Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Just Desserts

As I read a horrific story of a baby being killed in a drive-by shooting that stemmed from a seating disagreement at a baby shower the day before, I was taken aback by a statement so appalling that I had to read it twice to be certain that it said what I thought it said.  The statement (made by the grandmother of the slain baby) was "Life is not valued in Detroit.  It is a war zone here.  We need some ground troops patrolling these streets; they send them all oversees, but they need to be here."

Wow!  An (presumably) American citizen uttered those words.  "We need some ground troops patrolling these streets".  Am I completely missing the logic here, or did she just say that by having ground troops patrolling the streets, Detroit would look less like a war zone?  I am speechless.

So, this is what we have been reduced to.  A country whose citizens are so lacking in basic self-control and moral fortitude that we require an armed military presence just to keep us from killing ourselves and each other.  My very soul is grieved.

We have lost our way.  We have turned our back on all that is good and embraced evil in all its forms.  We no longer value self-control or encourage basic biblical principles such as turning the other cheek and putting other people before ourselves.  Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are openly ridiculed and regarded as weaknesses.  We don't encourage our children to overlook offenses.  Actually, our value system is quite the opposite.  When our children do poorly in school, we blame the teachers.  When they have been treated unfairly (or what they or we perceive as unfair) we tell them they don't have to treated like that and go to the wall to ensure that their precious feelings are never stomped on.  If someone hits them, we tell them to hit him back and to do it in such a way that they never mess with them again.  Our culture prides itself in never being pushed around or walked over. We are Americans and Americans don't take guff from anyone.  We are aggressive, presumptuous and entirely self-absorbed.  And yet, we cringe and gape when someone kills a 9 month old baby because they didn't get the seat they wanted at a baby shower.

We are reaping the consequences of the abandonment of our Godly heritage.  Rather than aspiring to a higher moral standard we are indulging ourselves in selfish and vain pursuits.  Rather than disciplining ourselves and living together as brothers we have become like a pack of rabid dogs.

To think that this once-proud nation has been brought to its knees by its own wickedness is heartbreaking.  Never would I have thought that our own people would be begging for armed men to walk through our streets to keep our undisciplined selves in line.

I am crying from the rooftops - I am standing at the city gates.  Turn from your evil ways.   Teach your children.  Don't demand justice, demand righteousness.  Don't let a military presence in our streets be our just desserts.


  1. on a few occasions this is exactly what has happened..troops on the streets and it was not pretty are right enola...

  2. I sincerely believe 'we lost our way' a long time ago. As an extention of that, given our governments ongoing attempt to remove God from all aspects of our (daily) lives, it is a prelude to changing our God given Bill of Rights (if there is not God in government, then how can rights be God given?) and then the totalitarian takeover of our Federal government. Just my opinion.

  3. Detroit City is the poster child for why government intervention doesn't work. All that is left there are the poor who can't afford to leave, and the rich who can afford to hire their own private armies. In Detroit we have sown to the wind and reaped the whirl wind. No doubt the result of suckling at the government teat for several generations. Generations raised to totally depend on the government. The chickens of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society have come home to roost.

  4. I totally agree, we have turned our backs on God and now we are reaping the results. So sad. We must humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways and maybe God will be merciful and restore our great nation. God bless I really appreciate your blot.

  5. Oh our moorings have been slipping for centuries! Just a decade or so after it's inception, Princeton University (started as a religious institution) was starting to teach humanistic philosophy. Satan has been having a heyday in our country right after the religious Pilgrims got here. Yes, I know we were not a 'country' then, but that hasn't stopped Satan from trying to destroy any and all righteousness when he can!

    God save us!

  6. I lived in a suburb of Boston in the 50's and 60's. A combination of laws, court rulings and a massive migration from the deep South changed the city from a largely Italian/Irish to largely black. The change wasn't subtle but it did take a few years to see the dramatic effect it had. In the old community the older people prevented the young or lawless from "owning" the streets. In the new community anyone who spoke up or stood up was knocked down. In the old community of beautiful turn of the century three story walkups and single family homes were proudly maintained. In the new community no one was proud and no one maintained anything. In the old community the schools were good, the teachers supported by the parents and the children obeyed the rules for the most part. In the new community the same schools, the same teachers were a failure because the community didn't support them and the kids were free to raise havoc. Soon as a result of white flight the community became a ghetto that was unsafe all the time but downright deadly at night. In the media the fault was discrimination and lack of public funding. But everyone who had lived there or near there knew the fault was that the new residents were incapable of creating a community or supporting a community infrastructure. The same exact thing has happened in Detroit and many other cities around this country. In most of these cities the ONLY thing preventing a total collapse and anarchy/revolt is the constant influx of federal and state money. These cities are time bombs set to go off once the free flow of money ends. Denying the problem or the cause is exactly what makes these things worse and creates more "Detroits".

