Saturday, October 16, 2010

More fall fussing

I must be contrary.  Rather than do spring cleaning, like a normal person, I do fall cleaning. It just seems to reason that things need to be just so before the long winter months ensue.

I recently gussied up our entry way, since it is in constant use in the winter, but noticed that one thing was lacking.  Our entry way has no light.  Of course, because we live in a shouse, I can't just hang a light from the ceiling or add a new sconce.  Shouse living requires much creativity!

After noodling over the problem for a week or two (did I mention I was a little slow?) I came up with a working solution.  I hung a coat rack that Sir Knight had fashioned out of used horse shoes over our coat area, dug up a dainty chandelier, put rose hip branches through a link in the chandelier chain and hung the branches between the horse shoes!  I think that it turned out perfectly wonderful!

Notice - I soften all of my house photos so that you can't see all of the dirt on my walls.  Just think, this is what it looked like back before we had electric lights!


  1. Your creativity is unending! It's a lovely way to provide a needed light source. Good work!!

    As for dirt on the walls, I cast no stones.

    NoCal Gal

  2. necessity being the mother of invention is it not wonderful what we can think up or create when there is a need and we have to work or think "outside of the box". seems all kinds of good things happen, and usually just in time. you are not the only one who "autumn" cleans her house...i do too...feels good and smells good to have a clean place to hibernate for the winter when all is muddly/wet/cold/ outside.

  3. I think it's perfectly reasonable to clean in the fall! Everything is harder when there's six feet of snow outside, so better to have your house clean and in order before that happens than to try to do it later or end up putting it off till spring. Thank you for posting pictures of your chandelier - it inspires me to do something about my neglected entry way! :0)

  4. Being in Florida, I prefer fall cleaning also. It's when it's finally cool enough (and the humidity is low enough) to open the windows and let some fresh air in.

    After a long, hot, muggy summer, everything feels cleaner with a little crispness in the air.

  5. Absolutely lovely. You are a wonder, your family is blessed to have such a creative mother/wife.

  6. I do both spring and fall. I LOVE how wonderful it feels when I'm done. (After I down a few aspirin for the muscle aches, that is!)

    I also thought it was funny that you "dug up" a beautiful light. You do like I do and go "shopping" at home. Shouse Shopping.

    Beautiful results--ZERO outlay!