Monday, December 27, 2010

And so, we let go....

Maid Elizabeth is leaving us.  Not forever, just for now.  She has been training to be a midwife of and on for the last four years.  Last spring, she was given the opportunity to apply to a missionary group in the Philippines that serves the local population with prenatal and birth care free of charge.  She, along with a group of other apprentice midwives applied in September and just last week, were notified of their acceptance.

What should have been a day of great celebration turned into a day of mixed emotions and frustration.  Maid Elizabeth, with a great desire to go and serve, had to make decisions regarding her willingness to deal with airport security, and being out of country with such uncertainty surrounding our country and the rest of the world.  After praying and crying and ultimately talking to her daddy, she decided that she would plan on pursuing what she believe God has called her to.  Maid Elizabeth is going to the Philippines.

She will be gone for three months (leaving May 31st and returning August 31st).  She will be taking shifts giving prenatal care and birth care.  She should be present at between 25 and 30 births a week, some as an assistant and some as primary caregiver.  She will live in a dormitory with the other apprentice midwives and will usually work about 60 to 80 hours a week.

At this point, Maid Elizabeth is in "hurry up and get everything done" mode.  She has money to raise (airfare, lodging and in-country expenses) and skills to learn (suturing, taking blood, setting IV's....) and certifications to keep current (EMT, neonatal resuscitation) before she leaves.  She is excited, scared, thrilled and terrified all at once.

As her parents, Sir Knight and I are very proud of her.  We have also realized how hard it is to let our little girl go.  We know that she is God's, and that He has always held her in the palm of his hand, but to actually let her go is something else entirely.  Our faith will grow, as will her's.

And so, we let go....


  1. How thrilling! Congratulations to Maid Elizabeth and the proud parents who raised her. My fabulous midwife did her internship in the Phillipines as well, and has done a simply stellar job attending the births of four of our children--we couldn't have asked for more. Please do keep us updated on her new adventure.

    Birdy in CA

  2. Maid Elizabeth will do well. Her willingness to help others is admirable. Her 3-month odyssey will be a very big learning experience for her in so many ways. She's probably going to be too busy to get homesick.

    Her mom and dad, on the other hand, will probably worry and fret, and 3 months will feel like 3 years. You raised her well, Enola, so she'll be able to take care of herself - she's got the prepper mental attitude, remember??!!

    She may want to fill her luggage with rolls of toilet paper. I hear there isn't much TP in the Philippines, although I have not been there myself - merely going on hearsay.

    If I were her mom, I'd probably not let her go, but that would be wrong for everybody involved. (Good thing I never had children.) I wish her well.

    NoCal Gal

  3. Praying for your Maid Elizabeth, and all of you as you watch her go be such a servant to so many! What a blessing she will be to those she ministers to. How much more will the people she ministers to, in turn, minister to her and teach her more than she could ever dream! What an opportunity. Praying that the Lord would go before her, make the path right for her and clear. Protection for her as she travels so far from home. So much to pray for...but ultimately that she will be the tool that the Heavenly Father needs in that part of the world, even if it is just for one person to be touched, the trip will be so worth it!

  4. Oh, to be young and free again. To be called of the Lord to a life of service is so high an honor. Prayers for her, and her family.

    Just this past week I happened to be talking with my Filipina sister-in-law about personal issues such as toileting. She revealed that they have long-handled cups to cleanse themselves, no paper at all. Perhaps that information will be helpful.

  5. My daughter is still young, but I have often prayed for the strength and wisdom to let go when she is ready. I am praying for Maid Elizabeth on her journey and for her parent's peace.


  6. Be sure to let us know if there will be a way for us to contribute to her expenses.

    God bless,


  7. She will do just wonderful I am sure. Blessings on her as she serves the Lord.
    May your mother heart be comforted at this time of preparation for your daughter.

  8. I,too, would like to be able to contribute. What a wonderful experience! My son and his wife went on a missions trip of sorts (to Africa as part of a medical team -he is a family med doc and his wife assisted him). It brought them tremendous blessings and changed their lives being able to help in this way. Blessings of mercy and grace to your sweet daughter-may the Lord provide all she needs and more than she can ask or think! My prayers are with you, too-having had most of my children (6)move here and there for long periods of times for different reasons, I am familiar with some of what you are going through. It does help to remember that our heavenly Father loves our children even more than we do! And He will be all-sufficient for all of you during this time. Though my heart breaks each time one of them leaves, I just tell them it's a new adventure the Lord has them on and we always manage to go through it one day at a time. Before you know it, she will be home again:)
    It's amazing how the Lord directs our hearts to follow His will and it all works together for good!!praying for you all, Mary

  9. How proud I am for you. How frightened I am for you. How young she seems to me, to be so far from home. My own children are grown, and moved away, but they are at least all close. (Within a few days drive.) To imagine them so far from me makes my heart go out to you. To let her go is so brave!

  10. My eldest is but 14, so I have a little while before facing separation. How strong of you to trust her to the Lord! I hope I can be as strong when my daughters time to 'leave the nest' comes! Prayers going heavenward for you and her!

  11. If there would be a way (PayPal account, mail drop, or something) for those who wished to donate I would be glad to help in a small way. I know your desire for opsec and respect that, but there has to be a way to do this. Maybe a friend could receive for you?

  12. Hi,
    Where in the Philippines she is going? Is going as part of a ministry that is already down there? I'm looking into also going to the Philippines this summer for a midwifery internship and I'm very interested to hear more about hers!
    Miriam True

  13. Miriam,

    Maid Elizabeth here. I am going to Davao City, there is a school down there that is all set up and accepts intern level midwifes during the summer months. They are accepted by NARM and the births will count for my certification.

    I would be happy to talk to you about it. Email me through my mom and we can talk!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Joan of Arc

  14. You also mentioned Elizabeth's worries about airport security... could you comment a bit about how she handled that? My family feels called to adopt a little boy in China with special needs, but I am extremely apprehensive about the TSA pat down and/or camera "strip search" so widely talked about in the media. Or should one just suck up and deal with the "crummy" parts of doing as you are called???