Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cultural Paradigm Shift

The equality of men.  That ideal was the hallmark of America.  It was spoken of in hushed tones across Europe and lured men from every corner of the world.  The promise of equality caused men to quit their meager comforts and embark on a journey that could easily cost them their lives.  To be considered an "equal", to own property, to help make laws, to be limited only by their own willingness to work hard - for such a life as this, men were willing to risk everything.  And they did. 

The people that built America came from all backgrounds and walks of life - but the majority had one thing in common - their lot in life.  They had a station and were unable to change it regardless of hard work or circumstances.  The people in positions of power ruled those beneath them, some kindly and some cruelly, but the separation between those in power and those without power was absolute and complete.  The peasant, the regular Joe, was at the mercy of his better.  There was no recourse, no redress.  America promised an evening of the playing field.  Here, you could be whatever you wanted to be - you were ruled by your peers, not your masters.  But it went even further than that.  In America, any man could become a lawmaker.  They could determine the law for their fellow man and then live under the laws they created.  The founders of our country created a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Just the utterance of the word "America" brought hope to the masses.  The downtrodden sought equality and found it in the arms of America.

Slowly, insidiously, our culture has shifted.  Almost imperceptibly we have allowed ourselves to transfer power from the people to the state.  As we slept, cocooned in our comfort and safety, our self-government has slipped away and been replaced by an unforgiving master - The State.  No longer do we live in a land of equality, but a land of "Them" and "Us".

To illustrate a tiny microcosm of this paradigm shift, read the following excerpt from a local paper:

WSP trooper, pilot caught on tape
(Reported in the Spokesman-Review 10/12/14)

Excerpts from scanner recordings made by Bill Gillam, of Arlington, Washington, on U.S. Highway 2/97 between Cashmere and Wenatcheee, where the speed limit is 60 mph;

Patrol trooper:  "Yeah, it's another officer."
Patrol pilot in airplane: "That's a pretty good one."
Trooper:  "Yeah, I had, uh, 86 on that one."
Pilot:  There's a car doing 73, just pushed traffic out of the way so its got open road again inside a mile to you."
Trooper:  "That 75 ain't ours, Chris, looks like it had a light bar on it."
Pilot:  "Did I miss a memo today?"
Trooper:  "There's a DRE (drug recognition conference) conference in Chelan tody that starts at noon."
Pilot:  "Ahh, OK."
Pilot:  "I got a pair coming but I'm not super optimistic about 'em, if ya know what I mean.  I'll hold off on the speeds until you guys can check them out, just in case.  It's a white SUV, followed by a gray car."
Trooper: "Yes, they're going to the conference."
Pilot:  "All right."
Pilot:  "I don't know if it matter or not but all the ones I'm calling the speeds at have been over 80."
Trooper:  "They will make a little announcement at the conference."
Pilot: "Yeah, that'd be good.  I mean, I understand you don't want to be late but that's a little too much."
Trooper:  "Yeah."
Pilot:  "A motorcycle made an unsafe lane change."
Trooper:  "Seventy-two with an unsafe lane change.  He cut the black car off.  So 78 was the high.  You're not going to believe where the motorcycle's going."
Pilot:  "Let me guess - the DRE conference."
(At end of video)
Pilot:  "Sorry we couldn't get more."
Trooper:  (laughing)  "We got plenty."
Pilot:  "There will just be one more page in the reg manual.:
Wenatchee World

As I said, this is just a tiny illustration.  We have allowed so many usurpations of our rights as free men that it would be impossible to recapture them.  We have allowed a President to remain in office that doesn't agree with the Constitution, therefore he doesn't enforce it.  We have allowed our Representatives to implement a (mandated) health care system that they have exempted themselves from.  We have allowed law enforcement officers to disregard the law for themselves and only impose it on "civilians" (that means you and me).  We have replaced  the equality of a government of the people with a glorified caste system and now we are enjoying all of the accompanying atrocities.

It's time to make the State aware that we, the People are the true and rightful heirs.  This is OUR land - not theirs.  Stand up and be counted.  Our founders made sacrifices for this land, are you willing to do the same?


