Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book Review - From Ruby Ridge to Freedom

Last weekend some friends dropped a book off that they had picked up for us at a gun show.  The author, Sara Weaver, had become a friend as they traveled the same gun show circuit and in the course of their fellowship she had graciously signed a book for Sir Knight and I. 

I must admit - I have put off reading anything having to do with Ruby Ridge.  It has always hit a little to close to home, to my mountains.  I always wanted to believe that the "feds" had a reason to be there, to escalate the situation to its fatal conclusion. But I knew, in my heart-of-hearts, that what happened on that mountain was a travesty of the worst kind. It went far beyond seeking justice and became the cruel betrayal of a nation.  The course of the Weaver family changed forever on Ruby Ridge, but the ripples of that moment in time have fractured not only a family, but an entire country.

When I picked up Sara's book, I was expecting a political dissertation on the state of the nation.  What I found was a story not about politics, but about freedom - the freedom found only in the person of Jesus Christ.  Sara recounted memories of her life, from her childhood in Iowa to the "big move" to Idaho, to the stand-off, including the deaths of her brother and mother.  She told of trying to rebuild her broken life while caring for her younger siblings when going to live with grandparents and other relatives.  But more than the story of her life, she told the story of finding her Savior.  She told of the religious beliefs that took her parents to the wilds of Idaho.  She told of her rejection of God and in particular of anyone calling themselves "Christians".    She told of her darkest hours and how, in the midst of her own personal hell, Jesus called her name, bound her wounds and set her free.

From Ruby Ridge to Freedom is the story of victory - victory over hate, over anger and over unforgiveness. More than that, it is the story of hope.  Hope in the ultimate salvation of Christ.  Hope in Jesus' forgiveness and hope in sweet reconciliation. 

As our country unravels at the seams we need to remember what freedom we are truly fighting for - not the freedom of a nation from tyranny, but the freedom bought by Christ on the cross.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a good book.
    Thank you for the reminder that no matter what happens in or to our country,it is faith in Jesus that really matters.

  2. The weavers are nice folks.. met Randy at a gun show in Alabama years back, have a signed copy of his book too. My heart really goes out to the family for all they went through, sure are some super good folks when you sit down and talk to them.

  3. I am ever so thankful that Sara has found the healing that can only come from Christ Jesus. What happened to her and her family was horrific and I often think of them and remember them in prayer.
    Thank you for sharing about Sara and her book.

  4. sounds like a good read and maybe one that I need to pass on to a church member. She is strong in her walk but just lost her husband of 50 years. And one short week later, she has to bury her oldest daughter that OD. No words can be spoken to easy the hurt or to explain except to wait and see what the Lord has in his plan. The daughter claims to be saved so it is hard to make any sense of the situation.

  5. Did everyone forget this commited a crime?