Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mourning the Age of the Motherhood

Motherhood....a relic of an unenlightened male-dominated culture, designed to suppress the rights of women and limit their participation in the superior functions of an advanced society.  Or so they would have us believe.....

Civilized behavior has abandoned our society.  We are a nation undone.  Our children are floundering, our populace is angry and our leaders are the very worst of us.  The guiding influence that helped shape our nation has been stripped of honor and value, and has been replaced by a vile imposter - feminism.

Motherhood, throughout the ages, has been the shaper of nations.  As mothers have guided their children, so have the nations have followed.  Mothers have brought civility to the uncivilized and hope to the hopeless.  They have created homes worth coming home to and lives worth fighting for.  It was for home and hearth that great wars have been fought and for the love of family that sons and fathers have sacrificed their lives.

Mothers, by their very nature, teach civility and gentleness.  Men, in turn, can be a brutish lot.  Society thrives when the masculine is balanced by the feminine - and who can provide that balance?  Mothers of course.

And now, the refining presence of motherhood is being replaced.  It is being replaced by loud, arrogant, uncivilized and quite frankly, coarse, feminists.  They riot in the streets and shout from the halls of congress.  They demand equality with men while abandoning their already unparalleled position of power.

As I read stories of feminist activists rioting in the streets, hurling insult as their fists are raised in defiance, I think of Proverbs 14:1 - "The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one pulls hers down".  And I realize that with every woman that abandons her post, giving the mothering of her children over to the State, the television or the Internet, we, as a nation, are pulling our house down with our own hands.  While motherhood builds a nation, feminism tears it down - and now, after years of a failed social experiment, our nation is getting ready to crumble.

Without mothers that are willing to pour their lives out for their children, create homes for their husbands and guide their families with civility and integrity, our nation will continue to crumble until we are little more than a cesspool of lost humanity.

And how are we to be remembered?  As a nation who lost it's mothers.....


  1. Everyone needs to read this. Bless you and thank you

  2. One of the reasons we would consider moving to the Redoubt is to have neighbors who think as you do !

  3. America abandoned God. Societal breakdown is growing exponentially. It will end in violence and suffering, likely of Biblical proportion. Momma's don't let your babies stay in Gomorrah.
    Dock Guy

  4. "Amen" to every word! Well put! All the inevitable outcome of ignoring God on His throne and, as a society, trying to build one suited to the popular opinion of those who rebel against Him.

  5. Have you ever read the book by Dr. Frank Seekins, "A Mighty Warrior, The Biblical-Hebrew View of a Woman"
    Proverbs 31 is a familiar passage for most of us. The word virtuous in the Hebrew means "powerful warrior." Gods word is encouraging and inspiring, my prayer is to teach this truth to my daughter. I love your blog, thank you for sharing with us!

  6. I was in the market last week and observed a couple being disrespectful to one another in front of their pre-teen daughter. She was visibly upset and walked away from them into the produce section. I followed and watched, then told her she was in God's Safekeeping no matter what happened. And that God did not leave his creation unguarded even though there were times it seemed He was no where to be found. All she needed to do was to look inside.

  7. It is sad that even in the church we are seeing mothers abandon their duties to bless their husbands and rear their own children. I heard just last week, from a godly woman, that her daughter was putting her 3 children in preschool/daycare so that she could go back to work. Her husband is encouraging her to do this, not because they need the money but because he knows she probably misses her nursing career. So they are willing to sacrifice their children so she can have a fleeting satisfaction. I tremble for those children, who are being taken out of their godly home for hours a day and being exposed to ungodliness and worldliness instead.

  8. Some of us had no choice in the matter and have not been assigned motherhood. I am beginning to think that in this age it is less a curse and more a blessing.

  9. America embraced hatred, ignorance and intolerance. A cultural disgust towards basic education became the norm.That is the real problem. Gender equality is not the boogey man that your father and husband no doubt beat into you. The women fighting in congress are fighting for dignity and humanity.

    I hope your daughter becomes a feminist someday and breaks the cycle of self hatred that you are instilling in her. She is equal to any man. All women are.

    You can raise your children in captivity and ignorance but rest assured they will break free someday. God is on the side of equality. Your fear is made of guilt.

    1. Oh, you poor, dear, misguided woman. Fear? I never mentioned fear. Why, because the wise woman doesn't fear, she laughs at the days to come. Nowhere did I say I wasn't equal. I am nothing if not my husbands equal. He knows it, I know it, and my daughters and sons know it. And I've never, in my life, been beaten. I am not a victim, I am not angry and this gender equality you so blithely speak of is evident in my home. If you knew my family, you would know that my children are nothing but people of strength, integrity and character - I don't have a wilting flower among my daughters or a violent chauvinist among my sons. In fact, one of my non-feminist daughters just recently won her division in a male-dominated martial art tournament (fighting 4 belts up from her lowly white belt). And I could very easily stand toe to toe with any feminist leader in our culture war and come out unscathed. I am not a weak, withering, male-dominated, unthinking female. The difference is that I don't need to rage in the street, proclaiming my equality. I already know I'm an equal. That is how God made me - He made me in His image. I don't need to compete with men. I already know my worth. I'm very sorry you don't know yours.

      Enola Gay

  10. Profound and true thoughts. Thank you!

  11. This. This is what I tried to teach my son and daughter. I don't care if they are rich, poor or in between ,but if they fail their children , nothing else matters.