  1. In post Medieval England robbers would often stop riders and coaches and rob the people on the king's highway. So the king placed some of his army along the highway to protect the travelers and catch the bad guys and called them "highwaymen". But the pay was low and the duty boring so the highwaymen turned to robbing the occasional traveler for money to buy meade. Soon the highwaymen had eliminated most of the robbers and thus the only thing the good people of England had to fear was the king's own highwaymen.

  2. This is nothing new and to say America was built on the principles of hardwork and equality for all is nothing but one big lie. Why is it people cannot come to grips with the facts that this nation was built on stolen lands and slave labor? It is as plain as the nose on your face, and yet people deny it as if it never happened. When there were no more native lands to steal then we enacted the income tax laws and property tax laws. Governments have always stolen from its people. They stole two years of my life via a thing called the draft to fight in a war that I was deadset against. They have stolen from my paycheck for nearly a half a century to give to people that are too damn sorry to make their own living. Do you honestly think military retirement, ptsd, whores calling themselves moms, and ten thousand other satanic programs to feed people that simply refuse to feed themselves or their bastard children was ever part of a so-called free society. What freedom can there ever be if people are not free to enjoy the fruits of their labors without having a very large portion of their labor stolen to take care of those souls who do nothing but reproduce without ever punching the time clock? This whole idea that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave is absolutely repulsive. It is an insult to any intelligence at any level. Any working person today is as surely shackled and chained as the African slave of two hundred years ago.

    1. The lands were stolen from the "Indians" who stole it from previous immigrants. There were three major immigrations from Asia and other places to the new world and each major wave of immigrants stole the land from the previous immigrants. In fact there is no country on earth that is inhabitied by the first "immigrants" to move there. Your arguement is self defeating.

      Slavery was foisted uon this country just as drugs are today. Slaves were brought here (most before we were even a country) by people from other nations and sold to a very small number of people. Most Americans opposed slavery and in fact fought a war to end slavery something no other country had ever accomplished. At it's hieght slave owners probably never exceeded 10,000 in number, 99.9% of the people in American did not own slaves. Slavery was common in every other country of the world it was a disgusting but accepted condition. More white slaves were held in slavery in Africa then all the black slaves ever brought to America. But you ignore the good news part of the story. Today there is no one alive who was a slave, no slave owners alive and everyone has rights and opportunities in this country that far exceed that available anywhere else. You may feel shackled and chained but I am free, working hard to enjoy my life and freedom and simply cannot understand your Debby Downer attitude. Good luck.

    2. Your point of view is pitiful to say the least. While this country has always had its problems, compare it to any country in history. Liberals like you are the ones destroying our society. But hey, have a good time while you can because its all coming down around your liberal ears.

    3. Please check Wikipidia for the "first slave owner" and the "biggest slave owner", you will be amazed. I'm so tired of all the white Europeans are all bad all of the time drivel. I honestly feel that if someone is so unhappy with the US of A, please remember that all doors swing both ways. I have lived in many places and when I am not satisfied with my area, I simply let my feet do the walking and find another. Please do the same, you will find that with all of our stumbles we still have the best country over all.

  3. Amerika... of the criminals, by the criminals and for the criminals.

    Praise God for His truth (and my refuge), the King James Bible.

  4. Enola - Nice post. And I get it. Whatever shortcomings this and every other government this side of Heaven had and has, America has been something special since its inception. The "Land of Opportunity" mantra was not an empty slogan: Real people from around the world came to this country without a penny to their name and worked hard to earn not just a living, but also the respect of peers, a place in the national community and even more opportunities for their children. My great-grandparents were among them. Families grew, communities bonded, and government confined itself to the roles defined in the constitution. The anchor for most communities were their churches. Then we became "successful".

    Sometime in the last 70 years or so we allowed our successes to blind us to our real need for Christian community and all it brings. Once we rejected our only real source of security we started to allow a dozen national fears to scare us into trading fear for liberty, entitlements for the risk of failure, and "tolerance" for the courage to confront that which is wrong head on.

    Sadly, we getting what so many have asked for without counting the cost or even considering the price. I pray we awake from our stupor before all is eroded away.


