Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Introducing....The Flash Draw

One day last week, I spent the afternoon helping my wonderful friend, Lady Day, design a website for her home business.   

About a year and a half ago, Lady Day went on the hunt for the perfect concealed carry (CC) holster.  She looked at all of the options - the purse, the shoulder holster, the fanny pack, ITW (inside the waist band) and anything else she could think of.  Some of the options worked some of the time, but there was no "universal" CC holster that worked most all the time.  

My friend, as her name would imply, is a Lady in the truest sense of the word.  She is petite, feminine and favors long flowered skirts and lovely blouses.  None of the CC holster she found were compatible with who she is.  Many skirts don't have waistbands that accept belts, so the ITW holsters were out.  A fanny pack is a little to "hippy" for a Lady (and everyone knows your packing), and a purse holster is cumbersome, heavy on one side and can be snatched, gun and all.

Lady Day went in search of something better.  Her search led her to an on the body, "bra style" holster that is worn under your clothes.  She found out that sometimes, if you can't find what you are looking for, you have to make your own.  After wearing her new holster for a couple of months, she decided that she could improve it even more.  Noticing wear and rust on her pistol where the fabric touched her skin, she added PUL, a thin waterproof fabric (used in cloth diapers) to protect the firearm.  She improved the straps, making them removable so that when they become stretched from the weight of the gun, they could be easily replaced.

The Naturally Concealed holster (with the Smith & Wesson)
Then, she made one for me!  It is outstanding!  I had carried my handgun in my purse for years, and had often complained about how heavy it was.  I carry a medium (steel) framed automatic that is quite heavy, however, when I started using the new holster, I hardly noticed it was there.  I can go to town, drive around all day, put away groceries, and never even notice a gun strapped to my chest.

Now you see it...
Now you don't!
After much encouragement from her many adoring fans (she also made a holster for Maid Elizabeth) we have convinced her she needs to make this carry option available to the masses.

I encouraged Lady Day to name her new holster "The Flash Draw".  My theory was, you would flash the bad guy, and while he was standing there gawking, you could shoot him.  You would flash and then draw!  But, oh, no!  As I said, my dear friend is a Lady.  She chose the much more sedate name "Naturally Concealed".  And, in reality, you don't flash anyway - the handgun is accessed through the top of your shirt or blouse or discreetly underneath.  But I really thought my name was better.

Regular straps
Criss-Cross for extra support
Lady Day's holster design is very accommodating for many different handguns.  She carries a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum and I carry an HK P7M8 with equal ease.  Some ladies have been able to carry a full size, large frame, automatic (although the holster must be slightly larger to accommodate).

If any of you are in the market for a great, handmade (to perfection) holster - I would more than encourage you to check out Naturally Concealed!

The HK and Smith & Wesson being cozy


  1. What a great idea. The holster is completely concealed and you still look nice. I visit and in the Ladies section, there are many looking for such an item. I don't know how to link stuff from one blog to a site or anything like that, but I bet you could mention it over there and get many orders for Christmas. I would order one, but I am not CCW and am not really sure I want to be on that list. I would rather just carry. Of course, that is a whole other topic.

  2. Great Idea!

    I pass on this holster to some female friends of mine. More women should learn to use and carry firearms, there would be fewer sexual assults.
    My choice for a carry weapon is the 1911 .45. Only problem is its like carrying a brick. I live in Texas so state laws favor the gun owner.

  3. I hink that just carrying a firearm makes you less of a target. There is an air about an armed woman that isn't the same as an unarmed woman. You certainly don't have "victim" written on your face, even if no one can see you're packing. Since I've been carrying, I know that my whole being gives a different message and it has affected the way I think about people and situations I come into contact with. I carry in my waistband, and my holster is very comfortable, but I wouldn't mind having other options, like this one.

    Gracie Wray

  4. Okay, doesn't this make the barrel point directly at the wearer's body parts??? Even if your midsection is nice and flat and petite like the model above (instead of plentiful like some of us moms of many), when you sit down, it will point directly at the wearer.

