Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Deal Alert/Book Review

A number of months ago I was sent a book to review called "A Simply Homemade Clean".  The author sent it to me thinking it might be up my alley and I must admit, it was - however, it was buried under a pile of other books awaiting reviews and only recently made it's way to the top of the pile.

Wow!  This book is a must have!  Not only does it address the needs of folks who want to simply their lives, it is also a necessary reference book for a prepared family.  "A Simply Homemade Clean" strips away the unnecessary fluff of commercially produced cleaners and directs people to look to their kitchen cupboards for everything they need to clean their homes, their clothes and their bodies.  Not only are the ideas presented in this book simple they are incredibly economical.

Just to give you a little taste - here is a bit about "A Simply Homemade Clean"...

Simplify. Save Money.
Two things that seem pretty elusive these days, huh? Not so!
Would you like to rid your home of commercial, toxic products but don’t want to pay the price for the ‘all natural’, ‘organic’ products that line the shelf? Learn to make your own! Create everything from your own laundry soap, to homemade dryer sheets, antibacterial spray cleaners, potpourri blends, fabric softeners, calendula salve, homemade ‘Vaseline,’ handcrafted Eucalyptus Chest Rub . . . even tips for the outside of the homestead and much more!
A must have for those looking not only to simplify, but to cut that grocery bill down, create a healthier environment for our families, and revive the art of making our own!
A Simply Homemade Clean eBook is available now through August 31st for just 99 cents!!
If we knew how to make our own cleaning products to replace the toxic, commercial ones . . . would we? Would we put forth the effort required?
The desire to make my own products stemmed from the frugal, self reliant side of me. I wanted simple; homemade; natural. Remember the definition of simple is NOT ‘easier.’ Living “simply” in our times, means making a deliberate choice to differ from the mainstream of today’s societal norm. My desire changed over to sheer determination, when one of my children was diagnosed with a myriad of allergies, chemical sensitivities, and asthma. After much study and research, we were determined that we could not have those products in our home, they are useless (when God has provided all we need to make our own) and harmful to everyone in our home. Join me, as I show you how to easily make your own natural, homemade, handcrafted products that are not only less expensive but truly better for our families, our home and God’s Creation.

Now comes the Good Deal part of this review.  "A Simply Homemade Clean" was originally $10.95 (softcover)  and is now being offered for 99 cents (ebook/PDF download) through August 31st!  It is worth every bit of $10.95 so 99 cents is more than a screaming deal.  You can get a copy of the book by visiting HomesteadOriginals.com or clicking on this link.

This book is essential for your preparedness/simplicity library - and now, with the price drop, is a perfect time to buy.


  1. This book sounds good. I recently purchased and read The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier. It is the same kind of book and was $10.95 and I got it on sale for $7.50 from the Bulk Herb Store. I am making my list of things to get to augment what I already have and as I finish up my boughten cleaners, I will make the switch to homemade. You certainly cannot go wrong for 99 cents though. HMMM...maybe two books would not be a bad idea. They might have different ideas. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for sharing - can't beat the price.

  3. I've been making my own laundry soap for over a year and love it, lately started using a lot of vinegar & baking soda to clean in the kitchen instead of chemicals, so of course I had to get this! It's terrific -- thank you for letting me know!

  4. I bought this yesterday. I really appreciate the info on essential oils; I've been wanting to incorporate e-oils into our lives more. On the flip side though, is a critique. I will admit I have not read the entire PDF file yet, but in the part I have read there seems to be a lot of repeat information - on the same page even! I feel I wil get MUCH more than .99 cents worth of information, but the repeat info surprised me. I would still tell people to buy it, just with a warning.