Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing the Paratus Familia Mascot!

One of the reasons that I have been writing so sporadically (with none of the really good preparedness posts) is that Sir Knight, Maid Elizabeth and I have been working our tails off getting ready for the Sustainable Preparedness Expo that will be held in Spokane, Washington at the end of September (more on that in a later post).

One of things that we thought would be fun would be to share our family mascot with the world at large.  When Sir Knight and I were newly married, we adopted the Wolverine as our personal mascot.  Of course, we came up with that in honor of Red Dawn, but over the years, we have come to realize that the Wolverine does really embody the spirit of our family.  A number of years ago we had "Moral Patches" made so that we could affix them to our gear.  There is no mistaking one of our packs when a Wolverine is staring you in the face!

As we began preparing for the Expo, Maid Elizabeth proposed the idea of sharing our mascot with other preparedness minded folks.  She designed a T-shirt with our logo on it and ordered another batch of moral patches.

Well, I can't wait any longer!!!!  Let me introduce you to the Paratus Familia Wolverine....

Let me know what you think.


  1. Enola,

    (captain crunch again)

    Those T-shirts rock!!!

    Down here in Texas, we got them white flags with a cannon and the phrase "Come and Take it" eluding to the battle of Gonzales Texas in 1836. (I think it was 1836)
    They have reenactments every November I believe.

    Texas has been getting invaded off and on for over the past 300 years or so by one Jackass or another. We are still getting invaded every day be illegal aliens. We pick them up, check them out. Then feed 'em, and deport' em. They come back the next day (the food and free medical must be great)

    If a billion screaming Chinamen came parachuting down from the skies', they would have to compete with the Illegal aliens, wild hogs and rattlesnakes while runnin' through Mesquite and Cactus in 107 degree heat with no water.

    (We would then shoot the stragglers)

    Enola, sorry I gotta lay on all the Texas Bullfeathers. Your patches and T-shirts are great, I gotta order some sometime.

    1. You're money is no good here Texan. Shoot me an email - we'll talk.

    2. Enola,

      (captaincrunch again)

      Another thing about Texas (I know here we go again) As of August 1st of this year its legal to hunt with suppressors in Texas. Its also legal to hunt from helicoptors (now you can do both at the same time) Its a war on feral hogs in Texas and we now have "air support"
      Check out the video "Aporkalypse Now" with Ted Nugent hog hunting from a helicoptor. At the end of the video, theres a 300 or 400 dead hog hanging from a rope from a flying helicopter and Uncle Ted Nugent' says, "You can't do this in France"

    3. Enola,

      real quick 'Aporkalypse Now Trailer" is on youtube.

      The correct quote from Ted Nugent is "This a perfect Sunday in Texas you cant do this in France"?

  2. If you're takin orders, let me know! I'd rather support something I believe in than spending my money on something made in China. Besides, gotta have some shirts anyway.

  3. I would buy one, but I don't know if I could wear it much. My roommates already think that I am some sort of radical! Still, looks good, and glad to hear it came out well!

  4. Yay! Glad to see that you are going to this event. I am planning on attending all day this time, I didn't know that they had speakers all day.


  5. Enola, how much for (2) patches and one each of (2XL) and (XL)?
    Thanks for all you do.
    rainman & canyon maiden.
    btw great coyote story.

  6. Let me know when orders are available.........

  7. I wish I could make it to Spokane - it sounds like a great event, but I'm not yet close enough to make it. Some day in the not too distant future I'll have made the move to your area.

  8. I'd love a couple of patches and an XL shirt. Please post up when you can take orders. Moritz does a fantastic job on patch orders.

    Bill in CO

  9. Great color. I would be nice to have one in a tank top?

  10. Great design! Maid Elizabeth does excellent work!

  11. Where can I buy one? Seriously? Can I buy one yet? :D

  12. I love them, where can we buy the t-shirts and patches

  13. I would like a patch if they are velcro backed.