Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hothouse of Industry

It seems like we are always busy with one project or another.  Mostly, we work together, like when we split and stack firewood or butcher a deer, but, every once in a while, each member of our household seems to be knee-deep in a project of their own.  Such was the case this weekend when we were all competing for limited workspace to bring our individual projects into fruition.  Our home was a positive hothouse of industry!

After numerous attempts to repair tears on our leather couch, I decided it was time to make new covers for the cushions.  It really looked a mess, but it is so comfortable, I couldn't even think of junking it in favor for something else.  I have a bad habit of keeping upholstery fabric laying about, just in case - so I dug through my stash and came up with a partial bolt that had enough fabric left to make cushion covers with enough left over for a few pillows as well.  After I took measurements of the couch cushions, I cleared the table, rolled out the fabric and began cutting.  An hour later, I had all of the pieces I needed to make new covers and transform our tattered couch.

Our tattered couch

Measuring fabric


While I was busy cutting and sewing, Maid Elizabeth was busy weaving.  She decided that our dog needed a new collar and went to work fashioning one out of black and green para-cord, adding nails here and there for added armor.  It took her a number of hours, however the finished product was rather impressive.

Weaving a collar

Scary, huh?

As I sewed and Maid Elizabeth wove, Sir Knight and Master Hand Grenade put new furniture on a 10/22.  Master Hand Grenade wanted to turn his humble .22 into a fierce looking HK G36 (which is isn't really, of course, but the Archangel kit just makes it look like the G36).
Installing new furniture

Dad's help required

Our afternoon was brought to a close with many finished projects.  Our couch was newly dressed, our dog had a new collar and Master Hand Grenade had transformed his varmint rifle into something fearsome.  Oh, the satisfaction in a job well done!


  1. Awesome! I would love to know how to make a dog collar.... And your couch looks wonderful and welcoming.... Use what you have instead of buying new!!!

  2. I refuse to get rid of a couch that's comfortable and needs a little work. Your cushions came out wonderfully. I love how the colors and design work with the leather on the base.

    Your house is always busy with family members working.

    It would be nice to see societies children working or creating in or outside of the house instead of seeing them sitting in front of the television or a gaming system.

  3. dog collar looks scary!! Doesn't the nails poke the dog when it scratches it's neck??

  4. Enola,


    I found a Mossberg 500 12 guage six shot shotgun for $50.00 on craigslist before the commies on craigslist took it down. I called the guy and got the shotgun. It was 50 bucks because the barrel and mag tube were rusted on the outside (no rust inside the barrel and mag tube. I tore down everything in the receiver (which only the bolt had some surface rust)
    I may order the 8 shot barrel and mag tube for the Mossberg on Brownells for $135.00.
    I installed techsight sights on the 10/22 with an aluminum barrel band with picantinny rails for a laser and a coffee grider (see the coffee grinder Sharps rifle from the Civil War)

    A good Craiglist for guns is called "Texas gun trader" Lots of guns, lots of pictures of guns. I got a few of mine off of Texas gun Trader.

    Enola, if you don't mind. Tell Master Hand Grenade to keep an eye out for a "CZ 452 Military Training Rifle" (.22 long) bolt action, 8 shot. That rifle is super, super, super accurate. You can pop a squirrel in the eye at 60 yards easy.

  5. Maybe Master Vaccum Cleaner could run one under the couch once in a while?

    1. Wow! Maybe you could run one in your mind and vacuum out the snarky comments before they clutter up blogs of industrious people like this one?

  6. Enola, I absolutely love your "new" couch! Great job!


  7. your family is always so impressive. Wish I had you to read when my children were small. God has given you great wisdom and blessed you immensely .

  8. And all jobs were exceptionally well done! Y'all are awesome!

  9. Enola,


    I know this is off topic Enola, but it is interesting never the less.

    I just found an article on drudgereport about what a group of British Academics believe what the end of world will be.


    "Science Super Hero's"

    That's interesting. I am very well versed on what most types of Doomsday Scenario's. First are we talking about the end of civilization as we know it, the end of the human race, or the end of the Planet Earth????

    The first one is survivable, the other two are up to God.

    Second' what thease academics failed to realize how "adaptable by design" we are and how humans can survive everything from pre-historic ice ages, too tribesman living in the driest deserts of North Africa. There are humans that survive and thrive from the mountains of Nepal to the deserted islands of the South Pacific and all the way back up to the Artic Circle.

    Third, there are three big words those "academic superhero's" fail to understand and any survival situation.

    God, Hope and Perseverance.

  10. I always appreciate when I see you repair and continue to use something that the average person would just throw away. It helps me keep my own attitude in check.

  11. You couch now looks like one I saw in the store for over 2 grand. Love it. I tell ya that collar is nice. Let me know if she ever wants to sell them custom made collars for really big dogs is a booming businesses.

  12. It's not hothouse. that's a greenhouse. It's hotbed of....

    1. Unless you've in Texas - greenhouse / hothouse, same thing!