Wednesday, December 19, 2012

These are the Best of Days....

Every once in a while, a moment will come along that reminds me how truly blessed I am.  One such moment happened upon us last week, in the chaos of daily life and left me with warm feelings of contentment with my lot in life.

It was almost dusk. Sir Knight was pulling in the driveway after a day on the road.  Miss Serenity and her friend Miss Anne were heading out the front door for an afternoon grouse hunt.  Miss Serenity had a backpack over her shoulders and a rifle slung on her back as  she an Miss Anne threw a leg over the 4-wheeler and drove off in search of game.  Sir Knight had some business to take care of, so he and I left the little children in the capable hands of Master Hand Grenade while we had a quick visit with some friends.

Arriving at our (retired) friends home, Sir Knight talked with Fred in the shop while I popped into the house to visit Ethel in the comfort of her country kitchen.  Upon entering the welcoming little house, I immediately noticed how quiet it was.  Nary a giggle or laugh was to be heard nor did the sound of happy chatter fill the air.  Ethel and I visited while the men conducted their business and soon it was time to take our leave.

Upon returning home, we were met with the scent of rolls, fresh from the oven.  The kitchen was cheerful and full of lively chatter as the children welcomed us home.  Miss Serenity and Miss Anne came home with no grouse, however a Snowshoe Hare had fallen prey to their hunting expedition and had been gutted and skinned (getting blood on Miss Anne's scarf, much to her chagrin!) and was awaiting preparation for a pie.  Master Hand Grenade was visiting with Maid Elizabeth and her friend (and Miss Anne's older sister) Maid Rachelle and the little children were playing a rousing game of hide and seek.

As Sir Knight and I walked through the front door, the older girls put tea water on to boil and set about laying the tea table for tea.  Soon, tea and conversation flowed in a kitchen that was awash in laughter and fellowship.

Children are a gift from the Lord.  They bring life and laughter to our homes and joy to our hearts.  Sometimes I have to stop.  I have to notice the blessings that fill each day.  These are the best of days.  These are "the good ol' days".


  1. Enola,


    As you know I have never married and have no children. I was content being a bachelor for life. I read books, surf the web, and enjoyed quiet solitude and for noise I go out to the gun range target shooting almost every week.

    Then my next door neighbor (who is one of my closest friends now) well his wife had twins in August as you know.

    I was kinda fascinated by the infants at first, after eight weeks my friend was showing me how to feed his son, after getting burped on a short time later that eight week old boy feel asleep in my arms and my mindset changed.

    If I had to right now list the top ten list of things I did in my life, having an eight week old baby fall asleep in my arms just made the list. One of the coolest thing I ever expeirenced.

    I have been over half way around the world, I have been coast to coast in this country. I have so many memories and experiences and now a whole new avenue has just opened up.

    I never know what I was missing.

    Now I almost dread going back to my empty house. I have a lot of things, tools, artwork, giant bachelor stereo system, New computer, etc, etc. etc.

    None of it means anything now...

    My next door neighbor does not own as much stuff as I have. He lives in a rent house owned by his father and gets a discount on the rent. Both of his vehicles are ten years old, yet he has a wife, two babies, and a seven year old son.
    His house is always full...

    He is richer than I will ever be.

    Same goes for my friend across the street from me (another very close friend) . He has a wife, a two year old girl and another baby on the way in
    This friend is gone a lot working in the Eagle Ford oil field, but thanks to cell phones, he talks to his wife and two year old several times a day and reads her bedtime stories at night over the cell phone.

    He also another very wealthy man.

    Six months ago I was doing just fine, thought I had everything figured out, now I just sit at an empty house. I have one last living close relative and Im there at that house almost every day, so that helps (thats were I am now) later tonight I will return to my house.
    I can hear a pin drop on the other side of the house, only cooking smells come from the microwave. When I come home there is no one to talk to so for noise I turn on stereo and listen to AM talk radio or listen to some Podcast radio show online (I got rid of cable TV years ago and sold the TV and bought a rifle)

    I have roughly 2800 acres of mineral rights in another state. I have no wells at this time and I have no leases either. There was a working natural gas well there many years ago and the casing collapse and was abandoned by the oil company at the time, so I know there is shale and natural gas there. There could be oil there too if its fracked right by an oil company. In time I will put all five of those kids I mentioned above in line for those mineral rights when I die (don't worry, I ain't goin no where anytime soon)

    They are the closet thing to kids I will probably have. I will make sure that they will be set up.

    Enola, you will never have an empty house and in time, there will be a steady stream of grandkids coming and going. You will be known as Grandma Enola, the great baby sitter.

    There are no "good ole days"

    Just wait a few years, you and Sir Knight, will have more diapers to change than you can shake a stick at.

