Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Prepper Mandate - Inventory and Organization

What's the difference between a prepper and a hoarder?  Inventory and organization of course!  A preparedness lifestyle requires copious amounts of "stuff", both inside and out.  Pantries overflow with foodstuffs, cupboards are packed to the brim with medical supplies, batteries and radio equipment.  Sheds, barns and garages are filled with tools, vehicles, fuel and every manner of odds and ends that may come in handy "when the balloon goes up". 

One problem that plagues most preppers is organization.  With so much stuff taking over their lives, they struggle to contain it all.  We have found the key to preparedness is painstaking organization.  I regularly inventory and organize everything we have so that in the event of an emergency I can lay my hands on whatever is needed  - immediately.  Really, if you can't find something, you may as well not have it.  

Glove in two sizes

PPE at the ready

Trays for quick access
Recently I inventoried and organized our medical supplies.  Because we live in a small "shouse", I use every square inch to the best of my ability.  In an ongoing attempt to make our shouse work for us I rearranged our bathroom and added a 4 x 6 foot shelving unit to hold all of our medical equipment and, for now, our radios and batteries.   

Our new shelving allows us to organize medical supplies in labeled tubs for easy access and also allows for larger bulk storage.  Within easy reach we have oral hygiene and fever reducers, along with allergy medicine and cough drops.  We have personal protection equipment (gloves, face shields and surgical masks), cold packs, elastic bandages and co-flex, in addition to betadine, alcohol and gauze.  All of the tubs are labeled and easily accessible.  

Tubs of necessities

Easily accessible for every member of the family

Larger bulk items

The shelves go on and on....

Newly rearranged space
As I organized, I also took an inventory of what we had and what we needed.  With young children, we still go through more medical supplies than I care to admit, and never seem to have enough band aides or co-flex.  I've found that taking inventory once a year generally maintains our standard of readiness.  Every spring I inventory medical supplies, followed by food stores in the summer and fuels in the fall.  Every winter I inventory seeds and gardening equipment.  This constant schedule of inventory and organization keeps us well supplied and ready for whatever may come our way.

We keep a trauma tray in the table in the living room.....

For everyday emergencies!
Ultimately, your preps are only as good as their location - if you can't find it, you may as well not have it.  Inventory and organization will not only save you time and money, it may well safe your life.


  1. Excellent post. Thankyou for returning. I have missed you greatly. You are much appreciated. Beth Masontown Pennsylvania

  2. Excellent idea, using a restaurant cutlery tray for your trauma tray. I'll have to peruse the restaurant supplier on Trent, in Spokane for one to do the same.
    I concur, I'm glad you're back. :-)

  3. Oh this engineer loves your organization. "If you can't find something, you may as well not have it." - So true. We are busy building the Homestead and most stuff is stored in boxes at different locations on the property. But Montana Gal maintains an awesome inventory of each numbered box and its location. In minutes she can find what we need.

    Our goal is to eventually bring things together as you have.
    Montana Guy

  4. wow, can see I have a lot of work to do but I love the labelled boxes and trays. no idea why I hadn't thought of this, thank you

  5. Very good points - knowing what you have and where to find it is crucial, especially for medical supplies and other emergency items!
    I have work to do in this area.