  5. Great post. Our founders knew that if we ever lost our moral compass, our Judeo-Christian values, we could not sustain a republican form of government. They wrote about it in their papers and letters. The progressives who began insinuating their changes in the late 1800's and early 1900's worked on these cornerstones of liberty. They whittled away slowly so we didn't even notice the change at first, by the time we looked around and saw something going on they had already taken over the colleges and universities and were teaching things that were diametrically opposed to our founding principles and we kept quiet because we didn't want to be the bad guys. So now we are being told we cannot stop flights from Ebola stricken countries because it would impact their economies and because they only came into being because of slavery in the US, and our elected officials are all trying to get re-elected and they are not doing anything about it! The most panic inducing action from the government so far is that our president did not go to a fundraiser to deal with Ebola - that was when I knew it was worse than we thought! Are there enough of us left to effect change? I wonder....

  6. This is SOP. Many years ago, a close relative of mine and a friend, were working in LE. One of them stopped a drunk driver, who became combative and resisted the smallest of requests...such as ID. It ended with the man being put in cuffs. His wife then got out of the car and jumped on LEO's back. He had called for backup, it arrived, arrests were made. They got called in and were basically fired. One struggled for years to get another job in LE, but he had been blackballed. The man they arrested for blowing way over the legal limit in a far western state? State prison warden. He walked, their careers ruined.
    I won't be signing this for obvious reasons.

  7. The Washington State Patrol Mission Statement says, among other things, this: "Every employee is a critical member of a team committed to: ...Acting with Integrity and Accountability. Respecting and protecting individual rights. Earning the trust and confidence of the public." That simply isn't true. Chief John Batiste, in an attempt to quell public hue and cry, had one of his subordinates issue a statement claiming that tickets issued during the two days that this particular "speeding" emphasis was happening, would have their citations eliminated. Not good enough Chief. If you have not heard the entire recording, here it is: Those officers, both on the ground and in the plane, willfully used their "discretion" to not only allow fellow law enforcement officers to continue to speed, they joked about it in the process while continuing to cite the public. Every one of those WSP Troopers involved needs to fired if the Washington State Patrol is to retain an ounce of credibility as it pertains to "speeding" and the danger it is to the safe flow of traffic. Call the office of Chief Batiste and implore him to do the right thing by purging his ranks of the thugs who would turn a blind eye to a police officer while persecuting a citizen for the very same offense. 360-596-4000

    Strong leadership
    Effective partnerships
    Professional excellence
    Acting with integrity and accountability

  8. Like Max Velocity says "Time to Stand Up for Rightful Liberty!"

  9. America (as a country) abandoned God and the values of our God-fearing Founders. It is now reaping what it sowed. Americans are now pathetic, impotent American'ts who are too dumbed-downed to see the chaos coming. Yes, some are awake and see it coming. But how many of them are just armchair survivalists? They bought preps to live on and boast of bugging out. But how many have actually practiced actually doing either? And how many have honed life skills or survival skills? Talk is cheap.

    That said, there is hope. Something will rise from this once-great nation. With God’s grace we may mold it and pass liberty on to our children. Don't get me wrong, I am not a pacifist. However, folks better choose their battles carefully. Jail is no place to be if TEOTWAWKI hits.
    Montana Guy

  10. I heard a proverb about successful family business once:

    The first generation breaks its back to build the business, then hands it down to the second generation. The second generation, remembering how hard their fathers (and mothers) worked to build it, runs the business diligently and cautiously, and hands it down to the third generation. The third generation, having always known relative ease and prosperity, takes everything completely for granted. Thinking only of how to get more and invest less, they run the business into the ground. The fourth generation grows up with a chip on its shoulder about what was "stolen from them," the fifth generation with a criminal sense of entitlement. The sixth generation works to give their children a chance at something better...

    ...and the seventh generation starts over.

    Sure looks like we can see that playing out in our country.

  11. God bless the 2 LEO's and their families in N.Cal who were killed for doing their job. May HIS will be done in bringing the accused to justice

  12. The second generation, gets the house, does meth and loses everything..