Friday, September 6, 2013

Quote of the Day

"War is an ugly thing.  But not the ugliest of things.  The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.  The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing that is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertion of better men than himself."

John Stuart Mill


  1. Ma'am:

    I am second generation Airborne! I joined the U.S. Army in 1971. My father was 82'nd ABN in WWII.

    It seems to me that we shouldn't have troops still, since 1945, in Germany, since 1953 in Korea, now in Iraq and Afghanistan and still want to send our best and most honorable to die in a civil war.

    We are not the world's police force and need to get our own house in order.

    Just my 2 cents.

    cosmolined/ CPT Fann A-532, C. Co, 5th Bn. 19th SFGA.Ret. God Bless.

    1. Sir;
      I couldn't agree with you more. It was our willingness to get our house in order that I was referring to. We have to be willing to suffer to right our nation's wrongs rather than impose our false sense of morality on the world.

      Thank you for your service.


    2. Enola,

      I agree with your post and the response received above.

  2. Bill Whittle posted to Facebook today:

    "I would like to be crystal clear on something. I don't think there is much confusion left, at this point, about how I feel about Barack Obama personally, or what about how I feel about his performance as President. But when this Iranian official threatens to rape the daughter of the President of the United States of America, he had better be damn well certain that if Barack Obama decided to send nine carrier battle groups to bring his head back on a platter then my President would have my UTMOST SUPPORT for such an action."

    1. Rape?! When did this come out?

    2. A couple of days ago. I saw it on Fox News website.

      Enola, thanks for this post. Mr. Mill is absolutely right!

    3. I cant find anything about it online do you have any resources other than fox?


  3. Enola,


    I am willing to bet money that Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons against their own people in order to get our country further involved with the Syrian Rebels (who are bad guys themselves) in their civil war.
    Our Government is all to happy right now to get involved.......

    makes me wonder.

    Could this be a distraction from the last push to "defund Obamacare" or could it be that our government made a deal with the devil (bad guys that want to destroy us) to allow them to take over the entire middle east and Persian Gulf???

    Our Government sure is all fired up' and willing to try and find any excuse possible to get involved and that to me sends up warning signs.

    Personally after what I experienced in that region' they (the Muslims) could kill each off for all I care. They have been killing each other over there for the past 5,000 years and in 5,000 years they will still be killing each other in that part of the world for one barbaric reason or another.
    I am now convinced that "War and Barbarism" are central tenants of Islam. There are a smattering of a few peaceful muslims here and there, but they are few and far between.

    As long as our country is involved in that part of the world we will have to pay the price of that involvement with our own blood being shed on the sands of the Arab world.

    If you ask why are we over there and follow the money its "Oil" It has been and will always be Oil as the root cause. We live in a petroleum based society. Look at the clothes you wear, your plastic eyeglasses, contact lenses, computer parts. I can go on and on and on. Look around in your house, your childrens clothes, your medical supplies. Its all petroleum based.
    Its not just our dependence on oil, its the worlds dependence on oil.

    Enola' If you don't mind me suggesting this to your dear readers. Here's a homework assignment for you guys. Go into any store, any Walmart and just look around at all the plastics, paints, packaging, polymere based products. Imagine the transportation involved to get the products there using diesel fuel in trucks that have synthetic rubber tires that run on roads that are paved with asphalt (another petroleum product)

    If you want to find the root cause of why we are involved in the Middle East, Persian Gulf region, its all around you. In fact your staring at a computer monitor right now made from oil.

    There is no short term solution and I can not think of a long term solution other than living in a 19th century style existence. Coal, steel and wood were the base materiels of the 19th century and in the future they may make a big comeback.

    1. We're right in the middle of the Petroleum Age-you can cook oil down from a variety of sources (including coal) but it isn't that easy or cheap-or at least not as cheap as working with liquid oil. I suppose you could genetically engineer plants to produce oil( there's a plant-jojoba or something like that-with a sap that's almost diesel fuel-I suppose it could be tweaked to produce diesel sap), but not in the sheer quantity society uses. Years ago( early 1990s), there was (is?) a genetically altered corn that had plastic kernels (I had a pen made from it-a freebie from the state fair). I suppose you could switch to silicone plastics and lubricants, and reduce the need for petroleum, but society runs on it, and will no doubt for decades to come.
      Look back into history-nothing changes until the last possible minute. I suspect we will be petroleum dependent until it becomes too difficult, and other technologies that may now be too difficult (or we just don't know how do handle now) look better. If I had to guess, genetic engineering-including engineering( "upgrades"/modifications) for humans-will be very common a century from now.

