Sunday, July 8, 2012


Independence Day means different things to different people.  When I think of our forefathers declaring their independence, I think their motivations were far greater than casting off the constraints of a distant monarch.  I believe they were answering the call buried deep in the heart of every man - the call of home.

The patriarchs of this nation longed for a place in this world.  They dreamt of fertile fields and the familiarity of hearth and home.  They wanted a legacy to leave to their posterity and they were willing to sacrifice their lives to ensure a homeland for future generations.  Because of the vision of these wise men, we became countrymen rather than colonists.  We became a people with a home.

To celebrate Independence Day, Sir Knight, the kids and I went home.  These are the mountains that Sir Knight and I would love to call home (actually, we do call them home - our house just isn't there).  We marveled at the beauty all around us and considered the men whose vision gave us a country to call home.  We spent our time in fellowship with our parents, riding 4-wheelers, breaking bread and just being together.  Immersed in God's great creation, we where home.....

Flowers reflected in our slow moving creek
My guys preparing their First Line gear
The patriarch "barking" out orders
My crew
Leaders of our clan
Getting ready to rumble
Surveying our location
Checking out an alpine pond
Our back yard
Part of the clan
Sir Knight getting a better look at the terrain
Oops, a little high-centered
Miss Serenity hooking up the winch cable
The Matriarch with her treasures
Not only did our forefathers fight for our independence, they fought for a place to call home.  Let us be ever vigilant in our defense of all that we hold dear.  Let us make sure that our children have a place to call home.


  1. What a beautiful post!

    I totally agree, we need to make sure our children have a place to call home.

  2. My Dear Lady: For those of us born and bred in the city, that much quiet..... and fresh green would be scary. Have you and yours given any thought as to hosting a 'flatlander,s' detox facility? A place where we poor city folk could work our way into that much solitude..... safely.. slowly? Either way..... I love your 'home'.


  3. Solitude? No solitude with ATVs around. Their noise drives me crazy. Kind of like Patrice's daughter and humming humans. Some days I wish for true quiet. Absolutely no electric or gas/diesel powered noise makers. Now that would be solitude!

  4. Enola,

    (captaincrunch again)

    I pulled the M1A out and went to the range on the fourth of July. I burned off American made ammo instead of Communist Chinease fireworks.

    I gotta hand it to your family Enola. I wish had a like minded group or family like you guys have.
    Its hard being a one man band, somehow I dont think my nieghbors would go out and train with me in first line gear. Im lucky if I can get them to store more than three days of food for Hurricane season down here in the gulf coast. (by the way) Seawater temp in the Gulf of Mexico got up to 89 degrees a couple of weeks ago. The same temps that created Katrina back in 05'

  5. I love seeing the older gentleman (grandfather?) kitted up. He looks like he's done that a time or two.

  6. Great post Enola! Just stopped by to say "hi" and to wish you a belated Happy Independence Day!

  7. Ooohhh!!! I miss my 2nd "familia"! Thanks for posting the pics! Btw, I'm aware of a 40 acre "spot-o-land" nearby that hasn't sold . . . yet! ;)

    1. My dear Jennivivalaviva..... I wish to go! Lord willing, your spot-o-land will be waiting for us. Sweet memories of childhood! Did you see your 4-wheeler in the pics? We thought of you! And, we are searching for a way through the woods to that sweet 40 acre plot!
      Love to you all-

    2. YES! My daughter's and I have so many wonderful memories of Sunday rides on that 4-wheeler checking the fence line. My youngest would sit in front, tucked underneath my chin (she couldn't do that anymore!) and my eldest would cling to my back. We LOVED those rides! One of our most cherished memories.

  8. I always look forward to homecoming during vacations. Dream of meeting my beloved wife and the li'l ones.