Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Memoriam

This clip was aired only once - not for advertising or to make money - but to remember.  I am not normally moved by tributes, but I will let this one speak for itself.....

Tell me again that this isn't a religious war.


  1. Wow, I hadn't seen that before. Such a simple video, but very moving. Thank you for sharing it. I'll have to sit DH down this evening and show it to him.

  2. That was a new one for me. Very simple, yet quite moving. Good for Budweiser to make it.

    I was the ONLY person on my block to fly the flag yesterday (9/11). I flag the flag everyday, but I had thought (hoped?) that folks would at least fly their flags on the anniversary of that hellish day. Not here. Thankfully, the Boy Scouts put flags out along Main Street. I wonder how many passing by even knew why.

    Religious war? Of course it is, the perpetrators make no bones about it being so. It's only the progressives who won't admit it.
    The truth does not abide in them.

    NoCal Gal

  3. I absolutely love the Budweiser advertising and had not seen this one yet. That is one that will stay in my heart for a long time. While out in town I noticed that at least our local grocery store had it's huge flag half masted. To bad some of the other retailers didn't follow suit.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. I normally drink MGD, but I'll buy a six pack just for them putting up that add. I too fly my flag all the time. When I got off of work yesterday morning I put my flag at half staff until this morning. I too was hoping some others would put out flags too. It was not to be. Let those who didn't bow down to allah like they deserve.

  5. I gotta go get a bottle of Budwieser (normally I drink Shiner Bach (Its a Texas thing)

    On a sad note, I fear 9/11 is only the start. I fear that the intention is an "Islamic America". I can speak with some authority on this being a gulf war veteran. Enjoy the peace we have now and prepare for tomorrow.

  6. The name of the religion is about "submission".
    I do not submit.

    I have a copy of this vid (along with many others).

    On 9/11/2010 the family watched a beat up copy of "The Path to 9/11" AFAIK it has never been made available for sale and has not be re-broadcast. There was such a kerfuffle over it that I made sure to catch it with the VCR. I did the same with the excellent 9/11 presentation broadcast on CBS, shot by the French Filmakers on the day with the firemen who were there.

    We did not experience 9/11 as many did. We were living largely TV free in the Santa Cruz Mountains at the time and so were spared the minute by minute reporting. I resorted to using my ham radio station to listen to international shortwave broadcasts which offered more clarity than the local AM radio broadcasts.

    I was working in the yard that morning. My very astute (former strategic analyst) brother called to tell us that World War III had begun.

    This year I located several views of the day including a video of the event as reported by a number of news outlets, including international.

    After the ABC presentation replayed off tape, I played the various bits I had collected.

    The last bit I showed was the Budwieser add above.

    Our little family was quite affected by it. My son is now old enough to face it and understand (as much as any of us can understnad the hatred - or is it madness - that drives such a thing).

    Is was a somber evening two Saturdays back.

    I think that was a good thing.

    We all need to remember.

    World War III began before WWI.

    We all need to understand just where we stand and behave accordingly.