  7. Enola,

    You are able to articulate so well exactly what I have been feeling for several years. I do not live in a big city. I live in a small community in a rural area. While we don't have drive by shootings (yet), I can see how our community has deteroritated by 'aggressive, presumptuous and entirely self absorbed' behavior. I see in it the school drop off/pick up line, the grocery store, even the church. It so saddens me that I sometimes want to take my child into our house, close the doors, and not come out.

  8. New Orleans proved to be much the same when Katrina hit. When folks don't get what they -think- that they ought to, they commence to take it and value nothing, including life.

    Oakland California is much the same. I imagine that any time you get large concentrations of a non-productive dependent class, you will see this sort of problem.

    The Old Testament tells us that we must labor for our livelihood. The New Testament says, if they won't work then they shouldn't eat.

    Widows and orphans? Yes.
    Baby daddies and baby mommies? No.

    It really is that simple.

  9. Enola has described the state of our country. Look at what happened when Ron Paul suggested that government live by the ‘Golden Rule’. He was heavily booed by people who call themselves Christians. This was in South Carolina, home to a high percentage of evangelicals. I’ve spent the last 32 years in the East fighting for God and the Constitution. That battle has been lost.

    In the absence of divine intervention, American cities will see great chaos and suffering. As for me, I am encouraging my family and loved ones to: 1) get good with God if they are not already, and 2) join like-minded Patriots and Christians in the American Redoubt. Christ is still Lord in our valleys.
    Montana Guy

  10. This should drive you to your knees! I think this is on par with the recent (twice in the past month!) riot over some new sneakers being introduced to the public. (WHO on earth does THAT!?!?!?) One gentleman on the news yesterday was hyperventilating and expounding on how he had been waiting for nearly 5 days out in the cold for these new sneakers to get into the stores. (WHAT?!?!?) The wait was too much for some people - they simple began to riot so they could get their sneakers right away. As I watch the news now I find myself shaking my head in disbelief.

    Tell me honestly - What do you all think is going to happen when these shooters and sneaker-people need food? Scary..... Are these the dumbed-down folks we are supposed to defend ourselves against? {shaking my head in disbelief again}

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  11. We have believed in the god of government, in the god of security, in the god of public school indoctrination, in the god of sexual indulgence, in the god of money, in the god of drugs - legal and illegal, in the god of every electronic "image", and the god of Molech by sacrificing our unborn and elderly. We have spread our immoral "plagues" all around the world - from the fake foods/sterilization seeds of Monsanto, the deadly drugs of our medical/government agencies, and of abortion to pornography.

    We have taken the God of the Holy Scriptures out of every vestige of American life and pledged allegiance to a flag/nation/military/mammon/sex/idols/dancing stars instead of a God who is the only One who can save us for eternity.

    We have believed the false teachings if too many "easy believing" pastors who spew "America is not in the Bible." America IS in the Bible. When God says "ALL nations." He does NOT mean ALL nations...except America.

    We face a very severe judgment. Our turn is next as it mostly started right here. When false pastors say we will be "raptured" AKA "Left Behind" - and will not face the tribulation - they are spreading false teachings. Dear friends, "outta here before the SHTF hits the fan" is NOT in the Holy Scriptures. Yes, indeed we will certainly reap what we have sown and most people who call themselves "Christians" are only speaking "lip service" but never crack open their Bibles to read and study what God REALLY
    says to us. We will be judged and it all begins with the house of God.

  12. I worked for the state welfare department right after LBJ started his "great American give-away" and saw the changes in society beginning right about that time. Add in the feminist movement, the Equal Opportunity Amendment (among others), and you have a "recipe" that will be of no benefit in the long run. Even in my small town, I see the large percentage of those who receive government benefits including housing, phones, EBT cards, etc., none of which I have because I refuse to participate. I shudder to think what will happen when those "benefits" decrease or go away.....I'm now seeing 4th generation "gimme" children who think they are "entitled" to these benefits. Work? Naw, that's for stupid people. Earn a living? You gotta be kidding. Even dig a garden? That's for those ______ people (whichever immigrant group is being castigated in the news)....*I* won't work for free. The government is supposed to take care of me! Yeah, right. And to think we who are trying to prepare, we who are trying to take care of ourselves and live the morally and spiritually right way, well, we'll be sitting ducks for those others. I hope I'm gone by then.


