Friday, August 9, 2013

Pimp Daddy Sam

I'm thinking that we should change the pet name for our government from "Uncle Sam" to "Pimp Daddy Sam".  Just think about it - pimps convince naive, desperate people that they are incapable of caring for themselves.  They convince their victims that they need a "strong arm" to provide for them and protect them.  Slowly, they establish their control.  They begin by providing basic necessities - food, clothing, shelter.  And then, little by little, they infuse their prey with mind-killing substances, effectively chaining them in bonds of slavery.  And, having effected complete control, the pimp becomes the master.

For well over a hundred years, our government, our "pimp", has been positioning us for the ultimate slavery.  While speaking of the evils of slavery, even waging a war in the name of freedom for all men, they quietly, discreetly assumed the role of supreme slave-owner.  Convincing us they were battling for the soul of the nation, they were actually putting their competition to the sword.

We listened to the siren song of our "pimp".  We believed him when he told us that he was fighting for us, providing for us.  We began to look to him to be our all - our everything.   The closer we drew, the more bound, dependent we became.  And now, a new slavery is upon us.  One of our own making.  And this slavery is more insidious than the the last.  The slavery we abolished chained only our bodies - this slavery chains our very souls.

Have you ever studied our nation's history of slavery?  It was undeniably horrific.  However the strength that came out of that adversity was unparalleled.  The slaves, with their shackled, torn bodies, saw beyond the present into eternity.  They sang love songs to their creator and turned to God for their sustenance.  While their bodies withered, their souls took flight.  The slaves, surviving in unprecedented wretchedness, lived lives of meek, unsurpassed beauty.

And look at us now.  We vehemently despise our slave-holding past while we actively encourage intellectual, financial and religious slavery.  Tell me that we are now better off than we were 150 years ago.  Tell me that plantation life was worse for slaves than our modern drug-laden inner-cities.  Tell me that the addicts, the welfare masses and the gang-bangers are free men.

We have been blinded to the truth.  The truth is that we are slaves pretending to be free men.  "Pimp Daddy Sam" has bound us with invisible shackles while proclaiming to be the great defender of freedom.  "Pimp Daddy Sam" is a liar.

As slaves, it is our duty to strive to be free men.  We must be free to fail.  We must be free to suffer.  We must be free to think, to act and to serve the master of our souls.  It's time to kick the pimp to the curb.  We must no longer live as slaves but as free men.


  1. Amen. Excellent points!

  2. Enola,


    Im now reading all news all the time about how people who take money from "Pimp Daddy Sugar" is the same as making a deal with the devil.

    I got a story of two Second Hand Lions who won a fist fight at the meth lab up the street from me.

    Lion no.1 (age 62) Veit Nam Vet, retired truck driver. Lion no.2 (age 61) retired aircraft mechanic were drinking beer that afternoon across the street from the house I call "the meth lab" for all the drug activity that goes on. Lion no.1 lives next door to the meth lab is tired of all the drug activity next door and Lion no. 2 lives across the street from Lion no.1 with his fathers house (a really old lion that uses the "F" word all the time) who's house is right across the street from the meth lab.

    My house is five houses down from the meth lab.

    Everyone was drinking beer all afternoon at the "really old lions house" and one of the meth lab occupants (age 45) came out into the street and said to Lion no.1 "I going to kick your Butt before I move out of this house old man.

    Well Lion no.1 said, Ok lets do this right now. He got up ran out into street grabbed the meth addict by the throat and grabbed his long hair and held him there for a few moments rendering the 45 year old meth addict helpless. Really old Lion started yelling. Lion no.2 realized that someone may be hurting his Dad (who is the really old Lion) ran from his yard next door over to the meth lab and that moment another meth addict (age 30) came out with a baseball bat and hit Lion no.2 in the arm with the baseball bat. Lion no.2 grabbed the baseball bat, and grabbed the offending meth addict and threw him up against the *Hurricane shutter over the meth lab's front window damaging the hurricane shutter and that 30 year old meth addict retreated back into the house very quickly.

    Lion no.1 wanted to scalp the 45 year old meth addict but could not reach his knife because he had his hair with one hand and the throat with the other and after seeing the other meth addict retreat he went ahead and let go of the 45 year old meth addict who ran back into the safety of the meth lab.

    The Lions won!

    The cops finally showed up, took statements from everyone involved except the one who hit Lion no.2 with the baseball bat. He did not come out (maybe he had warrants for his arrest)

    No one got arrested. You a group of old Second Hand Lions drinking beer all afternoon and the word of one meth addict (the other was too chicken to come out)

    The cops left.

    Lion no. 2 got two stiches where the baseball bat impacted on his forearm.

    Yeah' the Lions are Grandfathers too.

    When all this was happening I was down the street at my house and had no clue of what was going on. I found out the next day. I really, really wish I could have gotten in on this one. I ain't been in a good fist fight in years.

    Now thease are my friends and neighbors and I'm the young cub of the group at age 46. We sit around, barbecue, drink beer, cuss and tell bad jokes. There are also other Second Hand Lions that congregate at "really old Lions house too"

    I know of three other Second Hand Lions (all in their 60's) that I used to surf with and who I will be surfing with again when I get my board (surfboard) next week.

