Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the Homefront

It's beautiful.  It's spring!

Maid Elizabeth and I working the bees

Can you find the queen?  She's the one with the blue dot!

Master Calvin - Gentleman Adventurer (notice the puppy along for the ride)

The floral arrangement on my kitchen table - the "vase" is a galvanized chicken feeder (thanks Scott!) and the pedestal a chunk of wood
Enjoy these beautiful halcyon days.  Fix them in your memories to carry you through whatever our future has to offer!

Until next time....



  1. Thanks for the post. A quick suggestion. Consider adjusting your hive layout. The 8 frame hives can get stacked 5 high in a season and it appears that reaching the top one may be troublesome. The top one(s) will also be heavy as that is usually where the honey is stored.

  2. What is the thing with the red handle next to the hive? My knowledge of beekeeping is effectively zero, but it looks like some sort of specialized knife. I know there's an electric "hot knife" for cutting honeycombs ( I think)-the only reason I know this is I put a new cord and nichrome wire heating element in one years ago.

  3. Enola, I love reading your posts. They put me in such a good mood and get me to keep looking toward the future!

  4. Dear Enola, I recently found your blog an have spent much of the last three days reading each and every one. I have truly enjoyed them.

    I hope to go off the grid capable (shall we say) within the next year. I recently retired after 30 years in the military and 3 combat tours.I am originally from Montana, and when my father retired from the military we were off the grid for awhile then as well. While I am sure I have many many mistakes in my conversion to off-grid, I at least will be spared the shock factor LOL. Now I have a new enemy to fight, cancer and other issues from my service. I believe that I need to get to where I can raise my own food etc for my health and well being. Unfortunately, it will go slower than I would like. I love your blog and have found do very much here that will help me in this!

    I recently read another blog comments, and a VERY hateful poster commented on someone who wanted to store coffee for their one a day cup, that they were addicted and worthless and should just die off... Wow. I thought of that person while reading your lovely posts about afternoon tea! His addiction was arrogance and I am sure that when it all comes down, you will survive and thrive, with or without your tea, but sadly I doubt he will.

    In the meantime I will drink my cups of coffee and show my beautiful grandchildren how to grow and thrive despite the world and if I should not survive (which I am sure will be due to other reasons than my addiction to coffee) I will go knowing they knew how much their grandmother loved them.