Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our life in pictures

Boots after a days work
Master Calvin helping in the kitchen
Cheese and Quackers
Princess Dragon Snack helping with spring work
Master Calvin with "Quackers"
Princess Dragon Snack helping make
pork chops on the wood cookstove
In the schoolroom
Wishful thinkin'
Miss Calamity sporting the mask she
and Maid Elizabeth made for the
renaissance faire
Cheese and  Quackers take to swimming
like a duck to water!
Hand Grenade and Farmer Boy enjoying
a little friendly competition - man
versus machine!


  1. Every weekend I try to work on something that involves 'self relianance" of some sort.
    This weekend involved sighting in the scope for the M1A rifle I own at the gun range.
    I got my mother a machete for Mothers Day for weeds in her garden along with a box of ammo for her pistol and some biscuits for breakfast. (A South Texas mothers day)

  2. i love the snapshot of the workboots...they look a lot like the ones i wear when doing outdoor stuff like cutting grass, digging in the garden etc.. those workboots are like an old friend..i wear them until their soles literally fall off then tape them with duct tape to make 'em last a little longer. when they can no longer be held together they go onto the brush pile.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your photos as well as reading your blog.