Friday, May 20, 2011

Patient Zero

Up-armoured Zombie Proof vehicle (the
one in front) to take us to the
refugee camp

I've got it!  After reading the CDC's Zombie Apocalypse article, I was troubled by a number of things, but my biggest cause for concern was the CDC's repeated instructions to report to a refugee center were they could properly take care of us until help arrived.  Then then it struck me - Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan must be patient zero in the impending zombie plague!  His article is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to provide a zombie smorgasbord for his other zombie comrades.  While encouraging the masses to turn to the refugee centers for help, Ali Khan, is in fact herding unsuspecting "normals" into holding pens for his flesh-eating counterparts!  I told you I'd figured it out!

Being the rebels that we are, we happen to be canning chicken instead of plotting a map to the nearest fenced-in refugee camp.  Our radical idea is to weather whatever storms may come our way, whether they be zombies or not, right here in our own little humble shouse.  When Miss Calamity asked why we were canning more chicken this is what I told her....


  1. ROFLOL!

    On a serious note: Did you look at Dr. Ali Khan's background? When I read about his vast knowledge of bioterrorism and plagues, I got worried. A man with an Arab name and he's got a background in bioterrorism! And he's urging Americans to pack a BOB so we can get to refugee centers. YIKES!!! That doesn't sound scary at all. HAH!

    Let's see, we have a prez who threw our only Middle Eastern ally under the bus yesterday and we've got a Khan-man as our asst. surgeon general. Oh yeah, nothing could go wrong.

    NoCal Gal

  2. NoCal Gal -

    "A man with an Arab name and he's got a background in bioterrorism!"

    That is no worse than one of the top firearms instructors having the name Massad Ayoob (he is Lebanese decent). He looks arab. He was once invited to teach the Israeli army, and when he went to fly out of Israel he went to the airline ticket counter and said "Hi. My name is Massad Ayoob and I have some firearms to declare." He said that was one of the more "interesting" experiences he has had :>)

    A guy who has taken classes from Mas Ayoob.

  3. Just love the poster, and yes we need to weather out the storms. I mean look at those poor people who were stuck in hurricanes, I mean how long did it take them to get assistance for food, water, shelter etc. I think I would rather be prepared and stay at my place where I know I can provided for my family and we can fend off the ZOMBIES! :)

  4. I would never give the general populace the false pretense of assurance that a FEMA or refugee camp is the BEST place for prepared citizens with a BOB to go to.

    The thought of this event occurring, is something out of a horror story indeed. Perhaps that's why they're using the Zombie appeal, to sensitize the public.

    To have the CDC actually advocate that the government would be able, (much less capable), to take care of the masses, is a terrifying thought in and of itself.

    All the while, the government elite will sit safely in their Zombie and citizen proof bunkers, watching the turmoil above the ground level, on their live feed minicams, while sipping wine and munching on lobster tail platters.

  5. let it be known that the people of mississippi took care of their own - and had very little need of fema during and after hurricane katrina. and let it be known as well, that new orleans was not hit by a hurricane but had really leaky old levies that the feds were supposed to have upgraded and fixed but corrupt polititians spent the money instead.

  6. Anonymous 12:12pm: before you dismiss my concerns, perhaps you will recall the last man with an Arab name who was in our military - one murderous psychiatrist who killed 13 members of our military at Ft. Hood Texas who shouted "allah akbar" as he shoot them down. So, yes, I am worried about Ali Khan and his bioterroism background telling Americans to [ack a BOB and head to a FEMA shelter. We should all be vigilant - not complacent. (How quickly people forget.)

    I'm not making accusations, I'm doing my duty as a concerned citizen and asking other concerned citizens to do their research, to be vigilant, and to take nothing for granted. We live in dangerous times.

    NoCal Gal

  7. Enola, did you make that poster? LOL! Just perfect:)
    I agree that its worrisome to hear, " head for the camps". So few are trully prepared that this is going to be the only choice for most.
    To the poster from Mississippi...yes! And in Alabama too after the recent tornados....people took care of each other with the help of churches. Vema focused on intake and property inspection mostly.

  8. I admit to only skimming CDC's report. Did not catch the refugee center thingy. I wonder now if Jesse Ventura was right on with that show he had about all those center's the government has and the people working at them could not (would not) give a clear reason for them. Like they did not know. Yeah, right.
    Something's afoot Watson.

  9. i personally would keep fema out of my business even if i had to live in a hollowed out tree and eat acorns to survive. and cdc making light of disasters and what to do really has my blood pressure up..dont trust any of them...

  10. I'm in accord with your philosophy of "Bugging In." I have everything I need up on this mountain top, and I'm out of the way. I doubt I'd last long on "The Road" and there is no way in God's Green Earth I'd trust the government or associate with them in any way, shape or form come a disaster.

  11. teresa from MaineMay 24, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    I believe Massad Ayoob is a Maronite Christian. The name Ali Khan is a Muslim name. Ali was the brother (or son) of Mohammed. Christians in the ME do not name their children Muslim names.

    I'm with Nocal Gal. The amount of Muslims in the Pentgon would really worry you if you knew about it. That's one of the reasons the Fort Hood shooter was enabled to do what he did. There is a culture of political correctness that makes it impossible to police the Muslims who are in military and government positions. Things are changing, and have been since Sept 11th, and not for the better in many cases.

  12. OK- to the person who defended the people of Hurricane Katerina. Those folks could have taken supplies and evacuated. They were dumb enough to stay put. I live in the Gulf of Mexico. Lived through the hurricanes. When you are below sea level you are doomed. You should take care of your own and move. We should never relay on said government to take care of anything!

  13. I laughed out loud when I read the poster! That is hilarious!

  14. I love your poster... I'd print & hang in my kitchen if I had a sharper image!
    I put it on my Pinterest in the meantime!
    As a mom... it only took me 3 years to catch on to the parallel theme!