Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Life in Pictures

I'm so sorry not to have been posting more, but I have been busy, busy, busy running the small business the government built for me!  We did get a few spare moments to savor the day, so here are some pictures of what is going on in our neck of the woods.

A stunning field of Canola (also known as Rape Seed)

Mac & Cheese (Quackers disappeared a few months back)
Two peas in a pod (Master Calvin and his buddy)
A Gypsy Caravan of Lemonade stand supplies and children
Miss Serenity holding everything together
The Caboose
And the thunder rolls

Thank you for your patience - I'll get back too it soon!


  1. Great pictures of life at your place. We totally understand, life keeps everyone busy. Have a great evening!

  2. Enola,

    (captain crunch again)

    the pics of your family is quite a contrast to a family up the street from me. Last week the mom and 12 year old son got into an argument in the front yard, they started to throw rocks at each other. Then the mom threw a potted plant at son. Mom tried to drive away as son threw rocks at the car and then son tried to block the car. Mom tried to run son over with car. Son called police, mom showed back up and no one was arrested and they got to go back inside together.
    This afternoon, Mom, son, teenage daughter and teenage cousin (yeah' theres more of them) all got into big, knockdown drag out fight. Police were called again. No one arrested?

    I said it once, I'll say it again. The American family is deteriorating. There is no God in their lives and no Father for guidance.
    I got six other houses near my house with families with fathers present. (All of them are Christian homes)

    Enola, your family looks bright and happy. You and Sir knight are doing a great job.

  3. Captain crunch, pray for them. Pray hard. Mighty warriors for God have come from worse circumstances. The difference is prayer.

  4. My good Lady: It is this view of your life that brings me to feel that I am seeing it through the window of a cell. I'm a city dweller and honestly I am lulled to sleep by the sounds of traffic as often as to the crackle of small arms fire from deep in the 'hood'. You just keep on posting as able and giving the rest of us this wonderful taste of life as it should be. Thank You Ma-am ..... Thomas T. Tinker.

  5. You know what would be cool where you live? A VLF receiver-listen to nature as well as see it. Do a search under "dawn chorus or natural radio"(I've heard this)-a VLF receiver can be very simple to build(a coil of wire four or six feet in diameter connected to the input of an amplifier or recorder), and is a good summer project that can be built for almost nothing. One of the many reasons I'm heading outta town is there are things I want to build that just aren't practical in town.
    I live in an older suburb that's usually quiet, but is not so slowly going to Hell-a few weeks ago, a meth lab bust down at the end of the street. A single rental company owns most of the street,and next time they ask me if I want to sell, it's all theirs. It's photos like the ones you post that help keep me on track.

  6. Enola,

    I got a book I want to send you that I think you may like. I want to e-mail you to get a shipping address and I cant find your e-mail address on your blog' Enola.

    1. Enola,

      its me captain crunch. Sorry' I forgot to let you know who I was in the comment above. By the way, my wayward neighbors had the police out at the house with all the violence again today:(
      There are only two questionable houses on my street. One is the part-time meth lab, and the other is the one I mentioned above. Out of 15 houses, only two are questionable. The other 13 are normal families. The couple next door to me are expecting twins in August and the couple across the street just found out they are expecting their second child.
      I guess there is still hope for the future.

    2. Captn Crunch;
      Sorry it took me so long! (sheepish). Our email is:


      Talk to you soon!


  7. Thank you Enola for the beautiful and fun pictures of the kids and their adventures! It makes my heart sing to see your children outdoors "living and playing" like children should. I live out in the country side, and when I drive to the closest town to pick up supplies, etc., I never see children out playing as I drive there, or in town either. The only time I've seen kids out and about is when schools let out and they're on their way home or standing outdoors waiting for a ride from their parents. It's sad to me because I remember how my brothers and I and some kids who used to live down the road spent all the time we possibly could outdoors, learning and enjoying it. We were allowed to be children too, thanks to my dear parents who made that possible. I feel for the kids today that they're missing a whole lot of good out there. I wouldn't ever had wanted that to change then or now. Lots of good memories indeed and seeing those pictures that you shared just makes me think of those times even more. Thank you and blessings to you and your family always Enola.

  8. We have similar pics of canola all over our valley (NW Montana). About two years ago there were several articles in the local paper which highlighted our Montana farmers and their excitement about growing Canola. They were quoted saying that the Round-Up Ready canola was going to revolutionize the canola industry by allowing fields to produce an easier crop to harvest and thereby making canola a true money making crop.

    I really don’t begrudged our famers a living wage….they are worth every penny they can make. But I’m not thrilled with Monsanto or any Round-Up product. I don’t know what the answer is….I just wish it didn’t include enslaving the fine people who feed us to a company like Monsanto.

  9. *Nods in agreement with Elizabeth. The farmers who contract with those seed companies are in no better shape than the farmers who raise chickens for Tyson. They control you and your every move.