Sunday, September 26, 2010

Serving a Foreign God

An anonymous reader commented on my A Conquered People post and I thought you might like to read it, so I have decided to post it here.  The comment is such:
This post is completely contrary to the wisdom of our nation's founders and one of the core values our nation was founded upon. You clearly think you know better than our founders. They didn't make separation of church and state part of what it means to be an American because they were naive or less virtuous than you. They did it because it is what history taught them works. Our founders knew how do defeat this type of extremism and posts like this play right in to the terrorist's hands. 

Al-Qaeda are currently a tiny minority in the Muslim community and are largely seen as the the haters and kooks that they are. As long as this is true Al-Qaeda is impotent and they can't do anything about it. But you and people like you can fix that for them making their vile dreams possible. All Al-Qaeda needs to do is point to people calling themselves Christians with opinions like this and fear will give them the influence they need to create the Armageddon they are trying to take us toward. 

Not seeing other religions as the enemy isn't political correctness. It's part of being an American, it's the smart strategy, and it's the only way to escape the hell of continual religious war across the earth. Please don't give Al-Qaeda what they want and what only we can give them. 

I find it interesting that this reader did not dispute one fact listed in the post.  The author of this comment did not deny that Muslim's, as conquerors, where laying claim to conquered territories, which is the whole point of the post. The reader only succeeded in name calling.  

Anonymous said that my post was contrary to the wisdom of our nations founders and that I clearly believe that I am wiser than framers of our government.  I am but a humble housewife with an opinion.  The founders of our great country were men of renown.  True men of greatness.  I wouldn't think myself worthy of serving them water.  But as to my post being contrary to their wisdom, wasn't it the colonists in America (that birthed these great men) that hosted the Salem Witch trials?  Where they really "tolerant" of other religions?  No. They called sin what it was, sin.  They did not disguise apathy in the covering of "tolerance".  I do not believe our founding fathers would have "tolerated" the dismantling of their new government on the alter of "religious freedom".

The "Separation of Church and State" (which is mentioned no where in the Constitution of the United States) was never intended to keep the Church out of the State, but rather to keep the State out of the Church.  This concept seems to be lost on the loyalists of this country, however, the documentation supporting our constitution will bear out this interpretation.  Our founders had a great desire to keep the State from running our Churches.  They knew that when the State was in charge of the Church, the State would claim complete authority and become the ravagers of freedom.  The Church was the people's avenue to complete freedom. By exercising their God given authority and responsibility to design and construct a just government and system of laws, the people ensured a future of freedom.

Accepting Islam means choosing to give up our freedoms and our right to justice to serve a foreign god.  Contrary to the comments made by anonymous, to accept Islam is to accept death.  Not just to our bodies, but to our souls as well.  Our founding fathers would no sooner have accepted Islam than they would have accepted being under the rule of King George.  Islam serves a false god. Islam doesn't acknowledge Christ as their risen Savior.  By definition, that means they are the antichrist.  And they are aggressive. They don't merely want to live and let live.  They want to convert our country.  They want conversion by the sword. As a Christian country, America could no more allow her borders to be breached by a foreign god than a Muslim country could allow an "infidel" in theirs.  There is no compromise, no tolerance.  In both cases, you must either convert (and no true believer would ever convert) or die.  

According to the Bible, there will be no true peace on earth until the Son of God returns.  This is not my opinion.  It not in my control.  Nothing I say or do will encourage peace or stop it.  No amount of name calling, derision, or calling into question my relationship with God will change that fact.  We live in a fallen world.  The consequences of sin are bloodshed.  We will not have peace.  We cannot achieve our perfect world with "tolerance".  It is foolish to think that we mere, fallen humans, can impose our righteousness on a Holy God.  His will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.


  1. Dearest Enola Gay;
    I appreciated both posts on your blog for their candor and frank honesty. You hit the proverbial nail upon the head with the first and graciously correct wrong thinking in the second.

    This "War on Terror" we fight is a religious war, plain and simple. It has been going on for far longer than September 11, 2001. Our enemy is Islam and all those who adhere to this religion of death.

    One of our great founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, had a copy of the Koran in his personal library in order "to know his enemy better". A wise course of action we would do well to follow.

    Previous to that time period, John Smith fought the Muslims in Transylvania. During that engagement, John Smith killed and beheaded 3 Turkish warriors in one-on-one combat. Many years later, 2 ministers erected a monument to this heroic feat against the enemies of Jesus Christ at Star Island, NH, Isls of Shoals.

    And during the time of our slave trading days, the Muslims were raiding and enslaving entire towns of white people. Many more white people were enslaved by the Muslims than were blacks by whites during this time period.

