Saturday, February 10, 2018

Our Life in Pictures

And our life it is in pictures!

The Snug in Caer David

The Snug from another angle

Plenty of water in our back yard!!

The new slaughter trailer for the butcher shop!

I've been reorganizing the office at the shop

It works very nicely with the new counter

We go through about 8 large loaves of bread - a week!!!

And this LARGE jar of homemade granola!

Yum - with freeze-dried raspberries!!

And still - Friday Night Pizza

Lover of Hounds
Our Gentlemen Adventurer


  1. Always love your posts and pictures are always welcome. The granola and pizza, are the ones in the pictures the same as the recipes in your book only tweaked to suit the moment? Have been thinking about making both and it just seems like pictures can sometimes be the 'push' one needs to get things done. ha! Thank you, Enola. This was a nice way to start the morning.

  2. Yes!! Those are my tried and true recipes that are in the book! And yes, I've tweaked them to use what I happen to currently have on hand! I've found that keeping the granola on the table, it gets nibbled on constantly. When I put it in a jar on the shelf, people forgot about it and it would languish...not any more! Now I've been making about a jar (a double batch) a week and we love having something super convenient, but super good, to fill tummies!! Thanks!

  3. Like a lamp in the window that leads you home, your blog is a comforting beacon of sanity and traditional values in a world growing daily more hostile and alien. Thank you.

    1. Amen! to that. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
      Dock Guy

    2. Agree with Anon7:57.
      Your writing continues to bless me. That's why I keep coming back and checking in. Thanks so for continuing this blog.
      Be blessed. SJ in Vancouver BC

  4. Are those overhead lights in the photo run on gas? They look like the 1890s gas lights that were in an old building where I worked two jobs ago..

  5. It so good to see you guys on the blog again! Your cozy spots make my heart warm, and I love the way your butcher shop looks! I need your address want to send you some things. Will you email me? Also a side note, Ivan graduated, and joined the Marines! He passed all his tests very well. Proud mom of a homeschooler :) Isn't amazing how quick both of our brood of kids have grown into capable young adults. Blessings, Friend.

  6. The last two posts are delightful to read. So happy your journey is settling on Holy ground. I hope you are busy and have enough...and to spare.

  7. Curious about your black dog's breed. Is it a standard Schnauzer? Beautiful animal!

    1. He is beautiful!! He is a Giant Schnauzer and he belongs to our eldest daughter! He has an appointment at the beauty salon tomorrow, so he will be quite dapper after that!!

    2. That's what I thought. He's just beautiful!

      I lean towards larger dogs myself. Our family had a standard poodle that was the best dog we've owned. Athletic, strong, protective, intelligent, very careful with the children and loyal. His personality was just perfect and I honestly can't fathom finding another like him.

      I remember owning him just 2 days (got him at 18 months) when walking in the pasture and he saw another dog approaching. He immediately stepped in front of our young daughter, pushed her gently back and sat in front growling a warning. A 75lb gentle giant until you confronted the family. Miss him still.

      I know folks laugh at poodles but just like schnauzers the standards feel like a completely different breed from the miniatures. Thanks for posting pics of him.