Sunday, February 18, 2018

Whispers of Winter

Unlike Little Shouse on the Prairie, where winter roared and bellowed, winter at Caer David has come to us in whispers, enveloping us in a perfect Narnia.  Softly falling snow and brooks bubbling through frozen ledges of ice have replaced the ground blizzards and rafter shaking winds.  Days huddled inside by the wood stove have been replaced by treks through a gloriously bedazzled winter wonderland and al fresco hot cocoa enjoyed beside a roaring bon fire.  The savage roar of the elements has been replaced by the gentle whispers of winter.

The snow has boxed us in and given Caer David a cave-like atmosphere

Our window tunnel

Miss Serenity stirring cocoa with one hand and making whipped cream with the other

Preparing the motoring basket

Homemade S'mores cookies....

Chicken salad sandwiches.....

Coffee cake and oranges!

Almost ready!

Heading to the bon fire

Getting set up - we even have music!

A perfect time to enjoy each others company

Even the dog was invited!

With his famous "Smarl"

The alcohol burner is keeping the cocoa warm

And the treats are ready

Hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream!!!  Yum!

Dad brought his coffee to the cocoa party!!!
We have so enjoyed living back in the mountains after what seems like a lifetime's exile.  We have wondered at the quiet beauty and drunk in the life-giving, soul-feeding presence of this place.

I hope winter is whispering its life-giving beauty into your soul.  Enjoy it's quiet solitude.


  1. Nice. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. Dock Gal and I can certainly relate. Exciting adventures or 'missions' as we like to call them are good. But so is ratcheting back down to a more peaceful life. Fear not.
    Dock Guy

  2. Lovely! What a continual inspiration you are!

  3. What an awesome picnic basket! I have never seen anything like it! Can you tell me who made it? Thank you.

    1. Angela - They actually call it a "Motoring Basket". Mine was made by J.W. Allen, 37 Strand, London. These baskets were used to make tea while traveling! So very unique!! Unfortunately they are prohibitively expensive, however, I found mine at Goodwill!!! They come with nickel plated sandwich boxes, an alcohol heater, a water tank that fits over the heat (for making tea), a teapot that fits nicely over the heater, silverware and tea cups and saucers. I hope you can find one!!

    2. Thank you! I will be on the look!

  4. I have enjoyed your blog for a while now - haven't commented in a long time (if ever?). But today's photos and comments were so nice. Reminded me of times in my childhood up in the "wilds" of Maine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful. And the wind is blowing today ("sigh") as always on the cold, windswept northern prairie.

  6. It is a real joy to see you posting again. Your family always seems to be doing something interesting, like the highland shoots. It looks like you are actually having more snow where you are now but with all the trees less wind. I know that you are at a higher elevation are your temps colder?

  7. My goodness, Miss Serenity has grown up into a fine young lady (by appearances and story, anyway). Seems I remember when she was small, and I was a mother of two-soon-to-be-three...


  8. You know I hate to be the die hard, but I sure hope that the neighbots
    didn't have to listen to your music, I moved out so I would not have
    hear the neighbors music. God did not make music for out of doors or he
    would have put it there. Can't be just be quiet sometimes.

  9. Our nearest neighbors live over a mile away!! And classical music always has a place - even outside! I'm pretty sure when David danced, he was accompanied by music - out of doors, since he danced in the street! Of course, you're competed right about needing the quiet sometimes. That is one of the reasons we've chosen to live in this place - the quiet solitude. And, we too, have had neighbors that blare music at all hours - terrible to have to endure! The quiet can be beautiful!

  10. I love your pictures and stories! Oklahoma is cold and icy today, we are eating hamantaschen cookies and drinking Earl Grey tea. Blessings to you and yours!

  11. Beautiful! Thank you for the pictures. Your home is so cozy, too. You are such an inspiration to me of making something beautiful out of what you have.
    Blessings to you today,
    Mary Beth

  12. Where can I find the recipe for your chicken salad sandwiches? They look delicious.

  13. I am so intrigued! Where did you find the beautiful picnic basket/stainless steel containers for travel? I absolutely love it?

  14. What an absolutely gorgeous family moment. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing the pictures and inspiration with all of us.

  15. That certainly looks like a Dalmatian, is it? If so how does he do in the cold. Owner of many Dals over the years.

  16. I love the picture of the 'snowverhang'. Our mountain cabin gets them in the winter too.

  17. Enola Gay,
    its been a while. How is everyone doing? I do miss seeing you all at the EXPO's. Hope to hook up soon.
    Love and Miss
    North Idaho