Saturday, August 13, 2011

Product Review - VTac Sling

V-Tac Sling, by Viking Tactical
Over the years, Sir Knight has used many different sling systems.  Some were simple, but not very effective, others were so complicated they were rendered almost useless.  A few years ago, he was introduced to the V-Tac sling by a member of the law enforcement community.  At once, simple, effective and versatile, Sir Knight was sold.  Since then, he has acquired V-Tac slings for most of our rifles and shotguns.  They come in a padded version, perfect for shotguns and larger battle rifles and also an unpadded version for light rifles.

Padded V-Tac Sling
The premise behind the V-Tac is simple.  They are designed to allow the rifle to hang in a "safe/ready" condition.  Once you have adjusted the sling properly, when you raise your rifle to a shooting position, you simply drop your elbow, creating a supported off-hand shooting position.  There are only two "controls" on the sling, one to tighten and one loosen.  It is also possible, simply by pulling the sling tight against your chest, to free your hands for other necessary tasks (in law enforcement, officers will use this feature while handcuffing a suspect or rendering first aid, while maintaining control of their weapon).

Padded sling with braided toggle that
Maid Elizabeth fashioned
Padded Sling from the back
And from the front, sucked in
Dropped elbow to create stable off-hand
shooting platform
Loosening the sling
And tightening it
The original non-padded sling
Very steady shooting
Loading a shotgun with the rifle sucked
in tight
Here is the training video from the Viking Tactical website:

The V-Tac sling is reasonably priced, at $40.95 for the padded sling and $34.95 for the original, unpadded version.  Oh, and by the way, the Olive Drab sling is a MUCH nicer color in person than it looks in the picture!

Realizing that slings are a very personal piece of equipment, we give the V-Tac sling 5 out of 5 stars.  This is the sling to have!


  1. Those look good, may have to try one. Thanks for the review. Correctly using standard slings with the exception of a single point on one rifle.


  2. Thank you for the review. I've been looking for a quality sling in this style for a while now. I will definitely try one of these.

  3. Currently using, not correctly using. Stupid auto complete and small screen on other computer.


  4. I really like the single point padded slings for comfort,(if they are made of quality washable denier and sewn tough and don't fray or bust open from repeated use due to shoulder positioning friction) but, I really, really really appreciate the ability to make near instant positioning adjustments without having to remove the sling or my rifle!

    Thanks much for this product tip and review. I'll get one and put it through the field tests of use.


  5. Terry;
    Are you having problems with the video on our blog? I would be happy to send you the utube link.

  6. Video worked fine, thank you for the offer. I checked out their web site also. I had to blame the mistake on something, so I picked the mobile computer instead of taking personal credit for it.