    Just not comfortable with that! In my training, you ONLY point at what you intend to destroy (holstered or not).

    Don't mean to rain on anyone's parade. :>

  5. This holster would not work for me because I have too many rolls of adipose tissue (fat) that would get in the way. But I like the concept, and I especially like the fact that a woman is involved in the design and manufacture of the holster. Your friend is to be commended for her ingenuity. I hope she sells a million of them.

    NoCal Gal

  6. When I saw that post I immediately showed my wife. She's been struggling to find a good way to carry. I think if you market this and come up with some variations you will indeed have a hit on your hands! We'll be buying one as soon as funds permit.

  7. i like the "flash and draw" name but naturally concealed is cool too. any woman who carries heat oughta have one of these! me...i can't hit the side of a barn but i like the added confidence factor of carrying a concealed weapon.

  8. Brilliant! I don't have a gun yet--taking lessons soon, though!--and I will definitely keep this in mind for when I finally start carrying. I know some other ladies who carry, though, and I'll definitely pass the link to her site along to them. Best of luck to her and her new business!

    PS: Just found your blog and am looking forward to having more time to read it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. It's a nice try but how could the gun be drawn safely and quickly if it's under your shirt? I'm sorry it's just not practical.

  10. Crystal;
    It is actually quite effective. I have had one for a number of months and find it to be a very fast draw! You do have to practice, just like any other holster - and it might not be practical with certain articles of clothing, however, for most of what I wear, not only is it perfectly concealed, but I can get my hands on my handgun without anyone noticing. And as far as being drawn safely, if you are experienced with handguns, you will know that this isn't an issue.


  11. Hi there, Ms. Enola.
    I think this is a novel idea, indeed! Just a couple of comments, though. I too immediately thought of how comfortable I feel w/the weapon pointed to my extremities, but then remembered something - why should I worry about that when my gun does not carry a round in the chamber. Because I do have children, I always either have the safety on, or make sure that a round is not actually loaded into the chamber yet (bullets are in clip, but not loaded into chamber yet). When you think of this, then it for me there's no issue w/accidental shootings.

    Also, to Ms. Crystal who is wondering whether it is a fast-enough draw to take the weapon from under her shirt. . . Well, you never saw my grandma whip money outta that area! Guarantee you she could whip anything outta that bra faster than the speed of light. Just sayin'. Carol in GA

  12. in response to anonymous worried about pointing the muzzle at body parts-
    it is always going to point somewhere. There is no holster that doesn't ever point the muzzle at something you don't intend to shoot. And that's okay because it's-
    IN -- A -- HOLSTER.
    and there's no firing going on, no finger near the trigger, it's not ready to fire.

    You're taking somebody's rule of thumb and making it into a commandment.

  13. Clever. One more useful idea. It is always good to have options. As to sometimes sweeping or covering objects not being shot: I carry a Sig Sauer P220 American .45 ACP and/or a Springfield Champion .45 ACP. Whether in a horizontal shoulder rig or on the belt, they always point at something. It is my responsibility to see that they don't shoot anything unintended.

    As to speed of draw, practice. Don't walk around in "condition white" in places you shouldn't. Practice. Know your weapon. Practice. Dress as often as possible to make access easier. Practice. Again, consider options. Practice.

    This looks a lot easier to draw from than an ankle holster or SOB holster. Good idea.

    My wife wants one. She's a busty little thing, and made a comment about maybe her less-endowed sisters might need to consider a different option of carry. I kept my mouth shut. I may be an idiot, but not stupid.

  14. I think it's a great idea, you just have to have the right body frame for it. I weigh about 103 lbs and don't have much difference between my ribcage and my bust so putting my 4" 1911 on my front might look a little weird, as Yardpilot cleverly notes. :)

    The only option that has worked for my small body and my big gun is a belly band. Works great over my diva leggings and under my fru-fru skirts.

    Very creative! A+! I hope that you help more women to become confidently armed.