Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Homegrown Winter Fun

For a number of years I have wanted to build an ice skating rink in the back yard so the children could spend their winter gliding across the ice.  This year, after a little planning, a little building, a LOT of water and some seriously cold weather, Miss Serenity and I made our skating rink a reality!

The first thing we did to build our winter wonderland was buy a large tarp, about 25' x 25'.  After we scouted the backyard for a mostly level area, Serenity and I pulled pressure treated 4" x 4" posts off our lumber pile and built a frame to hold the tarp.  We screwed the lumber together to form a 20' x 20' box, arranged the tarp inside of the frame, making sure to push the tarp down to the ground inside of the frame.  After straightening the tarp and making sure it was pushed to the ground inside, we secured it to the frame with a staple gun, making sure there was enough slack so that the tarp didn't rip when we filled it with water.

Miss Serenity sweeping the rink

After a light snowfall
Once our frame was built, Serenity started the generator and we began the process of filling a 20' x 20' x 4" area with water.  That took some time!!!  We filled the rink to about an inch from the top, let the water freeze overnight and topped the rink off with water the next morning.  After freezing all day and all night, the skating rink was ready to use!  The ice was perfect - smooth and clear and solid, just right for pirouettes and speed skating alike!

Master Calvin and Princess Dragon Snack

Getting their skating legs

Little brother is steadying big sister!

Taking a break

Up for more

Getting brave!

After school was finished, Miss Serenity and I started a fire in the fire pit, hauled a bench to the rink and called the kids to their new playground.  Oh the fun they had!  It took a bit for Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin to get their skating legs under them, but they were off and skating before they knew it!  They spent the first few days going around in circles and doing tricks and then out came the hockey gear (and the friends).

Skating with snow falling gently - and a fire glowing!

Practicing a dip

Really getting the hang of it!

Let the hockey begin!
The cold winter has been perfect for skating, and with a skating rink in the back yard, the children have spent hour upon hour gliding through the crisp air.  Perfect homegrown winter fun!

Miss Serenity and I have plans to perfect our skating rink before next winter.  We would like to build a frame that can be easily taken apart in the spring and put back together in the fall.  We would also like to buy a large hay tarp that will last for many years and provide a much larger skating platform.  I can see ice hockey in our future - for many years to come!!

I hope you too, have enjoyed your own version of homegrown winter fun!


  1. Wow! I LOVE it! What an awesome mom!

  2. glad you are back--I have missed your posts. Shadowfaxhound

  3. Our idea of winter fun is to go down to TX and visit with our (grown) boys :>)

    So glad to have you back!

  4. Loved this - reminds me of my childhood - we skated on a similar rink in town and on the lakes when they froze flat - so much fun - we didn't care how cold it was. Nice to see your kids having such a great time.......

  5. How about curling, in addition to your ice hockey?

    Glad you're back. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  6. Sounds really neat. This winter it hasn't frozen here long enough to do anything like that. Chemechie

  7. Very clever. Getting the pond level is not that easy. Well done!

    Wow, I logged in and discovered FOUR new articles. It's Christmas in February!
    Montana Guy