Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Week in Pictures

A few of our highlights.....

An old pair of rubber boots that I used as planters outside the butcher shop door
(and rendered on a canvas by Maid Elizabeth in the top photo)

Our newly minted Wildland Fire Fighter enjoying a cuppa

After an exhausting week at school....

No longer able to hold herself together!

Freshly un-molded lotion bars...

And Soap

As Dragon Snack gets ready to launch her "Highland Naturals"

And that is our week so far.....but I'm sure there will be more to come!!!


  1. Stay safe Miss Serenity. You are in our prayers.
    Montana Guy and Montana Gal

  2. Is the top photo a painting or an automatic filter? I have similar filters on an app on my phone. I honestly can't tell the difference! If it was painted, it was done by a great talent! :)

    1. It's an automatic filter! Maid Elizabeth wishes she could paint like that!! It sure is fun to be able to automatically romanticize our favorite photos.

  3. So fun to see you posting again. Congrats to both of your girls --one launching a new career and one launching a new business.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  4. Will you let us know when the Highland Naturals are available?

  5. Over 30 years with the Fire service much of it FDNY and only had 1 forest Fire. tough stuff. Best Job in the world. Stay Safe!

  6. Oh, I need some of those lotion bars! Are we going to be able to purchase?
    I can't believe how much the kids have grown and all into such handsome lads and lasses.

  7. I have a few questions:
    Where do you find a ginormous tea pot like that?
    What is the automatic filter?
    Also interested in when Highland Natursls opens will it be sold on this site?

  8. I would like to purchase products also. I am hoping to buy for Christmas gifts. My son is a wildland fireman and it is tough work. May God keep her safe!

  9. Hope your firefighter is safe with all going on in California. Godspeed.