Friday, October 22, 2010

A well dressed door

As I have mentioned before, I always "dress" our garage door for winter.  Once we are done opening up the door to enjoy the temperate weather, I lock everything down and layer curtains and drapes to help keep the weather out and give us something pretty and romantic to look at.

Now that the temperatures have dipped below freezing, I have completed our yearly "door dressing" ritual and am ready to welcome a new season!

The Garage door in its "summer dress"

The first layer is canvas drop cloth

Next, I add heavy velvet swags (in deep burgundy)
They hide the new door snakes!

The fabric is draped over the cable
(as you can see, the canvas does not quite cover the door)

Next, I pin curtains to the velvet so that the
whole door is covered

The finished product, with all the layers!

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