Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A plea for help

I recently received this email from a reader in Brazil.  He had emailed me previously and asked for permission to print and hand out copies of my blog post entitled "Angry Young Men".

I sometimes forget how blessed we are, even in the face of our current social uncertainty, to live in the United States.  This young fathers email laid me low.  I have been called to action - and that action is prayer!


God bless you, my sister in Christ Jesus. I enjoyed your message and the kindness with which I answered. But today, I am very sad and my heart be disturbed. I come to you today to ask for advice. This, here in Brazil, by law MUST parents put their children in public schools. Though public school is violent, pornographic and immoral, parents SHOULD, anyway, put their children in those schools. This is a "right" that our government requires us to accept. I ask you: should I take my children from these schools and educate them at home even though I may be arrested? What do I do? Frankly, I'm wanting to do that. WhyLet me explain.Now Read an excerpt from a story that tells what our government intends to do (please read) with our children:

Homophobia kit: booklet will teen transvestite (HOMOSEXUA

"Six thousand schools will receive a kit of educational materials consist of videos, booklets and newsletters approach to the universe of gay youths. In the video Finding Bianca, a teenager of 15 years is presented as José Ricardo, the name given by his father, who was a football fan. The boy, however, appears characterized as a girl, as an example of a young transvestite. In his report, the boy says he likes to be called Bianca, because it is the name of your favorite actress and complains that teachers insist on calling him Ricardo José in time for the call.".  source:

Now see this video:

the man speaking is a great defender of Christian principles. And he was the one that condemned the government's willingness to distribute the kits called gay. Please find someone who speaks Portuguese or try to translate the message.

Please Help me and help us, brazilians. I question: 
and now what do I do? Need to protect my children.
I hope your news.


  1. I have seen this a few times during my travels overseas. I have been asked to help teach technology and math classes since in many cases the parents do not have the skills to teach the subject and they fear that if they try to seek out others who can help them they will be discovered and arrested.

    The courage these people show in risking everything to do right by their children is amazing and inspiring and causes me look at some people in this country, who do not cherish what they have, with disdain.

    Thank you for sharing this and I will add my prayers to yours.

    Always in His service,


  2. That is indeed heart-breaking. I've been to Brazil and I was so thankful to return to a country where pornograph (though sadly, very easily accessible) is not out in the open to see weather you want to or not. I'm not kidding! In the city, there was no where that was not in sight of a news stand and the outside of each news stand was completly covered with pornogaphy. If it were up to me, I would either move or risk (carefully) prison to keep my kids out of schools where they are teaching those kinds of things. California is teaching similar material, now, but public school attendance is not mandatory.

    So often lately I find myself shaking my head asking, "what is this world coming to?"

    Thank you for sharing this brother's plea for help. I'm not sure what we can do besides pray, but we can do that, and I certainly will.

    You may encourage him that he has brothers and sisters praying for him, and our hearts are with him.

    Gracie Wray

  3. I am also praying - for this man, his family, and his country.


  4. This is a travesty, but it isn't a surprise. Christians have been, and will continue to be, persecuted by the state - whether in Brazil or Saudi Arabia or Iran or Cuba, etc. This is exactly why a strong foundation of Christianity must be provided at home, before children go off to school, so that come-what-may, the children can withstand the government's onslaught.

    This man has 3 choices, from what I can tell. He can risk being arrested (which will have its own negative impact on his children) and keep them out of school, or he can send his kids to school and pray they don't get too tainted by the curriculum, or he can move out of Brazil. I suspect the third option is what he'll choose.

    Enola, please keep us updated if you hear from this man again.

    NoCal Gal

  5. There are private schools in Brazil, including various religious orgs.

  6. I have two fall back on the "old testament" for this one. Sodom and Gomorrah were struck down for there "Diversity"
    If our entire planet goes this way, will it be "struck down" as well.

  7. My parents were Baptist missionaries in various parts of Brazil for over 35 years. I attended
    Catholic (in Portuguese language) and Protestant (in English) schools during my sixteen years in Brazil. There are many good and traditional private schools in that country.Please let the e-mailer know he should contact the local Protestant school leaders, who WILL find a way to educate his children in a God-fearing way.


  8. how about contacting HSLDA and see if they can help out in any way?