Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Delighting Children

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business out of our home is the lack of space.  If our shouse wasn't full enough with seven people, we had to go and add a manufacturing business.  Fabric fills the china hutch, the bathroom hutch and a washtub in the living room.  Sewing machines occupy real estate at the bottom of the stairs and the end of the dining room table.  Every time I order more fabric I shudder to think of where I will put it.

One day as I visited with my folks on the phone, I began muttering about my space dilemma.  I told them that some day, when we moved, I would have a room dedicated to Naturally Cozy.  I would have a work table (at the right height!) and a rack to hold my rolls of fabric. I would have bins to store all of the snaps and shelves to house the cut fabric and open orders.  Oh, someday.

Not long after our conversation, my dad called with a request for measurements.  He wanted to know how long my largest bolt of fabric was and what the diameter was.  He was curious to know if I wanted a vertical or horizontal stand.  How many rolls of fabric did I have?  Did the stand need wheels?

Well, when Dad and Mom showed up on Friday, they had something strapped to the bed of their pickup.  Mom came in, gave everyone hugs and said "Enola, lets move some things around".  Quickly moving the washtubs that held my largest bolts, Mom had a spot next to the stairs cleared record time.

Dad started untying a wooden frame from his truck and soon, parts starting filling the house.  First there was a wooden box bolted onto a furniture dolly (the casters were huge).  Next came the frame.  Mom and Dad set the frame onto the box and Dad started securing it to the box.  After he had fastened the entire frame together, he put large dowels into slots in the frame.  Perfect! A huge fabric rack - on wheels!

Loading the rack with fabric
Look at all that storage!!!
Oh it was exciting.  Now, rather than being spread all over the house, my fabric is in one place.  Not only can I see what I have and what I need to order, I can also roll the entire frame to the table making cutting much more convenient.

Parents are wonderful.  They love to delight their children with good gifts.  And my parents - well, they are exceptional.


  1. How wonderful when moms and dads help their "youngsters" with such awesome gifts!
    Those treasured gifts are so meaningful to
    both the givers and the receivers.

    Something our parents have so lovingly
    made to make our lives easier and for them to feel and be needed in our lives
    is always a remembered gift and a legacy to pass along to our children as they make their own homes one day.

    1. How lovely of them! Blessings x

  2. What type of wood was used to make it? I don't think it's pine, is it birch maybe? The reason I'm asking is because of potential fabric 'grabbing' by splinters.
    Anyway, I like the way he made it.

  3. No matter how old our children get, we love to give things to them! Wonderful, thoughtful parents you have!

  4. I think I will call both my parents and my in-laws today and remind them how terrific I think they are. Lovely post.

  5. What a wonderful and useful gift! Sure to be used an appreciated for years & years to come.

  6. I'm reminded of the line from the fun animated movie Robots -- "See a need, fill a need." Your parents are wonderful.

  7. How thoughtful! Both of my parents and one of my husband's are deceased. Things like this remind me of how much we've lost. I hope I'll be able to do things like this for my children someday.

  8. what a wonderful thoughtful thing for your parents to do...

  9. This is just wonderful! You must be so delighted!!! Bet they loved seeing your face as much as knowing how handy this will be for you.

  10. Parents rock!


  11. So very thoughtful. This is the kind of thing my Dad would have done. He's been gone almost 16 years now, but thinking of your Dad doing this brought a smile to my face. I'm sure you'll always think of your Dad while using your great fabric rack!

  12. =) What a nice thing to do for you...it put a smile on my face that they surprised you with this exceptional gift.

  13. Awesome gift, such kindness... and so supportive! :-)

  14. I completely relate on the business-out-of-the-home thing! We have shuffled and re-shuffled, and it's a tiny space. In God's timing, I remind myself...