Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking up the slack

Since Master Hand Grenade had surgery on his toe, the other children have stepped up to the plate and taken over his chores.  It is wonderful to see even the littlest of them wanting to help.  The other day, young Master Calvin put Hand Grenade's (huge) gloves on, walked outside (shirtless) and gathered up all of the bark that he could find.  Firmly clutching the bark to his bare chest with gloved hands, he proceeded to do his best to fill my kitchen wood box.  He is taking his responsibility of "provider" very seriously!

Here are the two youngest getting the wood in.

Master Calvin carrying as much as his
little arms will let him

Princess Dragon Snack doing battle with the
Otter sled

It was too heavy.  I am pulling now and Princess
Dragon Snack is pushing

My beautiful, full woodbox!

I love seeing children going happily about the business.  I especially love it when their business is taking care of their family.  I think that we build better people when we teach our children that the best things in life revolve around taking care of others.


  1. Chores? That's a word which will probably be dropped from the dictionary in another year or two.

    NoCal Gal

  2. It is so encouraging to see that there are still people raising their children well!