Thursday, August 2, 2012

Citizens and Sovereigns

I see it so clearly in my minds eye.  Thatched roofs, billowing smoke with flames lapping, ready to consume the pitiful mud and waddle hovel.  Cruel faced men sit astride fierce mounts, demanding obeisance from cowering peasants.  These are the dark days before the dawn of liberty.  In this world, men and women are little more than chattel, owning nothing.  Their labors are not their own.  They toil bitterly for their meager existence, knowing their sovereign may require the fruits of their labor without notice or cause.  Their lives are fodder for the nobles who take great joy in exercising complete power over their subjects, both for personal gain and for the twisted pleasure of wreaking destruction on helpless peasants.

The Dark Ages were called dark for a reason.  Society was hallmarked by a great chasm of classes - the masses worked for the betterment of the few and the few tyrannized the masses.  As we stand idly by, our world is growing dark once more.

Our constitution was written to govern free men.  The wording was concise and specific.  The preamble begins "We the people of the United States.....", not "We the citizens of the United States".  It was worded thus to keep men free.  The difference between "People" and "Citizen" is the difference between serf and king.

It is noted in Law Notes  If you claim you are a citizen of the United States, then it is strongly implied that you are subject to the laws of the United States.  On the other hand, if you are one of the People, then it is legally implied that you are a legal king, with a sovereignty superior to that of the United States, and subject only to the common law of other kings (your peers).  In short:  the People are superior to the government; the government is superior to the citizens.  That is the hierarchy.  

As a king you "are entitled to the rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative."  You can do what you want to do when you want to do it.  You have your own property and your own courts.  There is no limit as to what you may do other than the natural limits of the universe, and the sovereignty of a fellow sovereign.  You should treat the other sovereign in accordance with the Golden Rule, and at the very least must never harm him.  Your sovereignty stops where the other sovereignty begins.  You are one of the owners of the American government, and it is their promise that they will support your sovereignty (i.e. they have promised to support the Constitution and protect it from all enemies).  You have no allegiance to anyone.  The government, your only [public] servant, has an allegiance to you.

As a Citizen, you are only entitled to whatever your sovereign grants to you.  You have no  rights.  If you wish to do something that would be otherwise illegal, you must apply for a license giving you special permission.  If there is no license available, and if there is no specific permission granted in the statutes, then you must apply for special permission or a waiver in order to do it.  You only allegiance is to your sovereign (the government), and that allegiance is mandated by your sovereign's law (the government, though not absolutely sovereign, is sovereign relative to you if you claim to be a citizen of the sovereign.

The framers of our Constitution wanted us to be our own sovereigns not peasants serving a tyrannical master.  They wanted us to be self governing noblemen.

We have given up our right of ascension.  While we turned a blind eye, the very people we entrusted to safeguard our sovereignty usurped our position and appointed themselves noblemen and princes - the rulers of the land.  And we were relegated to Citizens rather than Sovereigns.

The thatch is burning and the noblemen sit astride fierce mounts demanding obeisance from cowering peasants.  We have been thrust into the darkness.

Now is the time for you to decide.  Are you a Citizen or a Sovereign?


  1. Enola,

    (captaincrunch again)

    I would say the thorn in my side is property taxes. If a person owns a property and its already paid for, why should a person keep paying tax on it year, after year, after year?

    Automobile registration (in Texas) is a another yearly (Tax) that I pay on my vehicle that I find perplexing?

    I can see paying some Taxes for roads, schools etc. However, my taxes keep going up and the local and state policiticians keep asking for more money for things and projects that make no sense???

    I think its a form of serfdom, paying the masters. At least at this point, we can still "Vote the Masters out"

    1. Good morning CC!

      Property taxes, as well as vehicle taxes, are "supposed" to be used to maintain and improve local infrastructure. Like you said, for roads, schools, fire departments, police, EMS etc. However, I agree with you, in that the reality is much different than it was intended.

      Your taxes (as well as mine) keep going up not just because of inflation, but also because the politicians (even at the state and local level) are addicted to spending and are largely bought and paid for by their major campaign contributors.

