Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maid Elizabeth

Oh, how the family of God humbles me so!  So many people have emailed or left comments on my post about Maid Elizabeth getting ready to head to the Philippines to serve in a Missionary compound as a midwife that we have been overwhelmed.  The generosity of God's children is amazing and we feel so undeserving - but His plan is perfect, and Maid Elizabeth will humbly accept the blessings you have offered.

If any of you feel called to help Maid Elizabeth reach her goals (and please, don't feel compelled unless God lays it upon your heart!) please email me privately so that we can touch bases.  Maid Elizabeth would like to have a chance to thank each of you personally, and write you to tell you how God is using you and her to serve His children in the Philippines.

My email is located by clicking on my "About Me" section on the left-hand side of my blog.    Please know that your kindness has so encouraged Maid Elizabeth and has ministered greatly to this young lady.

Thank you, dear friends.

Enola Gay


  1. That is such a great photo of the scene with Maid Elizabeth and her little siblings.

    I'll be contacting you, Enola, but not right away. I want to contribute, but must wait awhile.

    NoCal Gal

  2. Dear NoCal Gal;

    Thank you is not adequate. I, too, love that picture. It is the epitome of our life as a family. We will miss our girl.


  3. It is so exciting to hear her plans. May God continue to bless her and protect her.