Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What You See Isn't What You Get

If I were to take the news at face value, I wouldn't be able to face one more day.  It seems that the raunchier, the greedier, the more ruthless people are, the more famous, successful and wealthy they become.  Our society consistently rewards the very worst of us - and in our ignorance, we rush to emulate them.

I was reading in Psalms the other day, and this passage struck a chord; "For I was envious of the boastful, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.  For there ware no pangs in their death, But their strength is firm.  They are not in trouble as other men, Therefore pride serves as their necklace; Violence covers them like a garment.  Their eyes bulge with abundance; They have more than heart could wish.  They scoff and speak wickedly concerning oppression; They speak loftily.  They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walks through the earth." Psalm 73 3-9.  Sound familiar?  Just look around - our politicians seek to oppress our liberties and continually prosper at our expense.  Our celebrities are proud and their eyes bulge with an abundance gained from us, yet they scoff at our values and reject our principals.  In our upside-down society, rather than elevating what is good and what is just, the most depraved among us occupy the seats of kings.

As I was talking about the truth of what I see around me, my dad made a comment - "Satan likes to reward his followers".  A simple enough statement, to be sure, but it really made me think.  In John 12:31, Satan is referred to as "the prince of this world".  And, of course, when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, who was doing the tempting?  Satan.  And what did he have the power to do?  Offer Him power, money, position!  He was offering to Jesus exactly the same things that he has offered to all of our politicians, celebrities, athletes and influencers -  but they've accepted.

The more I thought about these things, the more I realized that what you see truly isn't what you get.  On the outside, it seems that the wicked and ruthless and immoral of our society thrive and prosper - but Satan has deceived them with the greatest of lies.  They are dead.  All of their power, their money, their fame and their success will follow them to the grave and their rewards will turn to dust.  Their eternity will be one of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Do not lose heart!  Do not let the appearance of the world blind you to the truth of God.  Our eternity is sure - an eternity where there will be no tears, no hunger, no pain.  Our eternity is beyond comprehension.  Know that the wicked, the boastful, the proud have only today - and today is nothing compared with eternity!  

What you see isn't what you get......


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. I have to admit, my heart is dismayed sometimes, when it seems like "no good deed goes unpunished" and depravity is rewarded. We must just keep our eyes on our Savior, who overcame this world. God bless you and your family, Enola!

  2. Thanks for that! Great post!

  3. Thank you for refocusing me today. I read this to my wife and we needed to hear this. Keep up the great work and my God richly bless your family and your new business venture.

  4. Amen. You spoke my mind. This is what I tell my kids and others. It absolutely baffles me as to why people idolize, or give such influence over their lives, to people who play make believe for a living. Or do nothing but sex tapes and shopping, etc. Very sad.
    People in public office are supposed to be servants, but the majority are self serving.
    Let's keep praying for and raising up President Trump. He is trying to restore our rights and freedoms; put our country back on God's side as a country and concerning Israel, strengthening our nation and standing against maniacs and bullies.
    I truly believe God raised him up for such a time as this!

  5. I'm so glad you're back posting. I have really missed reading your posts. Be blessed.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  6. So well written. Thank you. Your dad is right, "Satan likes to reward his followers".

    This old coot remembers growing up and all of us boys had heroes. A few years back I decided to write my list. Actually I ended up with two lists, one of heroes in my personal life and one on a larger national/world view. I revisit it from time to time. It's a great exercise.
    Dock Guy

  7. Thank you so much for grounding us in Truth. DJ

  8. Christmas Blessings to you, your family, and your new business. I have missed your posts very much. Glad you are posting again, because you still have such wonderful insight.

  9. Yes, thank you for the reminder. It is so easy to focus on what our eyes see and not what our mind knows to be true or what our heart feels.
    We must keep focused on obeying Him no matter what happens around us.

  10. Wow! Beautifully put. May I post this to my Facebook page?

    1. Julie - thank you! You are welcome to post it to Facebook!


  11. We are being sorely tested. Our Lord hopes we will see that we were in error when we gave power to a greedy fornicator who puts himself above all others and who speaks falsely. Righteousness may be tested but will triumph with Our Father's assistance.

  12. So true, and sometimes so hard to remember.

    Bless you and yours. Merry Christmas.

  13. Very nice post today. I'm glad to see that you are back posting and that you have your business open. I really hope that is a success. Weippe is a different kind of a place. My sister-in-law and her husband lived there and worked for Potlach. The last time we were there was 19 years ago when we went for her funeral. Maybe we will go out that way again to see the nephews and if we do we will definitely stop by and meet with you. again wishing you success on your new venture.. ---ken

  14. Great post! So happy your business is up and running. Hope you get to post more in the new year,and that this year is full of blessings. While the Lord will win no matter what, I feel our society and country are doomed. Stay close to God, family, and the faithful remnant.

  15. Exactly what I needed to hear this evening. God knows us so well. God's blessings on you, your family, and your business endeavor. I wish I could stop by and get enough to fill my freezer. However, it's a long drive from the Great Plains in Oklahoma.

  16. Well I won't say you don't have a problem with corruption in the US, but, coming out of your country right now is a movement (several movements, really) for radical traditionalism that is sweeping the West.
    I don't expect it will make politicians more honest, but it might save the people from themselves.