Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Blessings of Providence

God multiplies blessings upon blessings in our family.  We had the great joy of having my folks up for Thanksgiving.  The weather was cold and frightful, but our shouse was cozy, full of laughter and filled with blessings.  We reveled in the blessings of our family and our faith.  We thanked God for the ability to gather together, to pray and to enjoy one more Thanksgiving with blessed abundance.

Our stuffing in the "outdoor fridge"

Getting ready to put the extra stuffing in
the oven (yes, Mom brushed the snow
off first!)

Taking the turkey out of the oven

We made everything in our wood cookstove
this Thanksgiving.  Use it, use it, use it!
A thankful family gathering to pray
The aftermath!

We thank God every day for the abundance He has blessed us with and we pray that He will give us the wisdom to be good stewards of this abundance.

1 comment:

  1. Is that a surplus 50mm ammo box that Master Calvin is sitting on? :)

    I'm so glad your parents were able to spend Thanksgiving with you this year. Norman Rockwell could have used your Thanksgiving as the model for his paintings.

    NoCal Gal