Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Life in Pictures

Master Calvin working on the driveway
Charlie Company being supervised
by Bravo Company
Princess Dragon Snack
swollen from a bee sting
Miss Calamity
Cheese and Quackers
Redneck air conditioning
(a sprinkler on top of the sunroom roof)
A nice cool sunroom
(yes, that is camo netting providing shade)
Princess Dragon Snack with a toothless grin
Kids heading to their haybale forts
to engage in an airsoft battle
A farmer/neighbor bailing our "hay"
Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin
having a spot of tea.  Notice their
bouquet is thistles!
A car in our neighbors front yard
We do things a little differently
out West!
And this is a day in our life....


  1. I really gotta get some land and an old car to shoot at.

    Old cast iron skillets are fun to shoot at too. Hang one from a tree through the handle and, Ping, Ping, Ping, Ping your afternoon away.

    We call it skillet shooting.

  2. Isn't it about time for Maid Eliazbeth to get home? Your last post was the 18th and said less than two weeks.

    Keep us posted.


  3. Captaincrunch;
    We'll have to give skillet shooting a try! Trigger time is happy time!

    Maid Elizabeth will be home on Tuesday! We are so excited. I will keep you posted.


  4. Good golly, how the kids have grown!

    I need to get one of those "We don't call 911" cars for the front yard. ROFLOL

    NoCal Gal

  5. seeing the kids working on the driveway took me back some years brothers, sister and i spent a hot summer laying creekstone on our 1/2 mi. long driveway...what a job that was!

  6. Look at cheese and crackers, they are so bug and still cute!

  7. That car is art. Better than a "no trespassing" sign any day!

  8. Enola,
    You are so Blessed!
    Your children are growing so beautifully,physically and developmentally before our eyes.
    Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

    May God continue to bless you and yours and all you put your gentle hands upon.