    Never underestimate any man (Lion) with grey hair.

    *Hurricane shutters are very common down here on the Texas gulf coast.

    1. Whats up with all the "Lions"? What does that term mean?

    2. No offense intended, but have you ever considered starting yor own blog? Lately you've offered a cursory comment about Enola's blog entry and then proceeded to go off on a completely unrelated tangent. I miss your old comments that actually pertained to the subject.

    3. Hey Anon,


      The term "Second hand Lions" is from a title from a movie with Robert Davuall and another famous old tough guy actor about two old guys that fought all their lives and died with their boots on.

      That movie and "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood are a must see for anyone who thinks growing old means becoming weak and useless.

      I really want to stand in my front yard with an M1 Garand and say' "Get off of my Lawn"

    4. Michael Keaton...

      What a great flick!

      People like you keep the monsters that Uncle pimp daddy creates at bay.
      There... now everyone can see how your great comment relate to Enola's blog post, which I hope makes every one happy. I enjoy your comments immensely and I'm sure you don't truly need me to come to your defense. But, if you did do a blog, it would be interesting, informative and entertaining, IMHO.

      susie, who's been seriously sidetracked for awhile, and who also tells stories occasionally

    5. HOO-AAAHH!

      Now there's the REAL AMERICA I grew up in (1950-1960)



      BRING IT!


    6. Hey Anon,

      Michael Keaton,


      I know for a fact several of the meth addicts were on EBT cards (Lone star Cards in Texas) and one of them "a female" had two kids and CPS (child protective services) took them away. This female was also picked up for prostitution as I understand it from a Narcotics officer I talked with.

      Oh' Im almost forgetting a very big announcement on the subject.

      The meth lab residents were evicted yesterday. A long story but I can tell you the sister of the owner of the meth lab (who's in jail on a five year sentence for felony assult) ran everybody out in that house (The Meth Lab) and my neighbors "The Second Hand Lions) and I have been helping her out and we will wear protective (bunny suits) and clean the house out within a week or so. The sister of the meth lab owner is a really nice lady, a complete opposite of her addict brother so we will help her out.

      If you want to fix your country, start with your own house. Then work with your neighbors and fix your street if it has problems. Then work within your community, then move to state level and then national level.

      Local, local, local.

      That's what it takes.

      (on the side note) I have been working with the Narcotics division of our police department on some of the meth houses in my area for some time now. I do not worry about reprisals nor do I worry about my personal safety. I go to "extraordinary lengths" to provide for my own security.
      I've been through shot at before and its not as bad as people think. If anything, its one hell of a andrenaline rush. Just keep your head togather and odds are you will survive and win.

  3. I read Patrice, then you, then survivalblog every morning (in order of discovery a long time ago). In my browsers (I tried 3), Patrice's blog is not resolving properly, can you check it and pass it along to her? Thanks, Jim in upstate SC

    1. Hey Jim,
      I live in the Piedmont Triad area of NC and I, like you, have had the same problem with Patrice's blog....Glad to see I am not the only one...

      Have a great great weekend in the Upstate....
      Love from NC

    2. Apparently Patrice is having problems with Google & the domain name. Her blog is here for now

  4. God gave us free will. No man has the right to take away what God gave us. Tolerating tyrants is being disobedient to God.

    1. Anonymous @7:51, AMEN! We too will bow only to God. Molon Labe!
      Montana Guy

  5. Yes, I read Patrice as well and cannot get on her blog today...Please let her know just like Jim from the upstate in SC is having problems getting on it...
    thanks for this post...We are free in Christ and no man can take away our joy....
    Love from NC in the Piedmont Triad

  6. You are so right! My gardener was talking to me and he was making a statement about how America is no longer an owner of this land or anything in it! It is now property of foreign countries whom loaned us money because
    our society can not live within their means! "Do we still call ourselves Americans, when the land is no longer ours?", " Or shall we take the names of all who own America and give our country and citizens a new name?!

  7. John Gill on Isiah 60:12;
    For the nation (america) and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish,.... That will not serve the Lord Christ, and worship him with his church and people; that will not be obedient to the laws and ordinances of his house; but appoint another head over them (US Constitution and "We the People"), the pope of Rome; and make other laws, and set up other ordinances, rejecting the authority of Christ, the rule of his word, and the order of his churches:

    yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted; even all the antichristian states, when the vials of God's wrath will be poured out upon them; see Zechariah 14:17.

  8. Second Hand Lion - Robert Duvall,Michael CAINE

  9. To me, cities are sort of like cars-they corrode away from the inside out..maybe societies are like that as well.
    There's been a couple meth labs on my street-one house sat for at least three years with a huge biohazard warning sign/police investigation tape across the front. Another one did a not-so-earth-shattering kaboom.
    The subject of Detroit and all its woes came up at work-here's the way I look at it. Detroit must have been pretty robust, since it took city officials nearly 60 years to destroy it...