Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shooting Essentials

WARNING:  This video contains some coarse content.

For all you folks that have been trained in traditional firearm handling methods there are some new, essential techniques you need to know.  Although many of you may never be in a situation where these techniques are necessary, it is better to know them and not need them than to need them and not know them.

I present to you......Gangster shooting essentials!


  1. Oops! Shooters pants are WAY too high. Need to get them slung down halfway between waist and knees. No one will shoot at us due to our awesome gansta style so we will never have to run! Natokadn :)

  2. Enola,

    OMG......Gangsta shooting with pink ear protection. Now don't they look silly.

  3. Enola,


    the video was not working, no big deal. I have four brothers that live behind my house, one of which was stabbed (shanked) eight times by either "Mexican Mafia" or "Texas Syndicate" prison gangs in some hit in broad daylight and survived. I get to hear thier "boom boom" car stereo's often. On New Years I get to hear there .40 cals going off too. We evan had another drive by shooting last week at thier house, but alas' no one got shot and killed. No life like the "gangsta life"

    One of the pitfalls of illegal immigration and amnesty programs are "gangsta's" and wanna be gangsta's, coming in or being "legalized" by the millions here real soon if we dont stop the immigration bill in the senate. Also, anybody that came over here with there parents as an illegal alien can stay also.

    Dont worry, if you guys have no gangsta's in the redoubt, you will soon have many on the way.

    Just so you know. The Mayor of San Antonio is a hispanic activist, liberal democrat and part of the "Free Stuff Army" He also has a twin brother who works as the "unofficial ambassador" for immigration (legal and illegal) for the Obama Administration. The mother of the twin brothers was one of the founding members of "La Raza" (The Race) anti-anglo, anti-American, seperatist groups that wants California, Arizonia, New Mexico and Texas as its own little country know as "Aztlan" that will be populated "only" by hispanics.

    Anglo- Texans are arming up by the hundreds of thousands and AR-15's have replaced lever action 30-30 Winchesters as the rural rifle of Texas. All along the border, and regions near the border have "very well armed ranches owners" and armed ranch employee's. Rural Texas is reverting back to its 19th wild west roots.

    I joke around about some stuff on this blog, but this is where I get serious. If your not concerned about illegal immigration, gangsta's and the thuggery that comes with that "gangsta culture" you should be. I see it every day and all I gotta say is "get used to it"

    I would love to see all those liberal New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. elitists come down and live in Brownsville or Laredo, Texas in a low income nieghborhood or rural area thats right smack on the border.

  4. I am now more prepared for today than I was 5 minutes ago...assuming I need to join a gang this morning.

    Too funny!

  5. I soo needed that laugh today!! But I guess I'll never be a good shooter -- I lack the proper packaging. (clears throat)

    There are actually guys that show up at the range aiming like that (less insults). I even saw one once that had his right hand on the grip normally and then placed his left over top of the barrel. I was so stunned that it took me a moment to snap out of it to correct him before he shot off a finger.

    1. You were a more generous person to correct him with the left hand position. I'm of an opinion that those that want to copycat the gangsta style should have some authentic gangsta shooting amputations. No teacher like experience!

  6. Enola,


    Im gonna get a bit off topic, but please read.

    I just found out that the "internet sales tax" passed the senate. Heres a link to an article on its far reaching implications


    I got this off of survivalblog, gotta give JWR credit.

    Enola, you picked the right time to shut down your internet business.

    Maybe we can stop this bill in the house, however I am not optomistic. Goverment is like a business, it needs to grow if it wants to survive (at least according to current thinking of which' I completely disagree)

    At a certain point, the entire juggernaut of federal goverment will collapse under its own wieght due to the national debt and over regulation of the U.S. economy.
    Forget about "too big to fail" The new catchphrase will be "Too big to survive"

    Thats when all choas begins in the "power vacuam" opens up full throttle and every nut job with a "manifestro of some sort" will be fighting for power in the streets and the "balkenization" of America begins.

    1. Hey, captaincrunch!

      Thinking of fighting in the streets, have you read "Lights Out". It's set near San Antonio. I read it on sleepless nights (I get up the same no matter what time I go to bed, life is short!)

      You can google it and download the pdf for free. It was written in segments and posted on the frugal squirrel website and I was able to download the entire story from http://www.giltweasel.com/stuff/LightsOut-Current.pdf

      Got to go back to planting...


    2. Captaincrunch off topic?! No way!!!

    3. Hey SidetrackSusie

      I have a side "anon" e-mail account.

      contact me at, coffeeinjection@yahoo.com

  7. Oh, I needed a laugh today and this video hit(no pun intended) the spot...
    Thanks for posting it...
    Love from NC

  8. Enola -

    You and your readers might enjoy "Weird" Al's video "Amish Paradise" as well. My husband pulled it up once and we watch it over and over when we need a chuckle.


  9. LOL! Our 17yo son recently picked up the habit of saying, "you know what I mean?". We trained him out of it, pointing out how it fails to have any meaning whatsoever.

  10. I knew I should have put a section on taunting in Shootist. Dang it...Joe

  11. Now this gave me a very big laugh.

    Thanks Enola for making my day a joyful one.

    Hangtown Frank