      The only answers I have would involve limiting their powers, cutting off their perks and instituting term limits... at every level of government from dog catcher on up. The only way to stop the corruption is to reign them in, unfortunately, I don't see that happening any way short of revolution. I'm not interested in fomenting revolution, so for the time being, I'm also stuck with "Vote the Masters out". It took us decades to get to this point and I suspect it is going to take decades to correct the situation.

      Sorry for the gloomy response, it's just what I believe.

      Have a good weekend everyone!


    2. Dear Captain Crunch;
      You're right. However, at the end of the day, they are still the Landlords and we are still the peasants, even if we elect them ourselves. Only when they live under the laws they enact will we be on common ground.

    3. Enola, (and Mark, aka Navy.91)

      (captaincruch again)

      From what little I know of medieval history, we are much, much better off than peasants of that era. We evan has recourse to expel and prosecute lords (politicians) that actually due work from time to time. However we are on a slippery slope and decending into a form of "Neo Fuedalism"

      I guess all we can do is vote and teach our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be aware of what is happening so they don't wind up actual real serfs with limited means and lifespans. If there is a conspiracy afoot of Global Socialism/Marxism control it will not happen all at once. It will come with a "Happy Face" and not with a Swastika and it will take decades to come full circle.

  2. Over 50% of my property tax goes to welfare. Says it all. Posted.

  3. Spending Other People's Money is always easier..which is what taxes, distilled down, are. Property taxes mean you never truly pay your house/property off. Miss your property tax payment and see how long it is before your place is sold off. In my opinion, any elected official should be limited to two terms-across the board. Why not fund things through a state lottery? That way, it truly is voluntary. To a certain extent, that's done here(Kentucky)-some funding for roads and schools comes from the lottery. Funding through gambling? Better than coercion. I *think* some Southern states get(or used to)some of their money from ABC stores(state run liquor stores).
    Despite what many think, voting them out works often enough to keep doing it.

  4. term limits and mandatory auditing of books every two to four years as well as mandatory purging/auditing of voter registrations etc.. could go a long way to keeping corruption at bay...

    1. "term limits and mandatory auditing of books every two to four years as well as mandatory purging/auditing of voter registrations etc.. could go a long way to keeping corruption at bay"

      Term limits do not work. Look at mexico. they have a one term limit. Politicians promise the world when they are running and then elected solely concentrate on setting up business deals that will enrich them when their term is up. At least in the US our politicians do something their constituents because they want to get elected. the solution is to have a distributed government and have the centralized federal gov irrelevant to our lives except in the case of national war.

  5. How dare you talk this way. People don't talk (or think) this way anymore. At least not in the numbers necessary to secure Liberty. And that is why the "nobles" have won.

    What steps are necessary to regain our Liberty? The intangible nouns: honor, Sacred honor, morality and courage. Once these become more than mere words on a computer screen to our culture, we will have the beginning of the solution.

  6. I am a free man beholding to none - period.
    Seems to me that one of the big problems is that no one (okay, maybe a few) believes in principals. Not taught in school, not endorsed in the home and God forbid, if you were to 'stand on principal' in our society, you are ususally ostricized.
    I keep saying (to add insult to injury) that we do not have property rights (much less a rule of law in this country); at best, we rent our land (even if paid for in full). Proof, stop paying the 'tax' and watch what happens. For us, we have a volenteer fire department, no law enforcement to speak of and our roads (here) suck. State education - New Mexico is close to the bottom of the heap - money down the rat hole.
    Me? Looking and hoping at this point for a reset.

  7. To learn more about how we got out of the Dark Ages, which by the way had more innovation and freedom than under the Roman Empire and were not that "Dark", read The Victory of Reason:

  8. If you live in a rural area you can make a difference in your property taxes. There are lots of people who want to elect someone who wants to cut taxes and has a well thought out plan to do it. I ran for my local government, spent nothing on advertising and lost by a mere 12 votes. Pretty good for a first try with no signs, no newspaper ads, and nobody pulling strings. I did spend the whole election day sitting at the polling site shaking hands and talking with people.

    Even without winning I affected the next years budget. During campaign Q&A I made the local government look bad for their spending habits. They had to drop two of their expensive pet projects. You have to be polite, knowledgeable, and a decent speaker or writer to pull this off, but after last time I know it can be done. $50 spent on some well placed signs could have likely made the difference for me. Getting elected for state and federal offices is near impossible, but at the local level a little grassroots footwork can go a long way.