Sunday, January 22, 2012

Naturally Cozy Factory Tour & Coming Soon

I have long neglected the Naturally Cozy website.  It was definitely due for a face lift.  I still have a little work to do (I will be offering different colored snaps on the panty liners versus different colored threads) and I need to update some of the Paypal buttons.

We had a lot of fun choosing new pictures and the Tour gives you a really good idea of what we do and were we work.  The Factory Tour is a slide show, so it make take a little while to load on your computer.  You'll have to let me know what you think!

Coming Soon!

We are also in the process of expanding our offerings at Naturally Cozy.  Miss Calamity is making hot water bottle covers that we will be offering either by themselves or with a hot water bottle.  Tea Cozies will finally make it on our web page, hopefully in a number of different patterns.  And for those of you who sew, I found the  most wonderful thread holders.  These holders are made of cast iron and metal, unlike the plastic ones you find at your local fabric store.  They are wonderful and very affordable.  In the near future, we plan on offering cloth diapers not only for babies but for adults as well.  We need to be prepared for everything!

Miss Calamity's Comfy Cozy
(Hot Water Bottle Cover)
Tea Cozy
Thread stand
Cast iron base


  1. Greetings, Enola! Just watched the tour slideshow. It was great! My favorite part was the gymnasium! I love it!! :-) And I did see a very nice grain mill! Do you grind all your own flour? Or make the slaves do it? Haha! Anyway, nice job on the slideshow! And nice job on the napkins! They are soooo comfy!

    ~K.B.G. (from PA)

  2. Hey, just thought I'd share this idea... I wanted a place close to the "throne" for my Naturally Cozy washable napkins. So, I chose some fabrics (from my bin of quilting scraps) to match my bathroom and made a simple bag (about 12" x 15"). I attached a small handle to each side of the top of the bag, kind of like a tote bag. Then, I walked on down to the hardware store, bought a sticky hook, came home, stuck the hook to the side of the "throne" tank, and hung my brand new napkin bag right there! It's cheap (only had to spend a few cents for the hook), very convenient, and it looks pretty, too! :-) Such pretty pads deserve a pretty place to be kept! Have a blessed day!


  3. i make those hot water bottle covers too and sell them at a art/craft mall booth...they were not selling well until i started including a muslin bag inside of each cover that was filled with anything that can be microwaved..of course, the customer who knows what a hot water bottle is has the option of using one inside the cover. i like your tea cozy. another thing that sells very well here in our little area of n.e. miss. are crocheted dish/wash cloths....folks just love the ones i make beccause i use a very small hook and stitch when making them..real quality cotton thread too. and here lately, i have noticed increase in sales of my churchlady reversible aprons..maybe some are beginning to get the idea of being prepared.

  4. Enola,
    I'd love to own a hot water bottle with an inner shell of buckwheat hulls or rice to keep the warm or cold temperature longer.

    And I really like that thread holder! It looks very solid and sturdy and can hold the larger cones of thread in place. I could use a couple of them for keeping cotton cording clean and upright when I am crocheting dual threads.

    I am so excited that you also will start offering the tea cozies.

    Do you think perhaps you'll be adding full cover lined aprons with huge pockets to your line? It is so hard to find an apron that you can use the bottom skirt of the apron to pull pans out of the oven with, and stack and carry a dozen of eggs from the hen house, in the full skirt! I wear them ALL the time.
    I'll probably get laid to my eternal rest in an apron!


  5. Enola,
    What a great idea to branch out a little - especially with things you already use every day. I just love Miss Calamity's bag cover! And thank you for the tour! I love all the "our life in pictures" that you post. :)

    Would you be willing to share where you get your tags? I make purses and tote bags and have been needing to order something similar to sew inside. Thanks so much. Best of luck to you on your business 'expansion!'

    Lisa (