Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Night Watch

Years ago there was a Sci-fi show called Babylon 5.  It was full of your typical aliens and humans trying to coexist within the confines of a strategically located space station.  While rife with intergalactic conflict, this show had a particularly political bend.  The first and second season simmered with treachery under the surface but by the third season the treachery reached epic proportions.  The earth government instituted a newly formed department (as a subsidiary of the executive branch) called the "Night Watch".  Their sole mission was to encourage citizens to inform on one another.  They were told to report "suspicious" behavior, ideological "differences" or anything "out of the ordinary".  They were encouraged to take their suspicions to the authorities so that the authorities could further investigate their "traitorous" activities. They said "you might not recognize sedition, but we will". The Night Watch reduced law abiding citizens into suspected terrorists.

Sir Knight and I watched Babylon 5 saying "never would the United States of America tolerate such Gestapo tactics! Our people would never turn on each other like that!".  It seems that we were sadly mistaken.  Our very own government, under the head of The Department of Homeland Security, has begun their very own Night Watch.  DHS calls their version "See Something, Say Something", but it is the same soul stealing program implemented by freedom grabbing regimes throughout time.

DHS wants you to tattle on your neighbor.  The current political climate encourages us to see a terrorist under every rock, a murderer in every shopping mall.  Maybe, if we all turn on each other, we won't notice our freedoms being being systematically dismantled by those sworn to protect them.  Maybe, if you tell on me, they won't come after you.  Ya, that worked out really well for Nazi sympathizers, too.


  1. In the movie "Star Wars", Princess Leia says to the evil Govenor Tarkin. "The harder you squeeze your fist, the more systems (solar systems) will fall through your fingers.

    The same thing is happening here. The more invasive the homeland security becomes in our daily lives, the more unpopular the politicians in Washington become.

    Vote them out in 2012, like we did in 2010.
    We need to sweep out the Senate and get new president on January, 20, 2013.

  2. How do we do that when Fearless Leader has as much as 42% approval? I feel that is too high for a sweep.

  3. When my children were in grade school, teachers wanted students to tell them if their parents smoked, drank alcohol, or did drugs. Supposedly, this was so teachers knew which students to more stridently indoctrinate to not use these things. I had to sit my children (and their friends) down and teach them about loyalty, and who was owed loyalty. God first, family second, friends and neighbors third, king last.

    By the way, Homeland Security (American Gestapo) has recently posted that white American Males are the most likely potential for terrorist activities. WE are now officially the enemy of our own government.

  4. Then there is this:

    Will it never end?


  5. they had signs posted at our local walmart for the Dept. Homeland defense a while ago with the info that you mentioned. I was mortified when I saw them and would not shop there until the signs came down. We are a rural farming area in NY..... so we do have excess fertilizer that just may fall into the wrong hands...... riiiiiiight.

  6. My question is how many jobs will this create? How much more of my tax dollars will it take? It makes me sick.

  7. "He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." Thomas Paine, First Principles of Government

  8. Yeah! Right! Just how many of us are willing to be stoolpigeons for the likes of Janet the Paranoid forget the Constitution Nappy?? I have trouble with the concept even for people I witness doing totally irresponsible things like drinking and driving.

    Those that do not remember their history are doomed to repeat it. Where have I heard that before???

    How often do I hear the words "But, I'm just doing my job." Does nobody else remember how far that got the defendants at the Nuremburg Trials?


  9. Who do I call about a power-hungry government? Who do I call when the president acts like a dictator and king? Who do I call when I want to report a Homeland Security secretary who is as dumb as a doughnut and not nearly as useful?

    Has anybody else noticed that the prez calls the congressmen by their first names while they all call him Mr. President or President Obama? What's that all about? He treats people like they are inferior, not his peers.

    People voted for "hope and change" in 2008. I hope they change in 2012.

    NoCal Gal

  10. Went to a continuing education seminar.In WV. Fusion center's are looking for a few good people, to just be aware of their visit's they asked for first responders 100 of them to start Firefighters,Emt's,Police,Hams any one in home health and nursing fields, social workers health dept. inspectors to volunteer that might be at a home visit or business.
    personally felt this was a major privacy violation. as to the tactics they are setting up. There are several Fusion Centers in each state and just getting started. Thank you for shinning more light.

  11. Americans did this in the past. Once upon a time you were encouraged to report any suspicious Communist activity.
    At the high level reporting suspicious activity is reasonable. Unfortunately the opportunity for abuse at the individual level is vast.
    Freedom vs Security