    1. We're similar in many ways,just the details are different. I share your outlook. I'm five years older than you, and have a cat who is happy to see me when I get home,and I don't have 2800 acres of mineral rights, but other than that, there are a lot of similarities. I don't know if there's a woman out there who could put up with me-I can't put up with myself sometimes.
      I have changed a couple diapers before-I'll gladly delegate that chore to someone else.
      I have friends and family who have children, and it just seems their house is far more alive than mine is.
      There are good old days, and good present ones. Selective memory can be a good thing.

  2. awww....capn crunch, you old curmudgeon! you are turning out to be such a sweet old fella....i enjoy your comments and stories almost as much as i do enola gays'.

    1. Hey Anon,


      Yeah' I probably sound old, but Im only 45. Is that old?. I just have a lot of expeirence in life I guess. Im still learning new things and seeking out new expierences in life, however Uncle Captain Crunch don't do diapers (My nieghbors tried try get me to learn how to change diapers on them twins, it ain't gonna happen:) I will however (help them) or buy them a couple of used Toyota trucks when they turn 16.

    2. Ya know, cap'n, 45 is definately NOT old! It's not the years, it's the miles and what we do with them that matters and makes them count. It's the attitude and the love we share with others. You are such a blessing, and I cherish your writings.

      At 71, I do not consider myself old!I believe "old" is an attitude, a "heart" condition, if you will. We live in such a youth oriented society that disregards "old" so it's easy to get on a downer once in awhile. Yet it's those with some age...or some miles..or both....that can teach great wisdom to the youth who would listen.

      I've learned in my life that I can either sit in my house and turn myself into my own idol and dwell on the negative things (can do that quite easily, I might add if I am not careful and attentive). I can either make my life bitter or better.

      And like Enola with her blessed writings from such a loving and compassionate heart, we can also be a shining light to others and give them encouragement, raise the bar, lift them up. You have many folks around you and I'm certain you are a wonderful blessing to them. And they to you.

      Make it a very blessed day, cap'n. You have lots to offer and share with others. Old...are you kiddin'. You are just gettin' started!

    3. Now Captain....
      My husband and I had our first child shy of his 40th birthday, and just had our third in his 50th think 45 is old? Holy smokes, sir, you're just getting started!

    4. Jennifer Canfield


      thanks for the encouragement. It really gives me hope. I gave up on online dating, bars are out of the question. If God wants me to meet a nice woman somewhere, he will point me in the right direction.

  3. These children are our future.

    Each day has in it a very special blessing if we pay attention and have an awareness of how a mighty God works in our lives every moment of every day. The small wonders many miss, the little delights that only last a few seconds then they are gone but give us such hope and joy. The joyfilled, honest-from-the-heart, innocent laughter of children.

    These are the special moments that warm our hearts and our souls. These moments make our lives worth living and praising His holy Name above all Names and we know they are His.

  4. Captian Crunch, some wonderful lady deserves a man like you. And in turn, you deserve a wonderful lady to be friends and partners with, I'll be praying that God will send that wonderful woman to you.


    1. Hey Anon,


      Thank for prayers. I really mean that. In prayer I kinda told God that he's in the drivers seat, Im just along for the ride. Which ever direction he wants to take me, I will follow.

  5. Enola, you are truly blessed, as am I. I have 4 wonderful kids, oldest is 27 and 1 awesome grandson, and a new granddaughter due in February. Children really are the joy in life.

  6. (rainman & canyonmaiden)

    enola, our own life is blessed with 3 grown children, all with their own worlds to conquer at this point in their lives. we sometime feel like lonely planets while they are about their own lives and ways but then, like captain crunch, our friend's and neighbor's children become apparent before us and we are able to share in the wealth right in front of us. blood is important but we all need to open our eyes to the rich bounty prepared for us by our creator, many times in the most unexpected of places and situations. your blog and the followers responses has been (and we do so hope continues to be) a bright and dicerning beacon of just this type of revalation we need to be brought to as a people and as a community; for if not one member different but nonetheless joined to the larger body, then who are we? much love to you and yors from us here in the mtns.

  7. Enola,

    I have read you for years and you never disappoint. I have joined you in encouraging Mothers. Thank you friend for all the years you have shared your journey here and labored to offer a glimpse that may encourage. I was encouraged by one of your latest posts and wanted to reach out and say how it inspired me. Of course, during the radio show I was interrupted twice by a toddler throwing a tempertantrum (it was naptime and the little one has decided they want to make a guest appearence LOL).

    The screams of toddlers are a joy LOL. Only if looked at in the right perspective.
    If you care to hear, I do preparedness, homeschooling, homemaking, anti-feminisim and Girl Game :)

    Thanks for the perspective friend. I hope you keep posting.

  8. Captaincrunch,
    Be of good cheer, there is hope. Now that you have seen the emptiness of life alone you can pray that God will lead you to the right woman. My daughter, age 45, just married for the first time to a man, age 50, which is also his first marriage. They are loving life together.
    You have much to look forward to.

    City Dude