on a paved road in order to call a friend for help. Everythings turnin communist. I hear in schools now you have to same crayons as everybody else and you have to throw them into a pile and everyone uses everyone else's crayons. "Thats communism"
    I had the biggest baddest crayon set at class (every color availible), with my name written on the box.

  5. The big "ah-ha" moment came when my wife and I realized homeschooling wasn't so much about the three "r's", but about our children's eternal soul. Teach them the Gospel and the three "r's" will fall into place. (Matthew 6:33)

    ~Southern Appalachian Reformed

  6. Your lucky if they actually teach in California.I used to have a math teacher that only took roll call and then spent the rest of the class time reading his paperbacks.If you asked him for help he would just tell you to figure it out for yourself.In the ninth grade I couldn't even do long division.Fortunately I transferred to another school district and got a great teacher.One semester with him and I went from not being able to do long division to doing pre algebra.When my kid sister was in the seventh grade we moved to Idaho.My sisters new school tested her and found she had the math level of a third grader.She never really caught up and became so frustrated that she dropped out of school when she was 16.

  7. Forgot to mention that my sister who dropped out of she school,went back as an adult.She is now a a paralegal.Glad she went back and was fortunate enough to find some good teachers.Never give up.Just because things don't go right when you're a kid doesn't mean you can't pull it together as an adult.

  8. Actually, the public school system is doing precisely what it was designed to do. It wasn't intended to educate and enlighten. It was created to give the working class enough skills to do what the factory owners needed, and to indoctrinate them to think in ways that kept them in their place. Critical thinking and innovation have been discouraged for a very long time. Being self-sufficient and creating your own path/occupation/business is looked at suspiciously, and has been for over a hundred years. All the more reason to educate your children at home.

  9. I appreciate the thoughts and agree with most. However, I would offer a different view of gun education in our educational system.

    I suggest that we should consider teaching gun safety and basic marksmanship in our public schools. Unfortunately, we have a growing societal fear of firearms, which is fueled by a lack of experience and understanding. I have seen this in a prestigious liberal arts university. Other than the ROTC cadets, the majority of the students were rather fearful of both Swiss Army knives and firearms. I witnessed students cower in fear as a Texas boy opened a care package from home with a small Victorinox knife. The visceral response to a basic everyday tool was quite a shock.

    Therefore, I suggest that we consider basic first aid, CPR, fire safety, fire extinguisher training, water safety, gun safety, and basic marksmanship to be mandatory life safety topics that all well rounded adults. To achieve this goal, everyone should be trained in during their formative years. Thus, I suggest that we educate our youth in these useful skills rather than having a society of rather helpless and fearful individuals.

    Thank you, God Bless, and keep up the good work.

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  11. Man, I couldn't agree more. The same parents I see fussing about how their kids are acting, are the same parents tossing their kids on the bus every morning to be raised by people who really don't give a crap. It's the main reason I stay at home with my kids from the moment they are born, and now am homeschooling them. I have kids, to raise kids. It's how God designed the family, and no matter if it hurts people to hear it or not, you are meant to raise your kids to adulthood.