Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Home Schooled Shootist

I'm so excited - Joe Nobody has a new book coming out called "The Home Schooled Shootist:  Training to Fight with a Carbine".  This time, he tried something new and shot a video featuring a number of the shooting exercises he explains in his book.  What a great idea!  It gives you an idea of what the book will cover and a real life view of how the exercise should be executed.

If you have a carbine of any configuration you should check out Joe's video - just the 2 minute segment will challenge your shooting ability.  I'll keep you posted on the release date of "The Home Schooled Shootist" so that you can add it to your preparedness/self-defense library.


  1. Sweet!!! Can't wait to read it :-)
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Looks really good. Hard to find a place to practice those drills. Training is soooo important. We have taken three classes and would like to take more.
    We practice once or twice a month. The book is on my list.


  3. Enola,

    (captaincrunch again)

    I must confess I did a very bad thing. I nuked a hole in my credit card last week and purchased a Stag Arms 3G rifle (5.56 mm) Some people were talking about banning guns, etc, etc, being that I have "Oppisitional Defiance Disorder" (ODD for short) I went out and got another rifle.

    I spent $1511.46 on a AR (crazy, I Know) this is why I am not married!

    I was watching "three gun competitions" and I saw it as "enhanced tactical training" I may get into compitition shooting to for fun and the side benefit of becoming a better marksman is a BIG plus. maybe I can get a few trophys too.
    By the way, If you try shooting an AR with a 18 inch bull barrel and three and half pound trigger, it is so, so, much fun to shoot. Almost NO recoil! I cant get enough of this rifle (Stag 3G) I go shooting every weekend now, on both Saturday and Sunday. Im not getting paid for by Stag Arms for this endorsement (I wish I was, I would work for ammo) This rifle will shoot some very serious hotloads too, 55 grain, all the way up to 77 grain.

    Moral of the story is, If you can find a rifle that you love to shoot, you will shoot the rifle more and become more and more proficent.

  4. Well, I am NOT excited. I like the info, just wish he named it something else. It will be another resource for the liberals to use as evidence that all home schoolers carry around "assault" rifles and are ready for an armed revolt! Another black eye for home schoolers.

  5. Excellent video... I suspect I'll be adding that to my DVD library soon!

    As for the competition shooting, I did that for about 5 years, and I quickly had to stop. I started out doing numerous tactical & defensive shooting courses, and then started competing locally. I got pretty good, but then I noticed something - I was breaking all kinds of gun-fighting rules in competition for the sake of shooting higher scores! 3-gun, IDPA, IPSC, all of them should be considered what they are - gaming. Granted your SHOOTING skill may show improvement, your development of horribly bad tactical habits is inevitable.

    The 'Rules' of various types of competitions make people develop numerous bad habits. By only allowing you to shoot from inside a 'box' means people are shooting from behind cover (from a box), and reloading while moving out in the open to the next 'box' then shooting from behind cover from the box, etc. It's far better to shoot from behind cover, reload behind cover, then move - with the ability to shoot on your way to your next cover.

    What sealed the deal for me was seeing a law enforcement dash-cam video of a police officer down south. He was an avid competition shooter, and during a gunfight he crouched down beside his engine compartment for cover, returned fire, shot the criminal numerous times, and while the criminal was flailing on the ground still holding his gun, the officer in a quick & smooth action drops the magazine, and empties the chamber, sets it on the dashboard of his cruiser. The criminal is still a threat, and he emptied his gun, and stood up from behind his cover as though some invisible range officer with a buzzer was standing behind him shouting, "TIME! - Safe and clear your weapon!"

    That video now is circulating in some Law Enforcement schools as warning of the dangers of confusing Gaming with actual Training. After seeing it, I quit competing. I still go to tactical & defensive courses a lot, but no more competition for me.

    I'm definitely going to have to try this drill in the homeschooled video... I'm always up for a new challenge.


    1. mathew


      You make a good point. I did not consider the tactical disadvantage that competition shooting can teach. That is something I will have to be aware of if I do any competition. Maybe I can keep the two separate if Im careful an pay attention to detail.

  6. Just a note to captaincrunch:
    Going out an getting an AR might not have anything to do with being married.
    My husband of 44 years seems to have ODD too! He has been known to purchase an AR and possibly one or two others at the ODDest times. But, hey, he is the protector of this family. You keep right on protecting your community!
    G. Grace T.