Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That Peace Would Reign

The children and I have a bible study together every morning and the conversations that flow from these times are sometimes rather enlightening.  This morning we were talking about the state of the heart being seen through attitudes and deeds of the person.  One of the questions at the end of the study asked how you could know a person was selfish, self-centered or proud.  The children immediately had answers!  They noticed that when this person acted that way they were being selfish.  When another did that, they were being proud.  They had a lot to say about other people's behavior, but, I noticed, they didn't see any of the attributes in themselves.  And then I questioned further.  "What is going on in your heart when you sigh and complain when I give you a task"?  "What about when you provoke your brother or sister"?  "How is your attitude when someone else gets something you want?  Are you happy for them or envious of them"?

It is amazing that it is so easy to see other peoples faults and sins and completely disregard our own.  When an argument arises, it is far easier to identify the problem in the other person rather than seeing our own culpability!  How much more peacefully we would live our lives if we spent more time examining our own motivations and attitudes and bringing them back in line with the word of God rather than picking apart the lives of others.  I know that in the case of my own family, peace would reign.

As Sir Knight and I strive to raise Godly, productive and capable children, we must not forget to teach them the lost principle of disciplining one's own self.  We must teach them to actively look to the error of their ways long before they search the ways of others.  We must teach them to search their hearts and know that their motivations are pure before they cast blame on another.

"For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged".
                                                     1 Corinthians 11:31

Just think of a world where people took the responsibility to police their own thoughts and actions!  Peace would indeed reign.


  1. Enola,

    As an observer of human behavior, I believe the root of most problems with people is "envy and jealousy'
    Its great if someone's fortunate enough to make a million dollars a year. Why should I put them down. I should be congradulate them for working really hard and having enough intelligence to make things work out for them.

    Thats the root of most problems, just good old fashion envy and jealousy. It can be from a parent paying attention to another sibling and the other feeling left out, or a Union wanting to strike becouse they feel unappriciated by the mangament.
    I personally believe that I want people I know, (friends and others) to do just as good as I am or better than I am doing.
    An example, I may sell a few rifles (legally) to a few very close freinds for maybe one dollar each later on down the road. I look at it this way, my friends have familys they have to feed and clothe and money is tight. I figure too I cant take it with me when I die one day, so why not sell a few toys and help a few people out so they can do just as good as I have and or evan better than I have in life so far.

  2. Enola,


    I had to drive from South Texas yesterday to the VA hospitol in San Antonio for a medical checkup. I drove through the Eagle Ford oil play which I refer to frequently on your blog. Things are still picking up down here, every time I drive through the Eagle Ford, I see more in construction, new rigs being set up, rigs being moved and thousands of trucks carrying fracking fluid, fracking sand and other materiels. Another thing that also amazes me is all the welders in thier trucks with Lincoln and Miller generators on the back going to work. Many of thease are what we call "Texas Pipeliners" welding pipe for oil and natural gas production.
    Down here in South Texas we now are seeing local TV commericials of oil and oilfield service companies trying to find workers. Many of the workers they try to hire can't pass drug testing or can't meet the physical standards. The amount of money that is floating around down here is just staggering. I am seeing companies investing millions and hundreds of millions of dollars down here in the oil play. I saw one company pay a railroad millions of dollars to run a "spur" from the main rail line to fracking sand facility near Peggy, Texas.

    One more thing about the Eagle ford thats interesting. Every time I drive through the area. I stop at certain stores to refuel to get coffee. I see different young women work at thease stores, none of them seem to stay very long. Thease stores are always filled with oil field workers, most are single younger men in thier 20's and I think many women choose to work at thease stores so they find men who have real jobs and a future. One of my friends is making $35.00 an hour and works overtime (time and half) Another one has total free medical and dental for himself and his family as part of the benefit package.

    This oil boom wont last long, I just hope some of thease kids are smart and save money to buy land and houses and build futures for themselves.

    If anyone drives down here, they will have to be careful and watch out for all the oil field traffic. The average speed limit on most highways is 75 MPH, most oilfield workers are in a hurry so seeing a $60.000 diesel pickup truck doing 90 miles an hour is not uncommon. Big Diesel trucks carrying 80 thousand pound loads flying down two lane country roads at or above the speed limit is also common. I think most local law enforcement is kinda keeping a blind eye to it or they are so overwelmed, they dont care anymore.

    The Eagle Ford oil play is one giant wild west boom town. This is pure Capitolism at its finest. Make as much money as you can and run away to the bank.

  3. In todays world both parents work. Why? Because they must to make a living. Why? Examining making a living I have observed many folks live far above their needs. Shelter is the main culprit, a big house with all the bells & whistles. Kids don't learn to share if they isolate themselves in their private bedrooms with their individual toys & gizmos. Food is an excessive expense due to not preparing food themselves. See where I'm going here? Living outside our "needs."

    I enjoy your blog and Rural Revolution. You guys have it going on! I admire your courage, strength and your determination of a self-sustaining, Godly life.

  4. My comment is off topic, but I wanted to contribute regarding the photo of your two children playing that board game. I recognize that game as one of my all-time favorite childhood board games we had as kids growing up. The reason why it was so special (to me) was because my Dad got it for us while he was in Germany, and so the only people who had that board game when I grew up was one in our town or community had that game, and we would always enjoy playing it. That was years ago, and I had forgotten about it until I saw your photo. AWESOME!
    Erich in TEXAS

  5. Enola,

    Are you doing a specific prepared Bible study or a study or a study of your own design? Just curious because I am looking for something new to guide a Bible study with my kids.

    Southern Gal