Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lights Out

Over the years we have forsaken the virtues that made us great.  We have come to view the principles that hallmarked our country as "old fashioned" and "out of date".  We are wrong.

The following tidbit has been attributed to Herbert Hoover in 1946.  In my opinion, it is every bit as relevant today as it was over 50 years ago.

"The principal thing we can do if we really want to make the world over is to try the use of the word 'old' again.  It was  the 'old' things that made this country the great nation it is.

There are the old virtues of integrity and truth.

There are the old virtues of incorruptible service and honor in public office.  There are the old virtues of economy in government, of self-reliance, thrift and individual responsibility and liberty.

There are the old virtues of patriotism, real love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it.

These old ideas are very inexpensive.  And they would help win hot and cold wars.  I realize such suggestions will raise that odious word 'reactionary', but some of these old values are slipping away rapidly from American life.

And if they slip too far, the lights will go out in America, even if we win the hot and cold wars."


  1. So very true, Enola!

    That's a great quote! There are very few people following these principles today! Thankfully I recently met one, and didn't even fully realize it...

    "There are the old virtues of incorruptible service and honor in public office."

    My wife and I bought our BoL / Future Homestead, and in the purchasing process we needed to have the septic system inspected to determine if it meets current code. I called a local backhoe company to come out, dig up the access port, and inspect things.

    The man is a very down-to-earth, conservative, and honorable man. He doesn't carry himself like a Backhoe Operator, but like a truly patriotic man of virtue. He was eager to help, and to welcome us into the area, he didn't charge us for looking into the property for us prior to purchasing it.

    Now that the election is rolling around, and due to economic and socio-political issues, market instability, etc., we are most likely going to have to live at the BOL / Homestead sooner than anticipated. As a result, my wife figured we most likely would wind up voting in this new state so she decided to look up information on local, state, and federal politicians representing that area.

    It turns out our Backhoe Operator is also our Republican State Senator, Chair of the local School Board, Sports / Recreation / Parks / Community Center Commission member, Commission member of the Organic Crop Improvement Association, member of the county Wheat, Soybean, & Corn growers associations, member of the local Knights of Columbus, and a Freemason (as am I).

    I was thoroughly impressed to find that people of this character still exist - it's just that they're usually only found in rural areas! How many other Senators do you know that are willing to dig up and stick his head into your septic tank to take a look at it for you - and not charge you a dime for his time, fuel, and labor hauling his backhoe out and doing all that for you??? I've met a LOT of politicians in the Twin Cities at the Republican State Conventions, but never met one like this...