Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Savior Is Born Unto Us




  1. Enola,


    Christmas is really about something else that is much, much more important than buying and accumulating things.

    I gotta mention that for those of you with families and younger children. Enjoy every minute of it, enjoy having a full house while you have a full house.

    I had nothing else better to do this morning except mow and weed eat the lawn in 83 degree heat down here in South Texas
    (I could have used some of them sheep to mow my yard in that video that Enola posted yesterday)

    1. Amen captaincrunch! Our two children grew so fast it seemed but two minutes that they were home. We are blessed though - one of those children is Enola Gay so we get to treasure our grandchildren and have gained a son, Sir Knight. It is a very Merry Christmas in these mountins! Many Blessings on this most blessed birthday.
      Grace Tome

  2. Enola and family,

    The Blogging community is the greatest. I have gained more friends that I ever expected and keep current on all. I send my very best wishes to all of you and MERRY CHRISTMAS.


  3. Enola, Sir Knight and Family,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From My Family to Yours.
    God Bless!

  4. So many of our elderly - and non elderly - have been left alone by their children. It is an abomination. I heard a very well known pastor, when describing the typical family Christmas dinner where the family gets together. His view of the family members included "crazy grandpa". This worldly view of our elderly is, sadly, pervasive throughout our society. "Simpson" style of disregard and disrespect.

    Thank God for His blessing of an alternate, extended family. My dear friends who live nearby and even those we communicate with here offer love, sharing, caring. Who would ever think that we'd have internet "friends" that we can share with, even with those in other countries in a matter of moments!.

    We have a merciful and loving heavenly Father. When I am alone...never lonely..I know He is always here. He always comforts. He is always present. He knows my going out and my coming in. He knows my name. He is my watchcare and He loved me enough to die for me, ascend into the heavenlies to be sitting on the right hand of His Father....and will return again...soon. What a hope we have in Him.

    Merry Christmas, now past for another year. And wishing your family a very blessed new year.