Thursday, September 13, 2012

Be right back!

Sick in bed with the flu!

Will be back soon.


  1. Sheesh, when did THIS happen?? Hope you feel better soon!

    (You missed a gorgeous great horned owl in front of your place this evening!)

    - Patrice

  2. Feel better soon :)

  3. Ugh, what a crummy time to get the flu. I don't know about you, but Autumn always seems like my biggest crunch time.

  4. Hope you feel better. Just got my last kiddo back to school today - and our cold/flu season started last Thursday. Now I have time to rest myself.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! It seems several of my coworkers have been down and out sick as well.

  6. Hope you get better soon-I've been very fortunate to have never had the flu, but from what I'm told, it ain't no fun.

  7. We'll add your recovery to our family prayer list.

  8. Get well soon! The recipes are incredible. Thank you.

  9. Enola,

    (captain crunch again)

    Texans don't get sick, we just feel like something a longhorn dumped out in the desert.

    The best cure for a cold is menudo (oh' wait thats a hangover) Try a Whataburger with extra jalepeno peppers. If you guys aint got a Whataburger in the American Redoubt, somethings wrong?

    Get your eldest daughter or Sir Knight to go out get a can of Jalepeno peppers anyhow. Darn things will make you burn up like the Fukashima Reactor. Those peppers will scare the virus right out of your system (actually you will sweat it out)

    I hear "Chuck Norris" eats one pound of Jalepeno Peppers a day for breakfast.

    Now I gotta craving for Jalepeno Peppers and I ain't evan sick. I guess I gotta get a can with a six pack of Shiner Bach Beer.
    If you get bored Enola, look up a song on iTunes called "Redneck Mother" by Ray Wylie Hubbard (the live version) you and Sir Knight will die laughing. A true Texas classic.

    Chuck Norris got a Job with the Border Patrol in South Texas, he now patrols the border "alone"

    1. Ghost peppers-this stuff is unreal. If anyone offers it to you, they are not your friend.

  10. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    We're new followers. Can't wait to catch up on all of your posts.

    Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

  11. I check on you every day but realize it will be a couple of more days. Get well soon.

  12. Enola,

    (captaincrunch again)

    I went to that carbine match yesterday, and I got my butt handed to me on a silver platter.

    I had the lowest score and worst time.

    I evan shot a bunch of "friendly targets" by mistake including several civilians, one cameraman (I thought it was a CNN reporter) and one with a badge (He was a bad cop 'ok)

    I had my butt kicked many times in the past, learning to ride dirtbikes when I was a kid, bootcamp, learning to surf years ago etc.

    (on the military bootcamp thing, I did have the "Navy company commander" in my face yelling at me at the top of his lungs at point blank range, complete with his spit hitting my eyeglasses. It only made me mad, plum mad dog mad "qouating Clnt Eastwood"
    Since I did not break and cry for moma like other recruits, he left me alone after that.
    I kinda looked like Private Joker from "Full Metal Jacket" Back then Navy bootcamp was insructors were much like what you saw in Full Metal Jacket minus the physical assults)

    I was completly unfamiliar with the entire match, the targets, procedures everything. I think thats it in a nutshell.

    Oh' and I need a Red dot scope of some sort. I am running the magpul backup sights as the primary sight and I have no scope. The front sight post is about the size of a "two by four" so when I got the tunnel vision thing going on in the heat of the moment trying to hit those small targets with those sights was "extremly awkard"

    I got my work cut out for me. Lots of training, digging up some money for a quality red dot etc.

    this is ain't over yet, I have only begun.

    1. Captain Crunch;

      Keep at it - you will get the hang of it! I can imagine that a red dot scope would be a great help. I assume you were at a carbine shoot?


    2. Enola,


      yeah' I was at a carbine match. One thing about being at rock bottom is I have no other choice but to go up. I am not making up excuses, but having a judge right next to me with that electronic buzzer timer thing was "intimidating' at the least, also all the targets were brown cardboard with either "a knife, gun, badge for cop, spray painted on the cardboard.
      That was confusing, because if I see a guy in baggy street clothes with a pistol and a cop in a blue uniform, its easier for my mind to process "friend or foe"
      Instead I have to process a black spray painted symbol on the middle of a piece of cardboard.

      I think if I was out their shooting by myself or with a friend, I would have done better. No stranger standing next to me and no crowd watching me either. I know in the back of my mind that added extra stress and decreased my performance.

      I will keep at Enola, I will adapt and overcome (Oh' the Marines say that, and the Navy owns the Marines)

      Its good to be a rust-picker!

      Anchors away!


  13. Praying for your quick recovery.


  14. Hope you are better today.