Monday, November 8, 2010

Oat Dinner Rolls

One of my very favorite dinner roll recipes was given to me by my friend Lady Day.  They are called Oat Dinner Rolls, and so packed with flavors and textures, they are positively addictive!  The rolls are chuck full of oats and sweetened with brown sugar, which lends a full, rich flavor.  They have a very soft, moist crumb which is only improved when slathered with soft butter.

Usually, I bake them one right next to each other, but today, I used a new pan scavenged for me by Maid Elizabeth.  I cut crosses in the tops and baked them as individual rolls giving them wonderfully, crusty tops.  They are perfect with soup, salad or anything were warm rolls are welcome!

Oat Dinner Rolls

2 1/2 C. Water (divided)
1 C. Oats (I use thick cut rolled oats)
2/3 C. Brown Sugar
3 T. Butter
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
2 T. Yeast
5 - 6 C. Flour

  1. Boil 2 cups of water.  
  2. Stir in oats and simmer.
  3. Add sugar, butter, salt and rest of water.
  4. Cool.
  5. Stir in yeast - let sponge.
  6. Add flour, 1 cup at a time.
  7. Put dough in lightly greased bowl. 
  8. Cover with a towel and let rise in a warm place.
  9. Punch down, let rise until almost double.
  10. Punch down again.
  11. Shape into rolls.
  12. Let rise until almost double.
  13. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.
  14. Oh - I always at least double this recipe!!!
Oats just added to boiling water

Just added the brown sugar and butter

On the first rising

Making the crosses
Ready to go into the oven

Enjoy these rolls fresh from the oven, or they will keep well for a number of days, staying moist and fresh tasting.  

There is nothing quite so satisfying as warm rolls on a cold winter night.  Enjoy!


  1. ohhhh yummmo I will be making these for sure.. I bet they will be good with a big bowl of hot thick What kind of pan is that? Just a regular muffin tin?
    Ps..Biscuts??? :)

  2. Whole wheat flour?

  3. Can't wait to try these. I grind my wheat (15 year old Whisper Mill on its last legs). I'm guessing you would use a hard wheat (White or Red)?

    Thanks & God Bless,
    another N. Idaho mom

  4. I found a candle mold at an antique store today! It feels like it's made out of tin or aluminum - very lightweight. Is that what yours is like?

    They want $45 for it - and have a print out from ebay or somewhere showing it for $80, I guess to justify their price.

    Is $45 a good price?


  5. GertyGoose;
    The pan is actually a muffin top pan that was used by our local grocery store when muffin tops were all the rage. It works well for French rolls and other rolls though!

    I was lazy and didn't grind any grain and just used plain old unbleached flour.

    Another N. Idaho mom;
    Yes, I use either hard red, hard white or golden 86 when I grind for yeast breads!

    My candle mold is light also. It looks like galvanized tin. It depends on how big the mold is and what kind of shape it is, but I would sure think that $45 is a good price. Have fun molding candles. I love it!


  6. I'm in the process of making those rolls right now- I'm wondering if the dough is a "sticky" dough? After the first rising when I punch it down the dough sticks to my hands. I let it rise the second time and the same thing happened. So I added another cup of flour to see if that might help. I don't think I can form the rolls with my dough as it is. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. If your dough is super sticky, by all means, add enough flour to make a pliable dough that is not too sticky and is workable. I like my dough to be a little sticky (I just oil my hands - it makes a nice, soft roll), however, you have to have enough flour so that the rolls have enough gluten to form properly! I hope these turn out wonderfully for you!


  7. So, are you allowing enough time to cook the oats when you say "simmer"? I use a rolled 5 grain cereal instead of oats in all my recipes. I buy it in 50 lb sacks and it adds a great amount of flavor. Cooks fast too.