Monday, July 18, 2011

Radio Free Redoubt

Map of the American Redoubt

For those of you who haven't heard, Radio Free Redoubt has come to an internet address near you!  Radio Free Redoubt is a fledgling internet based radio broadcast geared toward equipping people in the Redoubt states (as defined and coined by the folks over at Survivalblog) with news, information and practical help for the coming crash.  Hosted by John Jacob Schmidt, the show is well thought out, researched and entirely gripping.  Truthfully, it is a little erie to hear a broadcast that sounds like is should be in World War II Europe rather than 21st Century America.  

You can listen to Radio Free Redoubt every Sunday evening or, if you miss their live broadcast, you can listen anytime on the Bean Pod player located on their website.  I highly recommend listening in - there may come a time when Radio Free Redoubt is the only light in the darkness.


  1. Thanks for the link


  2. I listened in on Sunday. Anya, I hope I am spelling her name correctly, if not Anya forgive me. She gave a sparkling review/critique of your book,
    The Prepared Family Guide to Uncommon Diseases.

    I have to also give it a two thumbs up!
    It's a fantastic compilation of diseases that we have been fortunate to have repressed by either vaccination, or by eradication due to our good hygiene practices here in the US and Canada.

    I fear however that if and when we undergo either a Bio-terrorist event or our healthcare system that becomes too lax, or a TEOTWAWKI event that breaks down our processing of clean potable water or sewerage treatment plants, or a contagion brought into the country from a third world country, or if we have a new strain of virulence that mutates, we will be victims of these old world diseases again.

    Many of these diseases do not have "cures" once you're infected or become a carrier. The book provides quick, well organized, accurate information on symptoms, treatments, as well as a compendium of information on medications, medical treatment recipes, equipment, and supplies that every home should keep at hand.

    Kudos Enola to a job well done!

  3. I gotta check it out. One thing though. Instead of one Redoubt, how some people start others. Maybe it will spread and maybe we can vote like minded politicians in and prevent all the potential gloom and mutant zombie biker stuff from happening. We can balance the national budget, pay off the chinease and pull our troops away from wars that other peoples business and place them on the southern border to keep the drugs out.

    we can still save this country by voting out the garbage and voting in patriots.

  4. I thought it was interesting in a previous week JJS mentioned that most of his listeners were outside the Redoubt.

  5. Thanks for the pointer! I just downloaded all the podcasts as MP3's so I can listen to them while driving to and from work, out for a walk or gardening, etc. so I am not tied to my computer. I am definitely outside the Redoubt. 8-)

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  6. Radio Free Redoubt seems like a big up and coming resource to stay informed and up to date with everthing things involving prepardness, staying aligned with the word, and being a patriot. Thanks Radio Free Redoubt!