    Yes, the "Mosque" at Ground Zero is the statement of a conqueror. It is far past time for the American people to wake up and stop worrying about 'political correctness' when dealing with an enemy that wants to destroy you!
    ~Mrs. R

    1. Jefferson was a deist, utilitarian. I would not use him as any example..

  2. Fantastic post Enola! (Both posts, that is) :)

  3. I completely agree with you, Enola on all points. Many Americans on the more left side of this issue fail to comprehend that Muslim are not religious nomands looking for a country in which to worship freely. They have many of their own countries in which to practice their religion. Their goal is to conquer those that they do not agree with.

  4. In fact the Muslims in Africa were the prime movers in selling slaves to the sea captains who brought them to the new world. Ironically more white people from Eurpoean countries were captured and made into slaves in Africa then black slaves were transported to the new world. Both of these forms of slave trade were handled by Muslims.

  5. now if we can just get our "true" history back into textbooks, get every elgible voter to vote, get the pledge of allegiance and the american flag back into the classrooms, post offices and civic centers, and display christmas at the town squares and courthouse lawns.

  6. Dearest Anonymous (9/27/2010 5:42 PM),
    I agree with you on all BUT on the Pledge of Allegiance. Did you know that this "pledge" was written by a socialist, Francis Bellamy. He would have resented having the words "under God" added as they were in 1954. In his own words (you can read more here: he intended this to make one's nation be above allegiance to God or family. I grew up saying the pledge in school everyday and when I started homeschooling I had "my students" also say the pledge. I quit that a number of years ago, and now I would not teach this to my children nor will I ever say it again.

    Just my 2 cents! :-)
    ~Mrs. R

  7. I was just sent this link about the issues the French are having with this very subject. You may have to copy and paste it to your browser.


  8. Rebekah,
    The Muslims do NOT worship the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob; the God of the Bible; the Lord Jesus Christ, who IS God.

    Any Muslim who does not kill infidels (those who don't worship their god) is NOT a good Muslim. From their own 'holy book' they are required to kill non Muslims. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not not telling the truth. That is not a sin in their book, to tell a lie to an infidel. The majority of Muslims can not read the Koran in the original language and don't really know what it really says.

    Their 'god' says telling lies is alright.
    My God says telling lies is a sin.

    Their 'god' says murdering the enemy is alright.
    My God says murder is a sin.

    Their 'god' says that if you do kill the enemy you get to go to 'paradise' where you get to have 72 virgins.
    My God says that the only way to Heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ and that Heaven is so full of the glory of God that no light is needed there, there is flowing living water, trees that bear a different fruit each month, that there will be no more crying, sin or pain there.

    There 'god' has them worshiping yearly around a meteorite that fell in the desert.
    My God says that we are not to have any other gods.

    The huge contrasts between the One and Only God and the false god the Muslims call Allah are evident if only one has the eyes to see and the ears to hear with. "Good" Muslims are to kill non-Muslims, they have separate laws for non-Muslims that favor the Muslim, it is right in their book to oppress non-Muslims. We are told in the bible to consider others better than ourselves, to have the same laws for everyone, no to oppress those under you.

    The Crusades were not a jihad on Muslims. The Muslims were the ones who were preventing Christians from going to Jerusalem. Yes, there were some who acted in a despicable manner, but that does not make all Crusaders bad or the Holy Wars wrong. If the Crusaders did tear down Muslim holy shrines, that would be equivalent to the Old Testament Kings &/or priests tearing down shrines to idols.

    Yes, this is a religious war - Christ followers against Satan followers, plain and simple.
    ~Mrs. R

  9. The proposed "mosque" is a symbol of conquest. End of story. Enola Gay got it right. The anonymous poster is suffering from political correctness. It is actually PC BS that REALLY got us into this fight. If we had strong leaders they would have wiped out the terrorists from the very start - when Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Bobby Kennedy in 1968. Who caused that terrorist act, anonymous poster? Who??????? Why do so many Americans forget that a Moslem killed RFK?

    I find it very odd when an American (e.g. the anonymous poster) blames America for the War on Terror. In the old days, that person would be considered a traitor. And the traitor would be punished accordingly. I long for those days to return. Did the anonymous poster watch the video of Mr. Pearl's beheading? If so, how can s/he claim an American blogger causes Al Quaeda to grow stronger? Beheadings make it grow stronger, not what is said on a blog. Get real anonymous poster. Wake up and embrace reality.

    Ignoring the truth doesn't end terror - it enables it. You, anonymous poster, are the real problem - your politically correct philosophy makes you an Al Quaeda enabler. Your attitude irritates me to no end.

    NoCal Gal