Monday, August 15, 2011

Civility and Decent Behaviour

George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation....

6th.  Sleep not when others speak, sit not when others stand, speak not when you should hold your peace, walk not on when others stop.

7th.  Put not off your clothes in the presence of others, nor go out your chamber half dressed.

8th.  At play and at fire it is good manners to give place to the last comer, and affect not to speak louder than ordinary.

9th.  Spit not in the fire, nor stoop low before it.  Neither put your hands into the flames to warm them, nor set y our feet upon the fire, especially if there be meat before it.

10th.  When you sit down, keep your feet firm and even, without putting one on the other or crossing them.

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  1. Good grief, we sure have managed to turn all of those on their head.