Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love the new "reply" button in the comment section.  It is wonderful being able to reply directly to a specific comment.  However, I have noticed that some folks are getting a little snarky.  Don't.  This is not the place to tear one another down.  We are going to need each other in the future.  We may not all think alike and we may wear our preparedness efforts differently, but we would be much better served by finding the common thread that binds us together.  You readers are an intelligent, well-healed bunch.  I have the sneaking suspicion that we really see the same train coming down the tracks.  We might have different opinions for dealing with the train, but we all recognize the problems.

Let's be kind to one another.  My children must speak with kindness on their tongues, or not at all.  How much more responsible are we than children?  I love hearing from all of you - many of you make me think of things I have never considered before - but please, don't attack each other.  We are in this together.


  1. I'm in. If you build it (finished item or pre-made kit), I will buy it. If in three sizes, probably the mid or large size. And thanks for all the great postings.
    ---Old Cold Warrior

  2. I agree wholeheartedly!

  3. I agree. Keep up the good work Enola. If you ever catch me, give me a good smack aside the head ;)


  4. Common courtesy doesn't seem to be so common anymore, does it?