  13. Sad, sad... For the last several weeks, we have seen long long lines of people waiting to get their free gvmt phones and free minutes, waiting to be next in line at the tents set up outside the strip malls and fried chicken establishments. Even received a flyer through the mail encouraging everyone to come on down and sign up. ("no proof of eligibility required, just fill out this form") This is happening in every small town, not just in cities. We are being set up, folks.

  14. What a sad state of events this is! Marshall law is something that we Do Not EVER want to start! It will be the end of our freedom. How is it we have come so far in so few years as a nation?! Our morals are in the tank! This comes from many many years of only caring about yourself! we have a son who is very "self - centered" and we are working very hard to correct the direction he is headed in. Praying for this nation under GOD every day! Thank you for bringing these things to light!

  15. This is not just desserts, it is a laxative!

  16. Cities have always been dangerous places,and will continue to be-the more people you cram into a given space, the greater quantity-and severity- of problems will be what you get. Detroit is a dying city-one of many. Sometimes a human endeavor-be it a city, company, government-whatever-just gets too big for its own good, and becomes a dinosaur. A big, stupid, dangerous thing on its way to extinction.Possibly the best thing for dying cities is to let them just fold up,scrap them out, then start over. I have always though cramming too many people into a given area is just a bad idea altogether. What the practical upper size limit? I have no idea..

  17. The point of the article is in regard to the use of federal troops on a state or local level in defiance of the posse commitatus law. When the feds can call in troops at whim, we are in trouble and have lost our way.

  18. We have a president who has murderred - by his own orders - leaders and other individuals of other nations without a trial to prove guilt or innocence. He, then, is capable of anything, by the power of his own demonic authority and arrogance.

  19. It is not only Black people who act in the manner you are describing. I know more Caucasians who abuse the system than I do Blacks. As a Black female, I find it disheartening to hear how people feel about Black people.
    Now I'm not saying that there aren't Black people who justly deserve your criticisms, however we are not all like that. My mother, nor my grandmother, has ever received welfare benefits. We were taught at an early age that if you want something in life; then you must get out there and work for it. These same lessons are what I am now teaching my two girls. My husband parents raised him with the exact same values. We both work, and we are both preparing to be able to provide for our family should something ever happen.
    I think that one of the biggest problems with this community is that it is so easy to make generalizations about groups of people. Everyone needs to take a long and hard look at themselves. In this current economy we ALL need to be able to sacrifice the things that put us in this mess; whether it be welfare, social security benefits, tax breaks, or whatever else they may be. That is the only way we are going to get our country back on track. We must return to the country our forefathers wanted us to have(minus the slavery of course. :))


    1. Erica;

      I certainly don't think that it is only the black population that is causing the trouble, not by a long shot. You are absolutely right - we all need to sacrifice. My opinion is that we judge between wickedness and righteousness, regardless of anything else - that is the only determining factor. I applaud your values. Thank you for passing them on to your children.


    2. This is not an issue of color; it is an issue of values. When we turn issues into battle fields drawn between people of different colors we lose focus on the real issue: values. What do people value, security or freedom? When we value security above freedom we allow others to define our freedom by giving them the power we ourselves should possess. That same power can be stolen from us by well-intentioned people who want to pity us into a state of perpetual victimhood. Most people can and should stand on their own feet and make their way in life. Not everyone will achieve the same level of success, but at least what they achieved was their own. But then that doesn’t seem very important to people today.

    3. Color of skin has nothing to do with anything. We are all human beings first, created by the same God of creation - and Americans -and not hyphenated. It's sad when everything - especially with our President - who seems to be the most polarizing president in our history - boils down to color of skin.

      It is a problem with that person who plays the "race card. We've raised the bar higher...sadly many are still stuck on skin rather than character and values.

  20. Detroit has had 44 murders already this year. It IS a war zone. There are areas downtown that look worse than Baghdad. Generations of children growing up as welfare babies, not really wanted but they bring in a government check...they get the idea, and go on to have their own babies. White, black, it doesn't even matter, it's not a culture of race but of dependence.

    Troops in the streets? We sure could use them. They've closed all the police stations at night, in order to keep police on the streets instead of behind a desk. And it's not helping. And heaven help you if you need an ambulance....

  21. Matt. 24:37-38: “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. “For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,” Once he entered the Ark, the door was shut.

