Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rebellious Children

Kids are smart.  And they are all different.  Over the years, I have noticed that children respond to unreasonable parents in one of two ways.  Either they learn to manipulate their parents for their advantage or they become rebellious.

When parents set boundaries, explain their position and consistently administer fair discipline, children are generally well adjusted.  On the contrary, parents that stifle their children with suffocating rules, unjust discipline and unequal expectations, produce children that are angry, sullen and discontent.  These kids become manipulative strategists or powder kegs waiting to explode.

Enter our country.  Our government, for far too long, has played the role of dysfunctional parents.  Rather than encouraging the people to be responsible for themselves, fight their own fights and enjoy the sweet taste of success earned through hard work and perseverance, they have put themselves in the position of "adult" to our "children".  Knowing that we couldn't possibly work our way through life's challenges on our own, they instituted rules, regulations and laws to keep us in line.  As we bickered and argued amongst ourselves, "Mom" and "Dad" stepped into draw lines in the sand.  As one "kid" tattled on another, more and more rules were put into place.  Child after child, convinced that he knew what was best for all the kids, talked "mom" and "dad" into instituting new requirements so his "siblings" didn't get out of line or hurt themselves.  Each child was certain that he had the corner on the market of "right".

Year after year, rule after rule, our nation was crippled.  It was crippled by rules, regulations and laws.  It was crippled by tattling children and overbearing parents. Rather than encouraging lawfulness and productivity, our "dysfunctional parents" have created a nation of scofflaws and malcontents.

And it is coming to a head.  On one side, we have the manipulative children, coaxing "mom" and "dad" into burdening the other kids with more rules.  They wax eloquent about why they need more lunch money and a heftier allowance.  They orate on the necessity of a social conscious, placing themselves as the arbiter of that consciousness. They play goodie two-shoes while they suck their parents (and everybody elses) pocketbooks and souls dry.  The kids on the other side of the playground have had it.  They are tired of unreasonable rules.  They are tired of supporting their deadbeat siblings.  They are tired of holding the whole dysfunctional family together.  They are angry and they are rebellious.

As a nation, we are at an impasse.  We either have to succumb completely to a nanny state or we have to reclaim our independence.  We either have to manipulate or rebel.  Now is the time to find out what we are made of.  Will we stand up, overcome and regain our self-respect?  Or will we revert to childhood, content to let someone else choose our path and determine our way.  Choose you this day.

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined. 
                      Patrick Henry


  1. The more laws they make. The more laws we will break.

    solution, stop making laws.

  2. The solution is personal responsibility, but I fear that there are not enough honest, moral, hardworking people left in this country to take on such an undertaking.

  3. Enola,
    Alas, I abhor behavioral Triangulation techniques utilized in attempts to get those of free will to oblige and conform en masse, by means of mandatory rulings. We are truly lost in a muck of law!
    Those of us that are responsible, honest, moral, hardworking people and share values, beliefs and even dreams while we sleep, in Liberty and Personal and Citizen Freedoms are a small minority scattered throughout the General Mass Populace. Too dilute in the population centers to make our votes have meaning any longer.
    As such, our tiny voting voices and counts are being lost and swallowed up in the din of the throves of "the Dependent society".

    It is so important for this Freedom wanting group to be heard now. To roar like hungry lions and to have a unified voice in voting representation, so they can unify their strengths in the legislatures.

    For this primary reason, we all need to wholeheartedly support the Redoubt State regions for these citizens to be able to have similar goals and like-minded neighbors, churches, businesses, and amenities to allow them to live without the dysfunctional oppression and rigid laws of controls that our legislatures seem to think they can continue to enact to keep us subservient, dysfunctional and dependent on them and on the infrastructure of our country.

    Your analogy is as perfect as human perfect can be! It IS akin to having a parent punish the wrong children for deeds they did not contribute to, nor would ever conceive to do, and then appointing them to live with no representation in a state of forced negative consequences to their beliefs. Over extended periods of time living in this predicament, this becomes the accepted, dysfunctional "normal" and a mode of forced, controlled assimilation to dysfunctional morals and total lack of ethics and abuse. It will slowly becomes human submission and acceptance to oppression and a false calm state of apathy.
    We're close to being in that state of life now, as long as we keep contributing to the Funding and keep PAYING for this misrepresentational behavior with our congressionally mandated taxes.

    The Redoubts will also give voting and financial strength for REAL equitable representation of their values, beliefs and needs, as well as provide them with the rewards of a life that is worth living and working hard for, and defending to keep.
    Until then, until the Freedom class unites by relocation to like minded regions, we will continue to be used as financial backing fodder to pay for the un-deserving and desirous dependent behavior calamities, and for the bogus needs of millions of others who live and believe in dependent dysfunctional behaviors, that WE clearly do not believe in, or could not even stand to consider to have to practice in our own lives.

    Start packing. Move. Roar. Make your votes count.

    Live! This is the only lifetime you have.


  4. "The future that lies before us is the result of the choices we make today...choose well." ~Pressley Stutts

  5. Great analogy, Enola! I have been pushing back, not just at the government (at all levels), but with corporate bullying as well.

    Little by little, I think people are waking up. I just hope they continue to pay attention and that we can still save this country. I am not ready to move to a special place to make my stand, I want ALL of America to be saved. I'll vote with my vote, not with my feet. I'll continue to speak out and to call out those who lie to us. Together, we can restore this great country. It won't be easy, it won't be pretty, it will hurt, but we can and we must do it.


    NoCal Gal

  6. Wow. That was an outstanding piece!

    Just Me.