  4. My family just watched ‘Mugabe and the White African’ (2009). If you think you know what government persecution is like, think again. Whew… Think it can’t happen here? If so wake up. America is quickly becoming a Police State. Our military devolved into a mercenary directed by powerful evil globalists. Christians as a whole are bloodthirsty. Just look at how Presidential candidate Ron Paul was booed off the stage when he suggested that America go back to the Golden Rule. Shame on America’s Christians. America’s pulpits are silent and impotent. However we still have a few true pastors like Pastor Chuck Baldwin who have taken a public stand. He will NOT DISARM. Yes, the right of self-defense is a Biblical principle. Amen.

    Folks, America as we knew it is gone, and it is not coming back. Washington DC is a rat hole. Don’t squander precious time and resources trying to fix it. Can evil can be defeated? I don’t know, but they better think twice (like Japan in 1941). Large parts of the homeland will not disarm. Behind every Ponderosa Pine will be a gun, and an American willing to use it. Our children’s and grandchildren’s freedom are worth fighting for.
    Montana Guy

    1. America could be the great satan, exporting SIN throughout the began with our immoral constitution. ?

  5. Enola,


    I just talked to an old surfer friend of mine at the beach today and he told me about an old friend of his, down in Mexico at a popular pacific surf spot. His friend (a law abiding Mexican National) was murdered by one of the cartels. They tortured him, did some acts to him I can not mention on this blog, then shot him in the head.
    Things are worse in Mexico than most of what America realizes and the border situation which also has gone from bad to worse, and is being covered up by the Feds and the Media.

    Many of the gunfights between cartels has gone from using AK's and AR's to .50 cal machine guns and RPG's (rocket propelled grenades) Mexico is resembling Somalia more and more as time goes by. The Mexican Government has little control over most of their country.

    If we have to invade another country to straighten it out. Our government may want to consider invading Mexico.

  6. Post script: News just in. Police SWAT just murdered a 107 year old man. Only in a Police State would a SWAT team respond to an APPARENT domestic dispute. The ALLEGED victims were out of the house. The man was alone in a room. At that point no one was in danger. Yet the jack-booted SWAT thugs HAD to bust his door down. SWAT 1 Old man 0

    The real war on terror is right here in America and being waged by Washington DC. SWAT is an unconstitutional standing army. They are oath-breakers. Sooner or later they will come knocking on YOUR DOOR. If you do nothing else, please at least support Stewart Rhodes and his and encourage all military and law enforcement people to Stand Down at unconstitutional orders.
    Montana Guy

    1. Montana Guy,


      I will support Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers when they throw out convicted "Oathbreakers" and military who violate the civil rights of Americans.

      At this time I know I will take some flack for writing this, but the 3 percenters have been more vocal about law enforcement abusing the rights of Citizens. The leadership of Oathkeepers who seem to be more interested in taking in money than expelling abusive and corrupt members.

      When I see Stewart Rhodes start kicking out members and overhauls Oathkeepers then I will start to respect Oathkeepers again.

      The latest police beating video is out of Long Beach, California where one suspect is beaten and tased to the point he gets a collapsed lung, injured leg and some of his teeth knocked out by a "Steroid Junkie" police officer with a baton.
      Yeah' its a bad guy getting beaten down, but the bad guy still has civil rights under the Constitution and as soon as we violate his civil rights, my civil rights and your civil rights are next.

      check it out on youtube "Long Beach Police beating video"

      Enola, sorry for getting off topic here, but I am deeply concerned about the militarization of the police. I now have gone from respecting law enforcement to viewing them with suspicion and avoiding contact, even friendly contact.
      If any law enforcement members read this, please "police yourselves" and expel any members that abuse their authority and violate anyone's civil rights.