    Before the door is shut, invite as many as you can to enter.

    1. As Christians that's our mandate from our Heavenly Father. If we will recall, there were only 8 people, including Noah who were in the ark. They were all his family. The unclean animals were by 2's and the clean animals by 7's.

      Of the entire population only 8 people were found faithful and righteous.

      Same with Lot when he escapes with his family - minus his wife who disobeyed God and turned to look at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We know what happened to her!!

      God says to take the narrow path that leads to life. There will be a huge traffic jam (like in a disaster when outgoing side of the freeway is jammed with cars on the wide path; and the incoming side leading to life, nearly empty.)

      Narrow is the Way and few find it. any are called, few are chosen. We see this now as people clamor for their freebies, handouts, and "what's yours is mine"! God has been left out of our equation in America. We are no longer good so we are no longer great as the quote from Alexis De Toqueville says.

    2. Lot was only righteous because Abraham was a friend of God's andLot's life was pleaded for.

  22. The truly sad part - the people who run this country, no matter how honorable the few that are there may be - they will never know the goodness in so many of the American people. We have corrupt on every side, every venue. But the "elites" will never understand that kind of valor and honor - Please watch something you will never see on the corrupt media - 9-11 Boatlift -
    This is the heart of America - - -

  23. Wow, this post is an eye opener but not shocking coming out of Detroit, where literally bears are roaming parts of the city because it's destroyed and abandoned. This woman has no concept of living in a military run society like those in North Korea, nor does she probably desire to learn about the liberties she has here.

    I firmly believe that these comments are coming from a populace that has been dumbed down by our nation's public school system, where children aren't taught to think but to just regurgitate facts.

    Our society has not only lost it's moral compass but is completely self absorbed. I look at young people today and they are walking around staring at their iphone, with earphones in so that no one disturbs them. I've literally almost run them over because they cross streets without looking and bumped into them due to them not looking ahead on sidewalks.

    They could care less about speaking to anyone, helping anyone or even doing anything except updating their facebook or twitter account. What has happened to our youngest's like they are zombies.

  24. Patrice, your newer posts have disappeared! I hope everything is okay, and that your site is not a victim of hacking.

  25. What we need to know is that the the wicked are in "implementation phase" of their sinister plans. Much farther along than we can even fathom. Look up on your search engine "Singularity Movement". This is merely one more bizarre evidence of such pure evil that runs not only this country but the world - as they see it coming to fruition. They are manipulating every thing.What would we do without a God who tells us ahead of time all these events and what to do as believers? Psalm 94 says much.

  26. I kind of was aghast that Grandma was 39 and was still dying her hair a punky hue of red.

    I don't care what color they are in Detroit but they is stupid- less than 50% graduate from dem guberment skools.

  27. "We are reaping the consequences of the abandonment of our Godly heritage"

    used to believe that too.
    I am a born again follower of Yeshua, but after researching churches because we are with out a church home I have been studying church history.
    Since the first church, around the 2nd century church has ruled witha bloodied iron fist which was welcomed into Protestantism.
    The pilgrims fruit is oblique.
    Even Martin Luther's dissertations on Jews was the template of the Third Reich, all was accomplished by Nazis.
    Our American heritage is far from godly- as I'm discovering.
    We need to find the first church of the disciples- THE TWELVE new branches/tribes of Israel of the vine of Christ.
    This church as in the words of Daniel" with power AND authority".
    the Bible does not say know a man by his doctrine, but his fruit.
    What is the Catholic fruit?Luther fruit?The Calvinist? Joseph Smith? Episcopal? .............................

  28. My husband works for a fire department in a big city - many firefighters from other states/countries come to visit and they trade shirts or hats or something. The other day my husband came home with one from Detroit. I asked him what they talked about. His answer was shocking. The firefighters talked about how neighborhoods that were once affluent sat vacant aside from 2 or 3 houses. Those houses are preyed upon almost like ambushes. The rest of the houses are either burned to the ground, burning, or broken into. The firefighters pass fires on their way to calls. They prioritize by selecting houses that people are still living in. They go out armed and with police backup to clear situations before they enter. It is a chilling example of what would happen in the rest of this country, should desperation become more widespread...

  29. Enola, have you ever heard the work of singer/songwriter Jon Foreman? His song "instead of a show" has been in my mind a great deal lately, and this post stirred it up again. You can hear it on YouTube. From the prophet Amos: "Instead let there be a flood of justice, an endless procession of righteous living." Like Grace and Truth, they can only be found hand-in-hand.