Saturday, October 16, 2010

Only by the Grace of God....

Our dear friends, Baron Von Time Bandit and Lady Day have a son recently flown from the nest.  He is a wonderful young man whom we have watched grow into manhood from the fledgling we once was.

Last week, I received a heart wrenching phone call from my dearest Lady Day as she and Baron Von Time Bandit were en route to the hospital.  It seems that their young man had been in an accident on his way home from work.  As they found out later, he hit a moose (or rather, the moose hit him) going about 60 miles an hour.  Ironically, he had just traded his full sized pick-up truck in for a smaller car about four days before, hoping to ease the burden of gas prices (his job is quite a jaunt away from our small town).

The top of the car neatly accordianed in the back seat.

As you can see from the pictures of his car, only God's hand saved this young mans life.  It appears that the moose hit the windshield, hit our young man (breaking the drivers seat and crumpling it into the back seat) and accordianed the entire roof of the car into the back seat.

We are singing God's great praises.  I have hugged each of my precious children a little closer.  I have told Lady Day and Baron Von Time Bandit that I love them.  I have realized, once again, that life is a gift.  I plan to live each day serving my Risen King.

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  1. That miraculous story tells me 2 things: 1) God is always in control, 2) A full-size truck is the preferred form of transportation on Idaho highways.

    NoCal Gal